10 Bizarre Habits Of Different Countries That Are Insanely Weird To Be True

Bizarre Habits
Bizarre Habits

In fact, individuals follow bizarre habits that are carried out daily or during some special occasion.

As a matter of fact, with 196 countries presently dotting the world map- each possessing their unique constitutions, customs and cultures, some follow weird local habits.

In this article, we have listed 10 bizarre habits of different countries that’ll make you scream.

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Are you ready for a bath?

In general, Brazil is a hot place depending on the time and place you are in.

Additionally, Brazilians are branded the most hygienic people because they normally bath twice a day.

So, don’t get offended if you are asked to take a shower whenever you visit someone in Brazil.

Overall, it’s not strange for a person in Brazil to offer an invitation to a visitor for a cool shower.

That’s what we call, the perfect invite.

Do you brush your teeth at work?

Brazilians are very particular with regard to cleanliness. For instance, they bring their paste and toothbrushes to the office and brush their teeth immediately after lunch.

In fact, a typical Brazilian office goer brushes at least four times daily and there are places which provide Listerine as well.



Hello, Squillo !!!

Yes, you have guessed it right. A missed call but done deliberately.

Well, in case, if we are keen to give someone our mobile number, we dial theirs and give a ring for a few seconds before disconnecting the call.

However, Italians are much more smart in using this method.

Finally, if an Italian is scheduled to meet someone but has got delayed, then the ‘Squillo’ call means that they are rushing to that place.

In other words, hang on Amico Mio !!!


To tell the truth, Italians avoid drinking without eating or on empty stomachs. Normally, they do not have the habit of chugging tons and tons of beer or sipping cocktails.

Also, any alcoholic drink, be it beer or wine, they are always consumed along with crisps and peanuts or with meals.

Overall, Italians prefer being “Bella Figura” irrespective of whatever they do.

Other bizarre habits followed by Italians

Italians seldom go out with wet hair because of the fear that something evil might happen if they do so.

They don’t eat anything ‘on the go’. In this part of the world, drinking or eating ‘on the go’ means you are rude.



You don’t need to smoke to carry a lighter around

Usually, in Turkey, it’s pretty normal to ask strangers whether they are carrying any lighter or not.

Therefore, you can ask them friendly questions while you lit their cigs and start a casual conversation.

Knock! Knock! So you are…

Door knockers were initially placed at homes during the Ottoman period. In fact, two knockers, one small and another big were used.

When someone knocks the small one, its widely understood that a female is knocking, and hence a woman will open the door. In the case of a large one, a male will greet the visitor.

In brief, Turks call these knockers with respect – “ Hand of Fatima”.



Never raise your index finger! You are in the Philippines

In countries like the Philippines, the local never point or raise their index finger. So, how do you ask for a specific thing or an item in a shop?

The answer is funny. You should use your mouth. How?

You need to use your lips to make an ‘O’ and point your face directly towards the item you want people to pay attention.

Come what may

Generally speaking, Filipinos believe in fate and this is widely mentioned as “Bahala Na” character or ‘Come What May”.

This attitude behaves like a double-edged knife. For instance, positive version of this attitude means faith in divine providence but on the other hand, it ingrains a sense of recklessness.



Three-hours long lunch break

Spaniards are known for their cool customs and habits. Moreover, one such thing is sleeping in the afternoon.

Additionally, in Spain, an afternoon nap is considered as an easy way to beat the summer heat.

Not to mention, who won’t prefer a short nap during the hectic schedule?

By the by, Spaniards are used to typical three-hour long lunch breaks.

So,  are you searching for the next flight to Spain?

Staying at home is somewhat strange

Even in the heat of summer or dead cold of winter, Spaniards love spending time outside their home.

Not everyone is in the position to spend money but in Spain, people expect you to just meet friends in Tribunal.

Overall, Spaniards prefer spending time outside even late at night, say till 1 or 2 am.



Hi! How do you do?

In Ireland, locals follow a tradition of talking to everyone with an air of casualness,  irrespective of their position or wealth.

Irish people even invite a policeman on duty for a cup of coffee.

No problem! We are obsessed with Tea !!!

Britishers are generally stereotyped as tea fanatics but the matter is something else.

In fact, the Irish people are far more obsessed with tea and you will be presented infinite cups of tea.

Beware- non-tea drinkers may be viewed suspiciously.



Sipping their worries

In Paris, people normally will gather and spend hours together in a Café just sipping over an espresso.

French, known for their rich gastronomic expertise, believe that a cup of espresso is an experience to cherish.


North America

In North America, waiters are paid more handsomely by customers than their bosses it seems.

Yeah man, we are talking about tips.


Latin American Countries

Certain Latin American countries follow strict social customs while greeting a person.

It means, you cannot just run into a person and say “hi” as and when you feel.

Moreover, if one of them is a girl, they basically give a small peck. And more interestingly, even guys follow this practice of giving pecks.

Especially, in Brazil, people go a step more and start embracing.

You may have just met your friend a couple of days ago, but still, embrace them as if they were released from solitary confinement only now.

Also, saying parting messages like goodbye takes a hell of a lot of time. The reason is you are expected to say goodbye to each and every person present there.



Sting with truth !!!

In Northern European nations and in Germany, it’s commendable to speak the truth instead of beating around the bush.

In other words, speaking straight means you respect that person’s personal space and time.

However, in Canada, people prefer beating around the bush as they feel it’s necessary to add bad news with pleasantries.

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