Black Flowers – 10 Mysticaly Magnificent Rare Blooms

Black Flowers
Black Flowers

Black represents enigma in general but they also signify rebirth, rejuvenation, and farewell. Planting these unique flowers can add more attraction and intrigue to your already soulful garden. Moreover, in fact, nature does not create black flowers and the ones we see are deep purples, the result of selective breeding. Plant and nurture these wonderful black flowers in your house and enjoy the pristine floral beauty of nature.

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Black Rose

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameRosa
Soil NeedsWell-drained and moist
Flower TipMainly suitable for places that receive full sunlight (5 hrs) daily
Sunlight RequirementComplete sun
Growing Zones3 to 11
Where to find them?Halfeti, Turkey

In fact, black roses are items mainly seen in fiction with plenty of names ranging from baccara, black jade, and Tuscany superb.

Are you aware that roses that are called black are just maroon, purple, or red coloured roses in their dark avatar?

In other words, a black rose gets its colour by placing it in black ink-water mixture or use a technique called burning.

Black Baccara 

A hybrid tea variety rose, Black Baccara makes every cut flower decoration a special occasion. This rose variety came into commercial use only in the last decade or so. Like other dark rose variety, these roses look super dark but not black.

Tuscany Superb 

Contrasting stamens with one of the darkest crimson-maroon colour combination, Tuscany Superb looks a class apart.

Overall, black roses signify a mystery, elegance, and hidden power.

Interesting Facts

  • Halfeti Rose from Turkey looks black but they are, in truth, a very dark variety of red rose. Another key point, Halfeti town was submerged underwater due to floods in the 90s.
  • Black Jade, another popular rose variety, appears quite black in hot weather.
  • Then, Black Cherry rose is a dark burgundy colour rose which contains zero fragrance.
  • Rose hips or a rose fruit are at times, pitch black or purple in colour.
  • In addition, specific rose hip varieties have deep concentrations of vitamin C.


Black Pansies

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific Name Viola
Soil NeedsWell-drained and moist
Flower TipRegular watering is a must and droughts are strictly a no-no for pansies.
Sunlight RequirementComplete sun
Growing Zones4 to 8
Where to find them?Western Asia and Europe

The black pansy appears almost black but a very close examination will reveal its true colour- dark purple. Additionally, some varieties have very colourful petals and dark spots.  These small flowers are brilliant and hardy at making any garden look beautiful.

Finally, black pansies signify hidden love, and it’s believed to attract love secretly.

Interesting Facts

  • Some unknown names of pansies are Johnny-jump-up, peeping Tom, and monkey faces.
  • Pansy leaves were once used as a treatment for broken hearts.
  • A 17th-century writer, Nicholas Culpeper believed that pansy syrup could cure venereal disease.
  • In fact, Celts prepared a tea using pansy flower leaves and called it as the love potion.
  • Also, in Scottish and German folktales, pansies earned a name called as a stepmother.
  • Especially, the original colours of a pansy represented souvenirs, thoughts, and memories. In olden days, pansies were thought to indicate the Trinity, earning it a sobriquet, herb trinity.


Black Calla Lily

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameZantedeschia
Soil NeedsWell-drained and moist
Flower TipLow maintenance only; these flowers need good watering and deep planting
Sunlight RequirementComplete or partial sun
Growing Zones8 to 10
Where to find them?Pacific Northwest, Coastal California

Popular and appealing, calla lilies are widely known for their unique and peculiar bell shape petals. Furthermore, calla lilies are grown both as houseplants and also outdoors.

They are very rare to catch a glimpse of and look fabulous in floral arrangements and bouquets.

With trumpet-like petals available in a variety of colours, calla lilies are part and parcel of every elegant floral arrangement.

Interesting Facts

  • Originally from Africa, Romans were the first ones who noticed this flower and eventually it has grown in popularity since then.
  • Calla Lillies require very little dramatics to create a solo style statement. In general, these flowers are divine in both traditional and modern floral centrepieces.
  • In flower language, calla lilies signify high-quality respect and appeal.
  • Scientifically, they are associated with caladium, pothos, and philodendron.
  • 19th-century American painter, Georgia O’Keeffe redefined calla lilies with her inspirational paintings.


Black Tulips

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific Name Tulipa
Soil NeedsWell-drained
Flower TipNever over water tulips. They will never grow.
Sunlight RequirementComplete or partial sun
Growing Zones3 to 8
Where to find them?Central Asia, Europe

The flowers of this variety are radially symmetric. They are known as “Queen of the Night”. In the first place, black tulips are not black but carry a very dark representation of purple. Interestingly, tulips are fall flowers.

Interesting Facts

  • Originally from Central Asia, they were introduced to Turkey and from thereon, it became overtly popular.
  • ‘Tulip Mania’ was an actual event that took place in The Netherlands. Many people still consider that as the first modern business bubble.
  • Tulips are self-reliant flower plants. They start their floral career as bulbs and they contain all the needed nutrients.
  • Never ever taste a tulip petal although it looks bright and attractive. Their petals are edible but taste horrible.
  • You can make a tulip bloom if it’s stored under cold conditions. This unnatural blooming can take place between 12 to 16 weeks.
  • Some restaurants in the world use tulips in their preparations- appetizers, as salad dressing, and as mousse cups.


Black Velvet Petunia

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NamePetunia
Soil NeedsWell-drained soil
Flower TipFast growing and frost-tender prone flowers; Safeguard them from winds, dry, and warm weather.
Sunlight RequirementComplete
Growing Zones9 to 11
Where to find them?South America

Consisting more than 35 species, hybrid Petunias are literally found in all colours.  Similarly, many florists regard the “Black Velvet Petunia” as the first near-black flower variety. And, black petunias fill the garden with their charming beauty and stature.

Moreover, another petunia variety called the “Pinstripe” comes in black featuring a gorgeous yellow stripe.

Interesting Facts

  • The world’s first and stunning “Black Velvet Petunia” was created using natural breeding methods. Equally important, it was developed by Jianping Ren at the Ball Colegrave.
  • Petunias, in contrast, are carnivorous. How? They use their sticky parts to capture small insects. When the insect eventually perishes, this plant sucks their victims.
  • By all means, they attract different types of insects and birds ranging from sphinx moth, bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
  • Initially, petunias were available only in three basic colours. They are purple, pink, and white.
  • Antoine Laurent, the French botanist, named this flowering plant “Petun” meaning smoked tobacco inspired by a Patagonian tribe.
  • Finally, all the original or early varieties of petunia were scented.


Black Bat Flower

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameTacca Chantieri
Soil NeedsPorous and well-drained soil
Flower Tip The big the flower, the more it’s healthy. This flower grows well under shady areas and should be moist free during dormancy
Sunlight RequirementPartial
Growing Zones11
Where to find them?Southern China, Malaysia, Thailand

One of the rarest and peculiar flowers, this bat flower can reach around 36-inches (height) and 12-inches (diameter). Surprisingly, bat flowers are known for their ‘whiskers’. Additionally, Yunan in China is considered as the birthplace of this flower.

Overall, Bat flowers perform best under semi-tropical climatic conditions.

Interesting Facts

  • This black flower consists of an underground bulb mainly used as a reservoir for nutrients.
  • Being a perennial plant, the bat flower takes around two years for completing its life cycle.
  • Devil flower and cat’s whiskers are other names this bat flower enjoys.
  • On the positive side, the green, dark, large leaves of this flower remain
  • Specifically, white bat flowers are more difficult to grow and that too in home conditions.
  • Being a jungle flower, this flower dislikes the loss of breeze.


Black Magic Hollyhock

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameAlcea rosea
Soil NeedsWell-drained soil
Flower TipThis flower is capable of growing tall. Therefore, stalking the plant is a better option.
Sunlight RequirementFull
Growing Zones3 to 9

Notably, Black Magic Hollyhock can grow dark as naturally as possible. In addition, the bowl-shaped flowers can grow and reach a height of at least 10 feet.

Also, these black-blue stately looking plants appear good and splendid in any garden. Important to realize, black magic hollyhock must be planted behind to make your garden come alive. The flowering season of this plant ranges from midsummer to late summer months.

To sum up, carrying a popular name, black magic hollyhock produces deep-hued or velvety purple-bluish flowers.

Interesting Facts

  • Known as good ornamental plants, these plants are seed-based flower varieties.
  • In flower language, during Victorian times, the hollyhock signified both fecundity and ambition.
  • Kyoto, Japan, celebrates the much-fancied hollyhock festival or Aoi Matsuri.
  • For example, hollyhock roots and stems were used for medicinal and also as firewood respectively.
  • In particular, the flowers are loved by hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. They also make excellent bouquets.


Black Hellebores

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameHelleborus
Soil NeedsWell-drained soil
Flower TipPlanting these flowers too deep will damage this plant. Ensure that this plant’s crown is just closed with soil
Sunlight RequirementComplete and partial
Growing Zones4 to 8
Where to find them?Slovenia, Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland

In the first place, Hellebores, a perennial flower plant that contains leathery leaves with tiny petals. At the same time, hellebores have a pretty long blooming season that lasts anywhere from 42 to 56 days. In addition, they range in different colours, i.e from pure white to deep purple.

Black hellebores or Christmas roses is one of a kind poisonous flowering plant in the Ranunculaceae family.

Moreover, hellebores are very easy to maintain and care for. Being a shade plant, they have the capacity to grow even in very deep shades.

Interesting Facts

  • In olden days, Hellebores Niger was mainly used to cure insanity, paralysis, and gout. Likewise, black hellebore responded well when treated for conditions like hysteria, nervous disorders, amenorrhea, and edema.
  • As per reports, hellebores are violently narcotic. Additionally, they have anthelmintic, emmenagogue, and purgative properties. This means they are anti-parasitic, menstrual stimulant, and laxative in nature.
  • Some of the common side effects of this plant are cardiac arrest, swelling of throat and tongue, thirst, stupor, dizziness, and buzzing in the ears.
  • Helleborein, hellebrin, and helleborin present in hellebore roots are cardiotoxic.
  • In fact, there are different varieties of hellebores. Some of the popular hellebores are “Stinking hellebore” or Helleborus foetidus, the Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis) that blooms around Lent etc.


Black Dahlia

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameDahlia
Soil NeedsWell-drained soil
Flower TipThey grow better in hot conditions. For example- ground temperature – 60 degrees.
Sunlight RequirementComplete and partial
Growing Zones8 to 10
Where to find them?Mexico, Columbia, Central America, and other parts of the world

In general, dahlias contain tuberous roots and are yearly blooming plants. Some dahlias have herbaceous stems also.

In flower language, Dahlias mean instability and dignity and also signify “my selfless gratitude”. Amazingly, of the available 15,000 plus varieties, only 20 dahlias come under black flowers. They are related to the daisy, zinnia, chrysanthemum, and sunflower family.

Dahlias, in fact, mean dignity, change, creativity, inner strength, and elegance. Moreover, during the Victorian period, these flowers indicated personal sentiments.

Furthermore, these black flowers are also considered as a sign of diversity.

Interesting Facts

  • Named after the famed botanist, Anders Dahl, these flowers were called so by Cavanilles (Royal Gardens Madrid-Director).
  • In Swedish, “Dal” means valley. It’s also widely reported that Dahlias entered Europe only in the late 18th
  • Depending on the flower type, dahlias are called miscellaneous type, decorative type, waterlily type, fimbriated type, collarette type, and semi-cactus type.
  • Mexico’s national flower is Dahlia pinnata.
  • Oaxaca, Mexico still serves delicacies that include dahlia flowers.


Black Hyacinth

Things To RememberUseful Information
Scientific NameHyacinthus
Soil NeedsWell-drained soil
Flower TipThey are normally cultivated with yellow daffodils.
Sunlight RequirementComplete and partial
Growing Zones4 to 8
Where to find them?Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, North America, Haiti, Cuba, central Mexico

Hyacinthus, usually sprouts from bulbs, each having not less than one or three spikes. Normally, hyacinth bulbs are toxic as they contain a chemical called as oxalic acid.  Also, protective gloves are a necessity while handling hyacinth as they can create mild skin allergies.

Additionally, they represent rebirth and spring.

Interesting Facts

  • Black looks astonishingly unique in the world of flowers and can attract very high prices. In the year 1997, the famous flower expert, Thomas and Morgan bought just three hyacinth bulbs for whopping GBP 1, 50,000.
  • This flower’s name comes directly from a boy named Hyakinthos.
  • According to flower language, white hyacinth signifies prayer and love and purple means sorrow and deep regret.
  • Hyacinths are toxic for pets, especially for cats and dogs. They can also create stomach troubles if digested by humans.
  • From a good distance, hyacinth appears like candy sticks or lollipops. But up close, hyacinths look like a family of tiny stars.

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