10 Crazy Habits That Can Limitlessly Skyrocket Your Productivity

Crazy Habits
Crazy Habits

“Excellence is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle.  How far do you think a person can survive in this world with his old dull inefficient habits?

Remember, an individual who somehow manages to achieve a lot daily aren’t aliens. Understandably, they have just mastered a few Simple Crazy Habits.

An individual’s habit, practice, and lifestyle choice funnel his/her productivity. In simple words, productivity means maximizing one’s time and making the most of every passing day.

However, productivity differs from one person to another. Not to mention, productivity marks the gap between the right work and just work.

Nevertheless, productivity increases only when an individual analyzes and performs the action according to his/her needs. Eventually, a person who believes in doing things in a simple manner will probably witness skyrocketing success.

Here, we have created a list of highly crazy habits that can invariably propel your success multifold.

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Get Smart

The three simple tips for skyrocketing productivity are:

1. Enjoy playing musical chairs



Nowadays, walking meetings are becoming increasingly popular. Nonetheless, a worker obtains similar benefit by playing musical chairs on the office premises itself.

  • How to play musical-chairs during office hours?
  • First, set a clock timer for at least 35 to 50 minutes.
  • When the timer buzzes, you make everyone stand up and move.
  • In this fashion, an employee shakes it out as a team workout.
  • According to workplace experts, a person improves his/her ability and concentration with regular shaking and moving.

2. Kill distractions 


First, you better secure all un-important thoughts into an “idea depot”. At times, employees provide ideas that sound important to them and not to the company.

However, a strategic employer streamlines the follow-up steps right after the discussion. In this way, an employer writes them down instead of simply losing them.

3. Keep meetings short


An efficient individual keeps all his meeting short and crisp. He usually limits the agenda with just two to three items. Then, he sends out the minutes of the meeting so that everybody can follow.


Sleep On The Task

Taking a short daytime nap improves tolerance level and counteracts impulsive behavior. A research study suggests that employees who sleep on work produce better results and invariably more productivity.

Caution – We sincerely hope your boss understands the importance of daytime naps. If not, seek a new boss and a new job.


Work Minimum

According to a recent study, productivity achieved remained directly proportionate to the number of hours put in.

Moreover, persons who worked 70 hours achieved the same level of productivity as those who worked less than 60 hours.


Throw Away These Productivity Destroyers

These sooner you identify distractions, the easier you can avoid them. Please take a note of top 5 workplace productivity and attention killers

  • Mobiles/Messaging/Whatsapp
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Workplace rumours and gossips
  • Spending time on social media
  • Sending or receiving personal emails during office hours


Start Complaining

Intelligent workers often present their problems along with a solution for improvement. In reality, framing activities in relation to solutions easily lessen the attention on problem creator and the problem itself.

Positive complaining evokes happy emotions and subsides mental agony.


Procrastinate Positively

Positive procrastination means carrying out activities that are not so urgent but requires attention. There are different ways to do positive procrastination.

It creates a sense of performing things on time. On the contrary, if prioritizing remains your weak link, then you take abundant time and move cautiously.

If you practice positive procrastination for a period of 30 minutes, productivity increase will happen for sure.


Time Yourself

Nowadays, people use Pomodoro timers which encourages working in separate 25-minute increments on a regular basis. Next, take a five-minute break before resuming your tasks once again.

Moreover, timers work wonderfully well with monotonous, small tasks. On the whole, timing improves competitive instincts and visual learning style. Overall, you race just for yourself and it makes working more fun and cheerful.


Work Backwards

Very successful people treat each passing day as the last day of their lives. They focus on how the world should remember them.

They define their own legacy. Therefore, highly successful people then work backward to achieve these set goals. Moreover, individuals work extra smart when driven purposefully.


Practice Productivity Hack

These small changes might look negligible in the beginning. But with careful execution, positive results are easily forthcoming. Some of the simple productivity secrets are

  • Avoid working on a complex task for more than 5 minutes at a stretch
  • Categorize tasks based on priorities- Want, Should, and Must
  • Use any dictation app
  • Pay heed to ambient sounds like bird calls
  • Compulsorily turn-off mobile notifications
  • Practice taking a half-hour nap amidst a busy schedule


Check Your Plate

Remember, staying healthy means eating healthy. You better avoid junk foods and smack on healthy snacks. Yogurt, almonds, and nuts are some of the best sources of energy.

Other brain foods include bananas, eggs, yoghurt, raw carrots, avocado, blueberries, and wild salmon. Overall, you can improve your productivity with these super-rich foods.

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