10 Perfect Body Postures For Perfect Life

Body Postures
Body Postures

Do you know that a perfect body posture can avoid some complications? Body posture exhibits the confidence level of a person. Proper body posture enables easy and smooth breathing. It keeps the joints and bones in the right alignment. Perfect body postures will avoid the compression of the internal organs of the body and enable a smooth digestive system. Let us analyze about 10 perfect body postures.

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Perfect Sitting Posture At The Workplace

Steps required to be followed by a proper sitting posture

  • You need to sit upright and keep your back straight with your shoulders fully rested at the back position. Likewise, your buttocks should rest at the back end of your chair.
  • Your body weight must be distributed equally on both sides of your hips
  • Your feet must stay flat on the floor
  • The knees must be bent and kept in a right angle position. The legs should not be in a crossed position
  • While sitting in front of a computer at your workplace, it is most important to adjust your chair height and make yourself comfortable i.e. place your arms on the armrest of your chair and keep your shoulders relaxed. You also adjust your computer positioning accordingly so that you can conveniently do your work.
  • In case if you’re seated in a rolling chair, you need to turn your whole body around and don’t strain your waist area while sitting by applying unwanted pressure
  • Try to avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes


Perfect Eating Posture (Sitting on a Chair and on the Floor)

Stepwise instructions for perfect sitting posture while eating

  • Firstly, the chair must be pushed close to the table to ensure that you do not stress out to take your food. This helps in avoiding the pressure given to the abdomen while moving forward.
  • When you are eating, it is vital to align your ear, shoulders and hips and then only you must bring your food to your mouth. This instruction, if followed will enable you to keep a good control of your head, neck and the muscles in your mouth, tongue and jaw.
  • You need to keep your knees upright at an equal level with your hips. Try to sit on your chair as far back as possible. Maintaining an upright position while eating is essential for allowing smooth digestion.
  • Never fail to give importance to your posture during each meal. This is vital to correct yourself if required and such posture also reflects your mood at the time of a meal

Best posture for people who sit on the floor and eat

Apply for the cross-legged position while sitting on the floor for eating your food. This is the best sitting posture because:

  • Infuses calmness in your mind
  • Applies pressure on the lower spine and enables your body to relax
  • The release of muscular tension
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Slows down the pace of our breathing
  • Enhances the flexibility of your body

These steps will enable us to properly digest the food that we consume


Perfect Reading Posture

Steps that compose a perfect reading posture

The leg height – It is imperative to understand that if you sit in a chair for a long time, the blood circulation to your legs must keep happening. Bearing this in mind, you should sit in a position where your thighs are parallel to the floor and lower legs are perpendicular to the floor.

Your back must be well supported – Bending forward time and again while reading will only cause back and neck pain. Ultimately, your concentration on reading will be disturbed. When you are reading, it is necessary for you to confirm that your back is well supported.

Sit in an upright position – While reading, it is mandatory to sit in an upright position so that the spine does not experience strain and pain. Drooping your shoulder or bowing down your head to read will only strain the spinal cord.


Perfect Sleeping Posture

Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping posture. It helps in allowing your head, neck and spine to remain in a similar position and take rest. Hence, there is lack of pressure on these body areas and the possibility of feeling pain is very limited or does not happen. This sleeping posture is recommended as the best by medical professionals in the United States of America.


Perfect Driving Posture

The perfect driving posture is noticeable only when it makes the various organs of our body, involved in driving is made comfortable.  

Some steps to follow a perfect driving posture:

  • The seat height of a car must be adjusted in a way where the knees are in level with your hips. The driver must be able to see the road comfortably and also the instruments in his vehicle.
  • This height adjustment must ensure that the driver’s feet are able to easily reach and operate the brake and pedal without having to move his back forward
  • The seat must be an inclined bit back so that the driver does not feel big pressure on the disc of his lower back
  • The lumbar support in a car seat should be adjusted to the correct height that gives support to the curve on his lower back


Perfect Sitting Posture At A Job Interview

A candidate who attends a job interview must follow these steps:

  • Maintain a firm open posture throughout the interview
  • Never crossover arms, this indicates a kind of fright and submission
  • Gentle adjustment of the seat after a few minutes to show confidence
  • Do not interlock the fingers
  • Sit in a relaxed position with the arms placed on the armrest or keep just one arm on the lap


Perfect Object Lifting Posture

It is a preliminary step before lifting any object to look at its weight and nature. It is better to avoid lifting objects that are above your waist level.

Steps to follow for ensuring a perfect object lifting posture

  • Your feet must be having that firm grip while lifting a bulky object
  • You need to just bend your knee and hips with your back straight while lifting objects that are lower than your waist level
  • Your stomach muscles must be tight and pressure should be applied to the leg muscles while lifting the object
  • Your body must be in a perfectly upright position while lifting an object and move forward without problems
  • While lifting packages, keep it close to your body and keep your arms in a bent position with your stomach muscles held tightly. Then, take small steps cautiously.
  • Finally, when you keep down the object, give your feet that same grip when you lifted the object. You must bend your knees and hips and tighten your stomach muscles


Perfect Posture For Public Speakers

The perfect body posture for public speakers comprises of:

  • Always keep the hands on the sides whenever you stand out to speak and not hide it at the back. This facilitates the hands to make quick gestures, whenever required
  • Keep the legs in a firm position and do not keep moving or shaking it as it might make the audience lose concentration
  • Proper coordinated movement of the eye, mouth and facial muscles are necessary to effectively communicate to the audience


Perfect Posture For Slip Fielders In Cricket

  • Always keep the knees bent and with the feet and shoulder wide so as to quickly side dive to catch the ball, if it travels on either side, left or right
  • Keep the feet wide and it must also be in good balance so as to move swiftly down or up for a low or high catch
  • Ensure that the knees and your feet are well balanced to ensure flexible movements: jumping, bending and side diving


Perfect Sitting Posture At The Desk For A Writer

The steps involved:

  • The writer must confirm that the table is only half his/her height while being in a sitting position
  • The chair should be well placed on the table
  • The writer must rest his bottom well back into the chair
  • Keep the feet in a flat position on the floor
  • The thighs must be firmly kept with the knees bent at a right angle position
  • The stomach must not touch the table
  • The back can lead to a slightly forward position

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