Concept Cars – The Swanky Way to Roam in Style

With Concept cars becoming lot crazier, the future looks stunningly promising.

A car which is made to display or showcase new technology or new styling or both can be normally defined called as a “Concept Car” in particular. Moreover, new innovative technologies are generally packed into these concept cars which might never see the light of the day in a decade or so.

In spite of that, concept cars offer customers a sneak peek into the growing demands of the automobile industry at large.

Here, scroll down to take a glimpse at some of the best flashiest dearest concept cars that have created waves world over.

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Mercedes-Benz F 015

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The futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept car and its impressive user satisfaction offer an interesting peep into future transportation.

This car contains impressive aspects of many distinct features of day-to-day transportation.

Overall, this concept car creates a private retreat kind of feel for the user.


  • The Mercedes-Benz F 015 car raises luxury and comfort to a different level by creating maximum space
  • Moreover, Mercedes-Benz F 015 reflects utmost intelligence, emotion, and luxury in feel and design.
  • This car encompasses four-seat mobility revolution.
  • The Mercedes-Benz F 015 facilitates autonomous driving in a comfortable manner.
  • Therefore, it promotes real-quality time for the user during the drive with his family.


  • This car incorporates ultra-modern luxury lounge providing ample comfort.
  • The interior consists of exciting, flowing warm and transitions, and organically made interior using walnut wood.
  • The design flows almost peerlessly into the nice cool Plexiglass made using unusual surface matrix.
  • This car’s interior setup subtlely blends the door panels and the vehicle floor and echoes the outer shape in a splendid manner.
  • The pivotal feature of the car includes variable four-seat rotating lounge chairs.
  • The F 015 Luxury in Motion offers a perfect digital living space with six carefully planned fully integrated high-resolution displays.


  • With stellar acoustic and visual signals, the Mercedes F 015 communicates distinctly with its surroundings.
  • The Mercedes F 015 vehicle design integrates the impact resistant “F-Cell PLUG-IN-HYBRID” drive system for maximum comfort and safety.
  • The F 015 luxury in motion’s electric hybrid system provides 900 Km from the fuel cell and 200 Km from battery-powered driving.
  • Therefore, the Mercedes-Benz F 015 runs only on electric power with no emissions.


Rinspeed - Oasis

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One of a kind concept car, Oasis is an unparallel electric vehicle which can be shared or owned by a unique ride-offering app.


  • Engine capacity – 40 kW x ZF 2
  • Top speed – 130 km/h
  • Torque – 2 x 45 Nm
  • 0-60 miles per hour – 9.7 seconds
  • Battery capacity – 12kWh LiFePO4
  • Total electric range – 62 miles


  • In order to justify the name “Oasis”, Rinspeed has added space for a micro-garden behind the windshield which is large enough to grow small Bonsai trees or radishes.
  • The garden is equipped with features wherein the air circulation and temperature can be altered.
  • A majestic, curved 5K large widescreen is provided with gesture and voice control.
  • The impressive and state-of-the-art display greets customers with its highly creative car-to-car communication system including heads-up innovation.
  • Other hosts of features include foldable steering wheel in self-driving motion, ultra-sleek keyboards along with cup holders, solar powered battery function to name a few.

Overall, Rinspeed’s Oasis is a compact computer on motion and not a normal electric car.


Audi Q8

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The most dynamic, unbelievably efficient, and highly comfortable, Audi Q8 exclusively combines the spaciousness offered by an SUV with the uncharacteristic features of a two-door coupe.


  • Engine capacity – TFSI 3.0 liter engine
  • Top speed – 155 miles
  • Torque – 700 Nm
  • 0-62 miles per hour – 5.4 seconds
  • Battery capacity – Lithium-ion 17.9kWh
  • Total electric range – 37 miles


  • Standing more than 16.5 feet in length, this Audi Q8 is an inventive presence in the complete size category. With the wheelbase extending to more than 9.8 ft, this concept car offers abundant space for luggage and passengers.
  • The car is simple and gorgeously designed to provide even the rear-seat commuter with ample shoulder and headroom.
  • Large touchscreens with contact-analog display (head-up) add more charm and pomp to the Audi Q8.
  • The presence of intelligent enhanced reality technology blurs the line between the virtual and the real worlds seamlessly.

Therefore, the Q8 concept car is a peak-form Audi.


Nissan VMotion 2.0

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Nissan’s VMotion 2.0 is a dazzling super cool concept car that is sensationally packed with stunning features. This car is built using the ProPilot system that paves way for partial self-driving mechanism.


  • Adorned with latest Nissan’s “V” grille exquisite design, the front portion of the car is decked in an ingenious way.
  • Uniquely crafted “Floating Roof” with silver thread emphasis is another stellar feature of this concept car.
  • In the pro-Pilot mode, the car can reach a top speed of 62 mph on highways. Meanwhile, the car does not have the capacity to change pathways/lanes until 2018.
  • The horizontal, continuous display embedded in the dashboard connects the infotainment center and driver’s instrument.
  • The Touchscreen is programmed in such a way to show the surroundings when the mode (ProPilot) is activated.
  • Additional features include seats with gold accents, rear passenger mini-screen display amongst other innovative inclusions.

All in all, Nissan VMotion is more of a car with new enhancements and less of a concept car.


BMW I Inside Future

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More than a car, a sculpture, a peerless piece of craftsmanship and design, BMW I Inside Future has shown what others cannot even imagine. Inside this timeless beauty, a new environment where a digital experience marries a symphonious physical experience is ubiquitously created.


  • The design of this concept car is built around two modalities such as We Time and Me Time. We Time focuses on social interactions between groups while Me Time enhances personal experiences in an enduring manner.
  • Out of the world, seamless transitions or interactions are offered between nodes inside a connected travel journey. Open Mobility Cloud along with BMW Connected for a priceless experience.
  • Technology-at-our-beck-and-call is promptly implemented in this car. With the collective feature, the controller removes any fixed object blocking movement and overall clutter is reduced.
  • The nostalgic, real experiences are blended well with rich interactions on a holistic level.
  • Bezel-free dashboard display, addictive holographic interface, retractable screen that turns into an ambient light model, speakers integrated into seats etc.

Furthermore, BMW I Inside Future takes autonomous driving to the next level.


Cadillac Escalla

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An eye-popping design combined with superlative technology makes this car one of the most impressive in this line up of lucid concept cars.


  • The main inventive feature is the avant-garde horizontal headlight design, a peculiar departure far away from the old school vertical arrangement.
  • The other main highlight is the melding of vertical and horizontal lines that blends uniquely to create a brand new taillight styling characteristic design.

Therefore, Cadillac Escalla can be described as the one that blends craftsmanship and technology into a classic.


Honda NeuV

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The Honda Motor Company never fails to surprise its customers and with the launch of Honda NeuV, it has once again proved its might in the innovative concept cars segment for the umpteenth time.


  • Honda’s NeuV is equipped with HANA (Honda’s Automated Network Assistant) advanced AI-based driver’s mood and emotion sensing system. In this way, the car can support various driving choices and suggest media to perform other options.
  • NeuV has been designed keeping in mind the problem of vehicles sitting idle; it can be used as an autonomous car ride-sharing
  • This car has the capability to use the electric grid and save power by charging only when the rates are comparatively low.
  • Armed with the digital payment mechanism, the customer can invariably pay for services and goods via Visa or bank-account.
  • The doors are strategically crafted not to extend more than 20 mm beyond the body frame and pivot solidly upwards to an angle(90 degrees). With this innovation, the customer can manage to access the car in sight/smallest of places.
  • The most impressive portion is the semi-transparent roof (glass) with adjustable lights.

In conclusion, Honda’s NeuV is an Einstein in its own way.


Toyota’s Concept-i

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Toyota’s Concept-i has been engineered to measure and monitor emotional responses to the destinations people drive.


  • The Concept-i’s unique features include identifying the stress level of the driver and thereby activate actions such as switching on AI Green etc.
  • The onboard super intelligent “Yui” can be used to handle all the functions of the car just by asking him to do so.
  • If the driver is not driving properly or is not in a position to give 100 percent of his concentration, then Yui will take charge.
  • The lights on the footwell will determine whether the car is in manual or auto drive mode.
  • The main design concept is mobility technology, that means fun, warm, and welcoming above all.

To wrap up things positively, with Toyota’s Concept-i, the future is here.


Fiat Chrysler

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The concept car unveiled by Fiat Chrysler cannot be bracketed as a heart-stealing beauty but still, it has managed to grab headlines with its heavy looking, boxy, and large frame.


  • The electric car has a maximum range of 250 miles and with the ability to charge half the capacity at a swift pace, within 20 minutes.
  • Inbuilt with sensors and lidar to conveniently handle Level 3 driving mode- autonomous, capable of handling modern environments, however, requires human intervention.


Citreon C- Aircross

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Citroen C- Aircross concept SUV is a modern car with a nice aesthetic sense. With strong color splashes and curved lines, Citroen C-Aircross has created a concept car with bewitching looks.


  • The side view mirrors are replaced by cameras. The car is also equipped with an all-encompassing sunroof.
  • Citreon C-Aircross’s design is both bright and assertive. The silhouette is merrily enhanced by well-planned protections that carcasses the car’s lower part.
  • The front portion is not only robust but non-aggressive too. With 3D front lights, the design and execution look stunning and wonderful.
  • Fitted with aerodynamic pillars (B), light smoothly enters the cabin, flooding it completely.
  • The interiors represent a wave of bright colors splashed with modern architecture that embeds space, modernity, and fluidity.

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