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Blackhead Removal – Symptoms & Remedies

blackhead removal
blackhead removal

Blackhead is one of the major indications of acne. It looks like a black bump appearing on the outer surface of the skin and is caused due to clogged hair follicles.

It spoils the beauty of the skin. Blackheads may appear on the neck, back, arms, chest, and shoulders too. The size of the comedones/blackheads may vary.

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What Are Blackheads?

The reason why blackheads are formed is still under debate. There are other similar conditions of comedones called by the names of acne, whiteheads, and pimples.

In the case of comedones, the pores of the skin are blocked by a black substance which is the oxidized form of melanin.

Extra secretion of oil is one of the major reasons for the cause of blackheads. Sebum(skin oil) is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. When it is overproduced, it can cause blackheads or whiteheads.

The difference between blackheads and whiteheads is that blackheads are open to hair while whiteheads are not open to hair.


Causes Of Blackheads

  1. Hair follicles sebum is also one of the main causes of blackheads. Overgrowth of skin cells is another factor for the cause of blackheads. The excess sebum in the skin cells also blocks the hair follicle.
  2. During puberty, hormonal changes happen which result in the overproduction of sebum.
  3. Other factors include using cosmetics and makeup products.
  4. Heavy sweating or high humidity
  5. Some may occur because of menstrual disorders and pregnancy and birth control pills.
  6. Rapid skin turnover may happen because of disease or medications.
  7. It may cause because of greasy foods too.
  8. Excessive scrubbing or washing the face may also be one of the reason.


How To Get Rid Of Pimples / Blackheads

1.Egg White Mask

The blackheads can be removed and the skin can be protected by using an egg white mask. When the egg white applied on to your face becomes dry, the pores get tightened.

Egg white is rich in nutrients which prevent the occurrence of blackheads in the future.




Things you need:

1. Egg
2. Tissue paper
3. Small bowl
4. Cotton towel


  • Separate the egg white from egg yolk. Rinse your face with water.
  • Dry your face and apply a thin layer of egg white on the surface of the skin.
  • When it dries, it becomes too tight on the skin.
  • Remove the peel by adding some water to the skin. Pat it with a cotton towel.
  • The tissue paper can also be used to apply the thin layer of the egg white.

2. Honey And Milk Pore Strips

Both are good for the skin. Honey has got a lot of medicinal benefits and a cure for several diseases. The milk has lactic acid that keeps the skin soft and supple.



Things you need:



  • Mix honey with milk and heat the mixture in the oven for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • When the mixture is at the right temperature and consistency, apply it on the blackhead.
  • Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Now clean the face with water and pat dry using a cloth.

3. Cinnamon And Honey Strips

Cinnamon and honey strips are a wonderful combination for the removal of blackheads. Honey does wonders on the skin surface. Cinnamon is good for blood flow.




Things you need

1. Honey
2. Cinnamon powder
3. Clean cloth


  • Mix both honey and cinnamon together and make it as a paste.
  • Apply over your come done marks on the face.
  • Leave it for about 30 minutes.
  • Now gently rub the face with a clean cotton white towel.

4. H2O Daily-Blackheads Treatment

Water is the best remedy for all skin and eye diseases. For the eyes, you have to splash cold water and for the skin, it is used to regenerate the surface of the skin.

If you want to get rid of the blackheads, you have to splash water at least 3 to 4 times every day. This clears the pores of the skin. Be sure to use a mild moisturizer after you clean your face.




Things you need:

1. Water
2. Towel
3. Moisturizer


  • Splash water more frequently as you can.
  • Wipe it with a towel and apply the moisturizer on the face.
  • I recommend doing this during the afternoon so that the pores are refreshed and dirt comes out well.

5. Toner For Tighter Pores

During the CTM process which is cleansing toning and moisturizing, the toner plays an important role to close the pores of the skin.

Similarly, a natural toner can be used to close the pores on the skin.




Things you need:

1. Lemon
2. Cotton balls
3. Small bottle


  • Squeeze the lemon into a small bottle and immerse the cotton ball in the lemon juice.
  • Now take out the cotton ball and apply it on the blackheads.
  • Keep it for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Do it twice daily.
  • Best time to apply this is when you wake up early in the morning and before going to bed.

6. Sweat it Out

You can sweat it out by doing some workout like yoga or gymnastics. Make sure you clean your makeup every day.

Leaving the makeup on your face will make your skin worse and further lead to the formation of blackheads.




Things you need:

1. Do exercise or use steamer
2. Freshwater
3. Cotton towel


  • After doing a workout, rinse your face with water.
  • Now pat it dry using a clean towel.
  • Do this every day both in day and evening after a workout.
  • You can also use a steamer to sweat it out.

7. Cleansing Sugar Scrub

Scrubbing can do wonders on your face if you allow the scrub to gently rub off the dead skin cells.




Things you need:

1. Sugar
2. Jojoba oil
3. Essential oils
4. Glass jar


  • Mix jojoba oil in sugar.
  • Now add a little amount of essential oil to it.
  • Store it in a dark place in a glass jar.
  • Stir before using it.
  • Wet the face.
  • Take the required amount of paste and apply on the blackheads.
  • Rinse with water and moisturize as well.
  • Do it twice a week.
  • It regulates good blood supply on the facial skin.

8. Aloe Vera For Blackheads Removal




Things you need:

1. 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
2. 2 tablespoons of milk cream
3. A pinch of turmeric


  • Mix all the ingredients to form a paste.
  • Apply this uniformly on the face and neck.
  • Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

9. Turmeric Face Mask




Things you need:

1. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
2. 1 teaspoon baking powder
3. 1-2 teaspoons rose water


  • Mix the turmeric powder with the baking powder.
  • Now add the rose water and mix until you get a smooth paste.
  • Apply this pack on your face and leave it on for five minutes.
  • To remove dead skin, wet the fingertips first and give massage to your face in circular motions.
  • Keep massaging for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water first and then with cool water. Pat dry.

10. Banana Facial Mask




Things you need:

1. Banana
2. Honey


  • Cut the banana into small pieces and blend in using a blender.
  • Or smash the banana using the hands.
  • Now add honey to it and mix it well.
  • Set this pack on the face for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water followed by cold water.


Blackheads Removal Methods

 Get a  Facial

It is very much necessary to get the right facial for the removal of blackheads.

There are a number of facial products available in the market. Before you go for facial, you have to know your skin type whether it is oily or dry or sensitive or combination skin.

After knowing the type of skin, there are different facials available for the skin like fruit facial; clay facial, etc.

Facial can actually clear your pores. A facial is much more relaxing than DIYs. you will never have the right products at home to get a professional effect.

First and foremost choose your parlor. Get to know which parlor is the best. Learn the reviews of the parlor. Ask for a skin specialist. You can have a consultation with a doctor too before going for a facial.

When you know the right facial for you, you got it all. Facial massage treatment increases circulation and blood flow. Facial treatments feel good and relaxing. So check out the nearby parlor and get it done right away.

Use a Retinoid Cleanser

If you have blackheads that haven’t for treated with other treatments, the retinoid is the best of all. It unclogs pores allowing creams and gels to work better.

They reduce it by preventing dead cells from clogging pores. When you are using a retinoid for the first time, you may notice some type of redness on the skin or irritation as well.

But there’s nothing to worry about that. A retinoid cleanser is vitamin A that improves the skin glow and makes the skin shiny. Do this 2 to 3 times a week for better results.



This is another way to get rid of blackheads. They are usually done by a skin specialist such as cosmetologist.

These treatments are nowadays also available in the spa. You will have much fresh skin which is free from blemishes and blackheads. It is a deep exfoliation process to remove the dead cells on the surface of the skin.

There is no preparation needed for this. You will have instant results. It is comfortable, painless and suitable for all skin types.

Skin treatments will always lead to mild discomfort. But this microdermabrasion will make you feel very comfortable without causing any redness or irritation on the skin.

It can be done for all age groups and all skin types. This is a fast way to get rid of blackheads. Do it twice in a year.


Chemical Facial Peel

Chemical facial peels work wonders on the skin by correcting the skin condition for a youthful vibrant appearance without wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.

It is usually recommended by skin specialists. In this process, the acid solution is used to remove the dead and outer layer of the skin.

There are a number of questions on this if it is safe or not. Adverse reactions are rare that includes numbness and infection.

If you have any of the following concerns, you could be a candidate for a peel

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Dull or lifeless skin

There are different types of chemical peel

  1. Light chemical peel
  2. Medium chemical peel
  3. Deep chemical peel
  4. Acne chemical peel

The chemical solution for body chemical peels usually consists of a combination of trichloroacetic acid and glycolic acid.


Blackhead Removal On Nose

To get rid of blackheads, there are various methods of treatment available.

Normal Treatment

One of the normal treatments is pore cleansing strips. get your face damp and follow the instructions written in the pore cleansing strips. Apply it on the blackhead and leave it for a while.

Let the strip be at the same position without any movements. Some strip comes with glue and it sticks to the face. Normally, the face strips are used on the nose.

Because the nose is the major area where blackheads appear and there will be a number of blackheads on the nose. Leave it for about 30 minutes and gently take the water and put it on the strip before removing the strip.

Slowly and gently remove the blackhead strip. You should not use your fingers on your nose and touch the blackheads. Leave it for a while. Do this at least twice a week. This can also alleviate such marks from appearing on the body.

In addition, marigold flowers are also used to remove warts and blackheads.


Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliate is called as removal of old dead skins and the outer layer of the skin.

Exfoliating Creams

Exfoliating creams are available everywhere in the market. You can also buy it online. You have to follow the instructions that are put up in the exfoliating cream.

Gently take the required amount of cream or gel and apply it on the face. Using hands scrub it all over your face. Now do the massage for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash the cream with light water or cold water.

Natural Methods

There are also natural methods to exfoliate the skin. Buy a loofah or brush. After applying the cream you can either use a loofah or a brush to apply it all over your face.

How To Exfoliate At Home?

First, tie your hair up. Now use makeup remover or cleanser to clean your skin. Apply it and in a circular motion apply on your face. The next step is to steam your face.

Heat the water to its boiling point. Take the water and cover the lid of the water. Now place it at ground level. Take a blanket and cover yourself along with the water placed on the ground.

Now gently remove the lid of the water. The steam will come out. Show your face to the steam with a little distance. Do it for about 5 to 10 minutes. You will start sweating.

Now wash it with cold water and apply the exfoliating cream on your face. Massage it for about 5 minutes and rinse it in water. This is the step that has to be followed while using exfoliating creams.


Blackheads In Ears

Blackheads may develop in ears. It may be caused due to numerous reasons. Blackheads may come to anyone (men, women or children).

Children may also get ears blackheads. Blackheads occur because of the following reasons:

  • Excessive skin oil production
  • Having acne on your ears
  • Hair follicle irritation particularly when your dead skin does not shed off regularly
  • Hormonal changes especially during menstruation while using birth control pills or at puberty often trigger increased oil production

To get rid of the blackheads in the ear

  • Blackheads do not mean your ear is dirty.
  • It won’t generally go away of its own.
  • Clean your ear with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly.
  • Apply glycolic acid at the opening of the ear canal.
  • Leave it up to 60 seconds and wash it off.
  • This can be done. Otherwise, clean your ear with a mild acne wash.
  • Apply a warm compress to the ear.
  • Soak the blackhead with alcohol.
  • Squeeze the blackhead using the blackhead removal tool.
  • Apply anti-acne cream on your face.


Prevention And Do Notes

  • Don’t touch your face frequently. Blackheads may spread.
  • If you have blackheads on your ears, do not touch your ears frequently.
  • Wash your pillowcases daily. This is to avoid the spreading of blackheads. Your pillow catches extra oil from your face when you sleep at night. So it is always better to wash the pillowcases.
  • Wash your face twice daily. By washing your face frequently, it allows you to refresh your skin.
  • If you have makeup on your face and ears, make sure to remove it before washing your face. You can use a cotton pad and a makeup remover too.
  • Avoid using ultra-abrasive exfoliants. Never pick or pop your blackhead.

These are some of the instructions to follow when you have blackheads on your face or your ear. If the blackhead removal tool is recommended by the consultant, you can use it. If not, it is not required.

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