10 Breathtaking Wedding Venues You Wouldn’t Have Imagined Where Adventure Couples Pronounced ‘I Do’

Breathtaking Wedding Venues
Breathtaking Wedding Venues

A ‘twilight-wedding’ looks magnificent, but it can still turn into a horrendous disaster at the last minute. How?  You think about this.

It will look simply demoralizing when the lights are gone and still you have got “must” have shots to shoot.

Moreover, what do you think of these unique and distinct wedding venues?

Right next to an extinct volcano. Atop a river of ice. Or along with man-eaters.

To make it simple, we have spoon-fed you with 10 Rare Breathtaking Wedding Venues Where Couples Pronounced ‘I Do’.

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Mid – Air Wedding – Not For The Faint-Hearted

Albuquerque Balloon Museum (New Mexico) looks not only unexampled but also provides the right ambiance for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Notably, this museum’s strikingly rich architecture enhances the spectacular sight of the Sandia mountains.

Moreover, at the International Balloon Fiesta couples get hitched mid-air amidst floating clouds.

In addition, some balloon operators rent 12 members baskets for the couple’s convenience. As a result, a small wedding party, the groom, and the bride can witness the wedding spectacle mid-air.

Furthermore, guests and couples delight going through the museum’s balloon collection. On the other hand, this wedding venue hosts artifacts and artworks also.

Overall, with a range of outdoor and indoor spaces available, to-be-weds can have a gala wedding undoubtedly.


A Wedding Inside A Cave. You Heard It Right

Uniquely, brides and grooms who crave for stalactites can book a place in Missouri’s Bridal Cave. Moreover, a bridal chapel located inside the Ozarks also doubles as a tourist spot.

Reportedly discovered by a bunch of Native Americans a couple of centuries ago, Bridal Cave remains the most romantic wedding venues in America.

According to Native Americans, a couple first merged into a wed-lock in this cave in the 1800s. Since then, around 2000 couples have said “I Do” here.

As a preferred tourist destination, tourists can check out guided tours, Mystery Lake, and giant columns, etc.

Overall,  Bridal Caves still attracts wedding enthusiasts from all over the globe to exchange vows.


Say “I Do” Amidst The Chirping Sounds Of Birds And Gushing Water

Gleefully, in Maine’s Newry section, the Artist’s Bridge that passes over the Sunday River duplicates as a wedding venue.

In addition, the pristine beauty of Artist’s Bridge built way back in 1872 extends beyond all imagination. Moreover, you will love saying “I Do” amidst a lovely setting of lush green cover and brook.

Another key point, you feel safe on the bridge as vehicular traffic remains out of outbound since 1958.


A Bone-Chilling Wedding Atop A Glacier

Are you searching for a spectacularly awesome wedding venue? Well, then, you have reached the right spot. In other words, Pearson’s Pond, located in Juneau, Alaska guides couples wed on a river of ice.

Furthermore, you normally take a cruise ride and then hop into a helicopter to reach the glacier.

Besides, brides usually wear hats and long, white fur jackets.

However, everyone in the wedding party including the groom, and the bride wear clunky boots called crampons for grip.


Ice Chapel Wedding Venue - Frozen In Love

Many say when you actually meet your soul mate, time just stops. This holds true at least for this wedding venue was “Love Freezes Time”.

Aptly located in Quebec City, you’ll love this chapel made of ice. Ideally, as the name reckons, Hotel de Glace is made up of more than 10,000 tons of ice and snow.

On the contrary, couples can forget about the chillness as their love for one another will keep them cozy and warm.

Moreover, the brides can also opt for special wedding collections specially designed for the to-be-wives by the hotel staff.

Hence,  if you dream of a fairytale wedding, the Ice Hotel will help you.


Can You Guess How Much A Shark Loves You?

A special wedding deserves a special setting.

Nevertheless, getting into wed-lock in Long Islands looks ordinary but saying “I Do” inside Atlantis Marine Aquarium (Riverhead) might sound crazy.

The reason. Well, it’s because your wedding party includes sand tigers and sharks.

After all, the second best security-guards on Earth after the American President’s secret agents will grace your wedding: sharks. Of course, it takes two brave hearts to pronounce “I Do” underwater.

However, there are cages to keep you and your fiancé safe but this looks more like a shark-infested tank.

Overall, they say it requires guts to marry the person of your choice, why don’t you prove it?


My Heart Does Go On And On And On…

To-be-weds romantic couples who plan to go over to the Dollywood theme park in Tennessee are in for a surprise.  Why? Tennessee’s Dollywood theme park hosts the world’s most popular Titanic Museum.

Do you think Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were the only cutest love pair in the world? Then, you wed at the same replica setting and join their league.

Imagine – you and your fiancé gazing into each other’s eyes standing on the majestic Grand Staircase; what else you want?


Smoldering Volcanic Wedding

Looking for a way to express your hot romance: you head straight to Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i.

As a matter of fact, adventurous romantic couples marry with the stunning picture of lava plumes flaring in the backdrop.

Besides, this wonderful piece of nature renews and rekindles itself on a daily basis.

On the contrary, although this volcano appears active, you can go ahead with your wedding. Significantly, the last eruption took some centuries ago.


Marriage In Heaven, On London Eye

Each and every wedding is sacred and the London Eye offers a mind-blowing unique wedding venue. Couples with a liking for heights and a craving for a different wedding happily choose the London Eye.

Furthermore, after the couples enter the pod, the eye will reach 135 meters. Before the wheel touches down, the registrar will officially declare you as man and wife.

Moreover, you and your would-be-wife can relish two full rotations on the London Eye. The first one; vow and other formalities and the next to relish and live in the moment.

On the whole, you and your wife will exchange vows while sipping champagne and viewing London from the top.


A Wedding To Remember For A Lifetime - Safari Wedding

For those adventurous couples searching for an exotic wedding, you rush to Ulusuba, South Africa for a Safari Wedding.

Additionally,  it’s unusual, adventurous, and cool. Exchanging wedding vows amidst green cover appears exciting, but the safari wedding in Ulusuba looks even better.

Moreover, couples enjoy a massage, breakfast, and a yummy wedding cake.

Therefore, for a one-of-a-kind wedding, Ulusuba offers you and your partner a perfect mix of fun and adventure.

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