Celebrity Lucky Escapes [Top 10] From Death

For almost all known famous disaster you can think of, there’s an endless list of celebrities who, have missed that calamity, mass murder, or cursed plane, due to some timely intervention of luck.

Here, we have presented 10 such nail-biting great celebrity escapes from the verge of death.

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Margaret Thatcher (Former U.K PM)

The Iron lady, as she was rightly called, attended a meeting just a few hours after a bomb ripped through the front portion of Grand Hotel in Brighton where she was staying.

Just to recall what happened that day, on 12th October 1984 20 lb of explosives (gelignite) bombarded through the frontal portion of Brighton’s premier hotel.

The main target was the then P.M-Margaret Thatcher who luckily escaped the blast but others were not that much fortunate.

IRA’s initial response to the failed attempt was pretty chilling. IRA announced, “Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once – you will have to be lucky always.”

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was busy working on her speech when the unthinkable explosion happened at around 2.54 am.

5 persons lost their lives in this attack, and more than 30 were injured.

P.M Margaret Thatcher survived unharmed.


Jackie Chan

World-renowned action movie star, Jackie Chan was one of those lucky celebrities who cheated death and has survived to narrate the ordeal.

Jackie Chan was shooting a stunt scene in Yugoslavia for his movie “Armour of God” in 1986. He was filming a jump sequence, moving from a tall wall to a nearby tree. Unfortunately, this time he was not so lucky.

Jackie Chan narrowly missed the landing area and fell forcefully hitting the ground, breaking his head in the process.

The impact was so powerful that he cracked his skull in several places, and alarmingly some pieces of skull fragments entered his brain.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors performed complicated brain surgery and Jackie Chan survived this horrible accident.

Now, Jackie has completed more than 150 films, the majority of them involving nerve-rattling action scenes.


Steve McQueen (Actor )

On 8th August 1969, Steve Mcqueen was supposed to have visited Sharon Tate (actress) in Los Angeles but failed to turn up. This move proved to be really smart.

Tate was gruesomely murdered by Manson Family on that fateful night. Later, Steve came to know that he was on the hit list of the Manson Cult.

From that day, Steve traveled with a handgun.


Paul Royle - Great Escape Survivor

Australia’s Paul Royle managed to escape from the notorious Nazi Luft III camp in 1944 and it was one of the biggest headline news at that time.

Paul Royle,  a former pilot (RAF), was one among the 76 prisoners who escaped through a tunnel more than 100m long in 1944 in Poland.

The next day,  more than 73 were recaptured by the Nazis and 50 of them were executed. Out of the remaining 23 escapees, Paul was one of them.

Recalling the incident some years ago, he said  “There’s no reason why one should live and not the other. Rationality didn’t come into it. I haven’t a clue as to why I wasn’t chosen.”

Paul died on 23rd August 2015.


Jeff Bezos (Amazon-Head)

As per reports from Federal Aviation Administration, the private chopper carrying Bezos, Elisabeth Korrell (his assistant), etc. crashed while taking off and all the passengers including the pilot narrowly escaped death in 2003.

The helicopter pilot, Cheater lost control of the vehicle due to heavy windy conditions. After crashing the chopper into a  cedar tree,  the vehicle came to a halt.

The frame of the chopper had split and the chopper landed in the calamity creek before help arrived in the form of U.S Border Patrol.

Once when Jeff was asked about that accident,  he said: “This is such a silly way to die”.


Seth MacFarlane (Creator-Family Guy)

Seth was supposed to have flown to New York City from Boston on the ill-fated day (11-Sept-2001)on one of those hijacked planes.

Like to know how he missed the flight?

Thanks to Seth’s travel operator, who by mistake gave him a wrong departure time, resulting in him missing the plane by a narrow 10 minutes.


Lawrence Taylor (NFL’s Greatest Sports Hero)

Today, one of NFL’s top star is still alive but considering the way he went about his life to the fullest, it is quite unbelievable.

He was deadly. Simply unplayable. He not only revolutionized the position –Linebacker and was unanimously honored as NFL Network’s third top player.

In the year 1981, he was involved in a fatal accident which almost got him killed but Lawrence survived the crash.

Immediately after the accident, the jittery Giants came up with USD 2 million insurance policy to monetize his potential death.


Elisabeth Taylor

Another person to have missed this great disaster is none other than Mike’s then-wife and actress Elisabeth Taylor. She was running a high fever at that time and fortunately, Mike advised her to stay at home.

In 1958, Kirk and Mike were neighbors in Palm Springs when this tragedy occurred. Kirk Douglas, the yesteryear movie star was also supposed to travel with Mike Todd on 22nd March 1958 along with Elizabeth Taylor.

Todd’s plane crashed near New Mexico( Grants) killing all on board. Kirk abandoned the trip after his wife raised an objection and he escaped luckily.

Elisabeth Taylor died in 2011 at the age of 79.


Jennifer Lawrence

Undeniably, American movie star Jennifer Lawrence has gained international prominence with the Hunger Games movie series.

Jennifer was filming a scene for “Part 1-Mockingjay” when a fog machine malfunctioned and got her into trouble. She was stuck inside a closed space and with fog engulfing her completely, she vanished from the eyesight of the safety crew.

The quick-thinking crew members pulled her out without wasting a second and Jennifer emerged panting for a fresh breath of air. Suffering from vertigo and nausea, the shooting was postponed till Jennifer Lawrence completely recovered.

Ironically, Hunger Games-Mockingjay Part 1 collected more than US$ 760 million in worldwide box office collections.


Mark Wahlberg (Actor Cum Rapper)

On 11th September.2001, Mark and his friends were supposed to fly to Los Angeles from Boston on AA Flight 11.

But eventually, due to some change of plan, they decided to fly to Canada. From there, they reached Los Angeles and heard the news later.

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