10 Melodramatic Celebrity First Date Stories That Will Make You Feel Love Afresh

Celebrity First Date Stories
Celebrity First Date Stories

Pat Your Back!!! You are not alone. Read. It’s awesome to know that even world-renowned celebrities just managed to survive through nerve-tingling first-date experience.

Furthermore, Jay Z, initially begged with Beyonce before she went out with him. And Victoria Beckham’s dilemma what to wear on her first date sounds cool right.

However, we have discussed 10 best Celebrity First Date Stories that stand tall in public memory.

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David Beckham And Victoria Beckham - Love It Like Beckham

In the first place, Victoria Beckham admits that she got herself a bit drunk when she first met David Beckham. Moreover, she says it’s actually first–sight love.

Not to mention, Victoria actually first met Beckham when she went to a charity football event along with Mel C.

Notably, Victoria and David met each other later on a date in a Chinese restaurant in Essex.

Finally, after two-years, they exchanged wedding vows in a much-celebrated GBP 1 million wedding held in a castle.

However, the couple has managed to dismiss rumors about their potential divorce and they look happy together.


Duchess And Duke Of Cambridge (Kate Middleton And Prince William) – Blame It On Curtsy!

First, the world needs no introduction to the popularity of these star couples.

On the other hand, when Kate Middleton and Prince William met on their first-date in St.Andrews, things went awry.

Nevertheless, Kate bobbed a curtsy and fell over, spilling William’s drink all over the place.

However, she somehow managed to sneak into his heart and Kate happily survived the public eye.

Finally, they got married in 2011.


Kim Kardashian And Kanye West – Offensively Romantic

“Kim’s my perfect b****” – Kanye West while dating Kim Kardashian

As a matter of fact, Kim and West had remained friends for over 9 years before they married in 2014.

While this pair had met before, the first time they met after West’s divorce was at an entertainment center.

As cupid’s arrow struck, Kim posted news about West on Twitter. Quickly, he dedicated a song called ‘Perfect B****’.


Garrett Hedlund And Kirsten Dunst – Dirty H2O Experience

Firstly,  Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst met each other on the sets of their movie “On The Road”. However, their first date happened in the water.

In other words, Kirsten went out with Garrett out for a super-romantic canoe ride. Unfortunately, the boat capsized in water.

As a result, Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst fell out and somehow managed to swim in dirty golf-pond water.


Russel Brand And Katy Perry – Black Diamonds, Black Date

With more than 68.4 m followers on Instagram, Kary Perry shines as America’s leading stage performer.

On the other hand, Russell Brand, America’s top-rated stand-up comedian, still reigns as the most recognizable stage artist.

What do you expect when these two firebrands date each other? Of course – Headlines Gossip.

First, Russell Brand and Katy Perry met at a restaurant for a casual meal on their first date.

However, Russell presented Katy with a chain of black diamonds. Maybe, a black omen?

Sadly, the couple finally ended their relationship in 2011 after all the chivalry had worn off.


Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal – Excuse Me, When Did The Dating Start?

Particularly, when Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal dated some time, he took Swift apple picking in America.

Not to mention, they bought some nice juicy apples and he picked a cheap USD 5 tab. Obviously, the date ended.

Therefore, do you have anything else to say?


Jay Z And Beyoncé – God Knows How Love Happens?

Firstly, Beyoncé mentioned in a media report that she actually met Jay Z in 1999. Moreover, they started their relationship as friends and spent close to 2 years before publically declaring their love openly.

According to Jay Z, ‘ She’s a Southern girl and she looks unimpressed at first. You gotta try wine and dine.’

Finally, Jay Z married Beyoncé in 2008 and they have three children, Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi and Sir Carter.


Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger – Flower-O-Mania

In the first place, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger had a pretty nasty time on their first date.   Moreover, Diane Kruger started dating Joshua Jackson after she ended her relationship with French director Canet.

Diane Kruger says, “we first met at a restaurant surrounded by flowers I felt allergic. I actually thought he would call it quits and head straight home.  Later, he sent me flowers and a box full of tissues.”


Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen - Beauty And Brawn

For Gisele and Tom, love at first sight worked. Not to mention, they first met on a blind date arranged by a common friend in 2006.

As per reports, Gisele believed that after meeting Tom Brady for the first time he was the one destined for her. In an interview, Gisele mentioned, ‘ I could see that he was a man with integrity who shares similar taste as I do’.


Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth - The Love Song

Thor hero Liam Hemsworth and teenage sensation Miley Cyrus first met and smooched while shooting for “The Last Song”. In other words, they skipped the whole nervous first-date adventure.

However, both of them went out on a latte mission. They went to a Starbucks outlet on their non-official first date.

In essence, Miley Cyrus later revealed that “when you meet Liam, day in and day out what more can you expect”.

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