10 Celebrity Phobias – From Getting Bald To Belly Buttons (Don’t Hide Your Smile)

Celebrity Phobias
Celebrity Phobias

This is crazy :

Are you afraid of ‘Peanuts’?

Well, there are some who are afraid of peanut butter getting glued to their mouth. And this phobia is called as “Arachibutyrophobia”.

Moreover, embrace yourself because you are not alone in this aspect. And even the sexiest and coolest celebrities on earth suffer from some sort of insane phobias.

So, get ready to learn about 10 celebrity phobias and how they manage it successfully.

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Whoopie Goldberg - Aviophobia (Fear of Flying)

You fear flying?

What’s the harm in admitting it – even world-renowned celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Sandra Bullock are also afraid of flying.

In other words, Whoopie isn’t afraid of flying as such. A few decades ago, while in San Diego, she somehow witnessed a terrific mid-air disaster.

From that day on, Whoopie prefers to travel by bus, with two drivers working nonstop.

However, in 2009, she decided to travel by air due to work commitments. As a result, Whoopie enrolled in Richard Branson’s “Flying without Fear” classes.

Did this course help Whoopie Goldberg?

Flight simulators are known to remove negativity through a program known as “Thought Field Therapy”.

Did she conquer her fear?

In fact, she admitted her fear of flying. However, she still feels safe with pavement and wheels over flying.


Oprah Winfrey – (Fear of Gums) Chiclephobia

Chiclephobia is one of a kind phobia that appears in quite a many ways. Those who suffer from this phobia might –

  • Dislike previously chewed gum
  • Avoid getting near a person chewing gum
  • Stay away from chewing gum themselves

Going by this, Oprah Winfrey seems like an odd person, including her dislike for gum and for those who chew near her.

How did Oprah Winfrey develop Chiclephobia?

In her childhood, she had witnessed her grandmother sticking used gums around the house. Maybe, this could have triggered this phobia in her.

Did Oprah overcome her fear of gums?

According to reports, Oprah Winfrey had never applied for any therapy. In addition, all her support staff and the audiences who participate in her show are advised to leave their gums outside.


Pamela Anderson - Eisoptrophobia (Fear of Mirrors)

Fear of mirrors also known as “Catoptrophobia” originates from the Greek word “katoptron”.

In other words, most women avoid looking at the mirrors since they believe they are never up to the societal standard of beauty.

Especially, people with this phobia would avoid mirrors because they believe that the mirror would expose their true beauty.

Additionally, those with preconceived notions of body and beauty are the ones who are mainly ‘Eisoptrophobic’.

Ex-Baywatch siren Pamela Anderson avoids looking at the ‘mirrors’ as well as watching herself on the small screen. However, many would assume that a beauty like Pamela would be sitting in front of the mirror 24/7.

Nope, you have got it wrong.

Overall, while Pam doesn’t mind exposing her body in various photo shoots, she hates her own reflection.

How Pamela Anderson handles her fear?

As per her own confession, Pamela says “I avoid watching myself on the small screen. If by any chance something pops up, I normally leave or turn off the TV”.


Rafael Nadal – Multiple phobias (fear of darkness, bicycles, helicopters, spiders…)

Hailing from Mallorca, Rafael Nadal proved himself as the most daunting sports star and a fearless player.

Moreover, he is widely popular for his unparallel spirit and unrelenting sportsmanship.

On the contrary, Nadal suffers from a plethora of phobias, ranging from (Cynophobia) fear of dogs, (Corcoranophobia) fear of helicopters etc.

Furthermore, since Nadal fears darkness he sleeps with the lights on.

How Nadal manages his fear?

As per reports, Nadal still lives with this family on the top floor of his apartment.


Billy Bob Thornton - Fear of Antique Furniture (Epiplaphobia)

Do you know why Angeline Jolie’s ex-husband hates antique furniture?

Epiplaphobia or the fear of furniture is a kind of unwanted, insane, and extreme phobia.

Moreover, there are some who are afraid of all types of furniture and some avoid only antique ones.

One of Hollywood’s famous actor and musician Billy Thornton suffers from this phobia. However, as per media reports, he feels that his condition has been exaggerated.

According to Billy Bob Thornton,” I am fine with chairs. Also, I like Mexican and Asian stuff but Scottish, English, and French with lion heads and king like stuff are not my thing. It really scares me.”

How does Billy handle “Fear of furniture”?

As a result, Billy refuses to stay in hotels that house furniture from or before the 50s.


Khloe Kardashian (Fear of Belly Buttons) Omphalophobia

Happy news !!!

Khloe Kardashian was recently blessed with a lovely baby girl. She gave birth to a cute princess surrounded by her friend Malika Haqq, mum Kris, and sisters Kim and Kourtney.

The baby’s father, Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers, was also seen with others putting rumours of infidelity to rest.

However, the star couple has not yet revealed the child’s name publicly.

Is Khloe really afraid of belly buttons?

The reality superstar revealed about her greatest fears while talking with Ellen DeGeneres in January, early this year.

Especially, while discussing the matters she fears the most, Khloe talked about belly buttons and whales.

Further elaborating on her fear, she remarked,” I won’t touch your button and no way you can touch mine either.”

Finally, she went on saying,” While bathing, I regularly wear mitts and I freak out every time I wash mine (belly button).”


Singer Adele (Fear of Seagulls) - Laridaphobia

The Skyfall singer who has given many sensational hits in a very short span of time revealed about her greatest fear.

Not to mention, she has indeed inspired scores of people with her enchanting beauty and voice.

Although Adele manages stage fright to some extent, her biggest fears are seagulls and her reason looks valid too.

Moreover, in an interview to a private channel, she discussed her fear of seagulls backed with a solid reason.

According to her, “Once I was walking down the road, eating a 99 and this unexpected seagull swiped it off.  And, I also have a claw mark on my shoulder”.

Adele, then said, “I was afraid that it might take me away”.

For those new to Wales, 99 is an ice cream.


Rihanna – Fear of fish (Ichthyophobia)

Are you still not puzzled after hearing this?

This phobia seems unreal because Rihanna hails from Barbados. For first-timers, Barbados is a beautiful island surrounded by emerald blue waters on all sides probably with fish.

During a casual chat with a reporter, she said, “I will run helter-skelter even at the sight of a small fish. Once while I was at sea, I was completely surrounded by fish around my feet.

In fact, I froze and had a very freaky panic attack. Someone had to push me out of that situation.


Miley Cyrus - (Fear of heights) Acrophobia

In reality, Miley is definitely not a weak person. Furthermore, she’s constantly experimenting with her looks, and most remarkably, her hair.

So, does Miley Cyrus fear something?

Yes, she’s afraid of heights.

Miley told a media channel, “While shooting for the movie “So Undercover”, I was hanging from a building which was totally real.”

She went on, “Heights scare the s**t out of me. In addition, going up a lift also freaks me completely.”

We sincerely hope Nicki Minaj and Miley do not travel by an escalator together.


Tom Cruise – (Fear of going bald) Phalacrophobia

Phobias of certain celebrities appear too odd that they are stupidly strange to classify. For instance, Hollywood’s poster boy Tom Cruise is afraid of becoming hairless or bald.

As a matter of fact, he counts and keeps track of every single hair that falls from his head.

As a result, Tom Cruise is reportedly using Rogaine hair gain treatment to keep his hair intact. Additionally, he’s getting weekly hair massages to increase the hair growth.

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