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Dance Moves – [Top 10] Dancers That Took The World By Storm

From the fluidity of movements to crowd shattering applauses, it is every dancer’s dream to create immortal dance moves that stand the test of time.

We have pieced together a list of top 10 dance moves that have not only changed the way people view dance as an art form but also as freedom of expression.

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None other than the legendary late pop king Michael Jackson can pull off such a graceful yet stylish dance move.

One of the most difficult dance steps to master and this slick effortless backward glide looks a class apart. It was first popularized by Michael Jackson in 1983 in a T.V show: “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever”.

Even though there had been previously reported instances of similar dance moves like a moonwalk, it was Michael Jackson who imbibed the moonwalk as his signature step.


Gangnam Style Galloping

The very first video to cross a billion views, Gangnam Style was South Korean pop singer Psy’s 18th single release. Released on 15 July 2012, it went on become such a hit one could have an ever imagined.

The Galloping dance step was choreographed by Lee Ju-sun,   South Korea’s leading dance choreographer who gained international acclaim with this dance move.



Performed in a cypher or circle, a group of b-boys will showcase their moves; frequently improvise on them while dancing. It still remains as one of the highlight dance steps of hip-hop.

Lil G and Roxrite are some of the top names in b-boying.


Nae Nae And Whip

The Atlanta dance group “ We Are Toonz” coined the phrase and it was made popular by their hit single “Drop That NaeNae” in the year 2013.

The Whip is a dance move where the performer lifts one foot and stomps it on the ground while he extends his other arm forward after a twist.

Swaying the shoulder while lifting one hand and dropping the other, Nae Nae is done with placing the feet firmly on the ground.

In 2015,  Silento’s  Watch Me(Nae/Nae/whip) further catapulted this dance move to the next level


Gravity Defying Lean

A shocker of a dance move, where the dancer bends forward creating an illusion as if he is not ruled by the laws of physics.

First orchestrated and popularized by Michael Jackson in the runaway hit “Smooth Criminal”, this iconic 45 degree forward lean is an unparallel class apart.


Robotic Movements

It is one of a kind crazy dance move the world has ever seen. Mimicking a robot may not sound like a dance routine but this hip-hop style of dance has garnered a lot of fans worldwide.

It may be somewhat similar to popping, but in robotic dance, head movements and stiff arms are mainly performed in contrast with music.



Originally from  Brazil,  it became extremely popular in Caribbean countries during the ’80s. This dance involves a series of various other dance forms namely carimbo, maxixe, merengue, salsa, and forro.

Usually, involves 2 dancers,  arched legs accompanied with pronounced movement of hips but never back to front steps is what Lambada is all about.

Kaomo’s  “Lambada” song which released in the year 1989,  was the main reason for this dance move to get such popularity among youngsters today.




Named after the famous harbor city in South Carolina,  Charleston became ridiculously popular during the 1920s by the “Runnin Wild” –Broadway show.

Today,  Charleston is an integral part of Lindy Hop school of dance,  performed in various permutations: solo (alone), with another partner,  or solo dancers.

The basic dance step leaves plenty of room for improvisation and variations. Swinging Charleston and the 20s Charleston is famous today, swinging Charleston has become an integral part of Lindy Hop culture.


Irish Step Dance

Irish step dance initially originated in the late 1700’s. Step dance competitions is part and parcel of Gaelic arts. Riverdance (Interval stepdance) performed in Eurovision (1994), hugely contributed to the dance popularity.


Toe Stand

Another Michael Jackson special, a peculiar dance move where the performer just jumps onto his toes in a flash and holds that position as long as he can.

Might look ridiculously simple, but takes hours of practice and training to get that 3-second step right every time. Ballet dancers train years together to get the perfect toe stand.

One of the few dance steps which King of Pop revolutionized.

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