10 Celebrities Then And Now – Shockingly Unrecognizable Beyond Imagination

The move from a busy child actor to a big box-office sensation remains an enigma for many. Moreover, some leave the show business and some manage to stay on course and gain recognition.

Notably, Leonardo DiCaprio made a sensational leap from a child actor to a world-recognizing Hollywood star. Nevertheless, many consider DiCaprio as an exception.

On the other hand, there are plenty of amazingly talented celebrities who appear totally different and unrecognizable today. Here, take a look at 10 Unrecognizable Celebrities Then And Now who are hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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Haley Joel Osment (Actor) - The Boy (Not) Next-Door

“The Sixth Sense” actor Haley Osment garnered a lot of commercials and television series during his childhood acting stint.  Moreover, he achieved superstardom for his role in the movie “The Sixth Sense”.

Later, he starred in several notable movies including A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Pay It Forward. In spite of that, Osment could not achieve great success as he enjoyed as a child actor.

Overall, you will now find it quite difficult to recognize the actor unless you have followed him for long.


Bruce Jenner (Decathlete) - Call me Caitlyn

Caitlyn Marie Jenner, formerly called as Bruce Jenner, a world record athlete, remained very open regarding his gender change.

Jenner previously a male but later transformed himself into a female. Moreover, Jenner revealed she faced gender dysphoria issue early in her life.

Subsequently, she underwent cosmetic surgery in January 2017. Markedly, in June 2015, she featured in the cover of Vanity Fair with the caption -“Call Me Caitlyn”.

Interestingly, Jenner, in 1991, married Kris Kardashian and have two daughters, Kylie and Kendall.


Boy George – A Genderqueer

George Alan 0’Dowd also known as Boy George is an English photographer, fashion designer, songwriter, and a singer.

More than that, he remains as the lead singer for the pop group “Culture Club”. Known for his stirring voice and androgynous looks, he caught the public attention with his cross-dressing fashion.

Originally, Boy George got the first break as a singer in the “Bow Wow Wow” band for his distinct appearance.

Surprisingly, Boy George created a unique genderqueer image.


Macauley Culkin - From Hero To Zero

One of the best child actor after Shirley Temple, Culkin reached cult-status after starring in Hollywood blockbuster “ Home Alone”.

Furthermore, his screen name “Kevin” became sensationally popular during the 90s.  He later went on to act in similar acclaimed movies such as The Good Son, and My Girl, etc.

In reality, he reportedly suffered from drug abuse in his twenties. Not to mention, it became a regular sight to see him battle with heroin addiction, appearing rather skeletal.


Pete Burns - If Looks Could Kill

Born in Chesire, Pete Burns rose to international acclaim in the 80s. He started his career as one of the band members of the troupe Mystery Girls.

In the first place, Burns started his singing career with super-hits like “ You Spin Me Right Round”. Then, he became widely popular for his drastic appearance and reality TV shows.

Finally, after exiting from the music scene in 2002, Burns started focusing strongly on changing his appearance. In spite of having health concerns, Burns asserted he would continue changing himself.

Sadly, he passed away on 23rd October 2018.


Pamela Anderson - The Baywatch Bombshell

For many years, Pamela Anderson hogged the limelight because of her figure. Nonetheless, Pamela Anderson now looks like a different new woman. The Baywatch star has completely toned down her appearance.

Recently, the international bombshell opened up regarding her fresh approach to look and age.

Lastly, Pamela admitted about having older female mentors in her life including her mom. More than that, Pamela mentioned in an interview that getting older does not mean the end of the road.


Madonna - Queen Of Pop

Amazingly, pop star Madonna went from a poor street kid to a rich style icon. Born Madonna Loise Ciccone, in 1958, Madonna still receives adulation as an American singer.

A stellar presence during the evolution of pop music in the 80s, she continuously reinvented her looks as well as her career.

As a result, she still maintains her stronghold within the music scene. Other than that, her unique musical creations have received good response from music critics worldwide.

Known for her controversial stage performances, Madonna still holds the title – “Queen of Pop”.


Eminem (Rapper/Singer) - A Misunderstood Rapper

Ask any 90’s kid about Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, you will definitely receive a chuckle. Moreover, the iconic rapper’s tryst with media looks unrelenting and smooth.

Understandably, Eminem’s hot-tempered attitude and his skirmishes with drug abuse have brought in a bad reputation in the public gaze.

More than that, Eminem’s 8 Mile movie highlighted his struggle and upbringing in becoming the star rapper.

In conclusion, for many 90’s kids, Eminem’s songs presented the right the sounding board for bottled-up teenage anger.


Mickey Rourke - From Grace To Disgrace

Mickey Rourke was once highlighted as the next inline Marlon Brando. However, Mickey Rourke lost his innocent baby face due to botched up plastic surgery.

In the 80s, Mickey Rourke represented the quintessential bad guy image. He looked sultry, naughty, and many women adored him.

On the contrary, he left the movie industry for brawling and his nice looks received a heavy blow.

As a result, for the next five years, he won many titles but constant punches forced him to seek surgery.

However, Rourke claims that he went under the knife only to fix match injuries. Finally, Rourke’s constant make-over has left his fans fuming in anger.


Donatella Versace – Can Money Buy Looks?

Donatella Versace’s fashion statements may spark an infinite copycat design, but her looks might give anyone some advice on cosmetic surgery.

Some 20 years ago, the fashion mogul had smooth skin and natural lips. However, after her brother’s murder, she started her cosmetic enhancement journey.

As a result, over the years, Versace’s face shape transformed dramatically even though she had reduced her dependence on medications.

Overall, at present, she appears almost unrecognizable like a wax-work figure with no lines on her face.

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