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10 Simple Biceps Training Tips To Beef Up Like ‘Rock’ Dwayne Johnson

Biceps Training Tips
Biceps Training Tips

Stop fretting!  Are you training hard to acquire biceps like Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson? Don’t worry mate; you are in the right place.

Although getting a beefed-up body like Dwayne may take some time, it’s definitely possible with consistent and correct biceps training.

Also, combining a good nutritious diet with a peaceful state of mind will enhance muscle growth in the right direction.


If you have lost your way in the middle of your biceps training, adapt these 10 simple bicep training tips for a ‘Rock’ like performance.

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Listen To Your Body

While biceps training looks very easy from the layman perspective, in reality, it’s much harder than you would have imagined.

Uniquely, the brachialis that lies near the biceps plays a crucial role in this training. In addition, increasing the size of the brachialis will also increase the total structure of the arm.

Also, the brachioradialis muscle needs some extra workout for a better strong upper arm.

Therefore, understanding the importance of all these muscles and paying attention while training will produce better results.

In fact, for good looking biceps, you just can’t do away with other exercises and concentrate only on your biceps.

A Brief Introduction to Upper Arm

  • Brachioradialis

Best results are achieved with reverse-grip curls

  • Brachialis

Top performance stems from neutral hand position.

  • Long Head

While placing the arms behind the plane, try hammer curl or inclining dumbbell curl.

  • Short Head

Known to produce best results with arms in the front.


Never Ever Ignore Your Back

Not to mention, both biceps and back muscles require equal importance and attention. As a result, most lifters work hard on both these muscles on a single day called “pull day” workout.

For example, you can manage in such a way that you do biceps after back but avoid doing biceps training day right after back day.

Bear in mind, your biceps would be aching for rest and a workout at that time would further tire the muscles.

Overall, you should first plan your back training and then adjust your biceps training accordingly.


Let The Biggest Mass Builder Be The Number One Exercise

Finding it hard to decide upon your first set of exercise to start your session? In general, the answer never changes drastically.

In all honesty, you can start with that movement where you are flexible enough to move the maximum weight.

Moreover, since biceps training lacks multijoint exercises, you can try the chin-up which strengthens the biceps and lats.

In essence, before deciding the exercise, consider these factors for a better and bigger result:

  • Think about the maximum weight you can lift when doing standing barbell curls or concentration curls (one-arm).
  • It’s better to start your biceps training with dumbbell curls or standing barbell.

Some of the best and popular exercises that put the focus on powerful biceps:

1. Barbell Curl

Most of the fitness enthusiasts perform barbell biceps exercise as their starter movement. In general, most lifters are comfortable doing barbell over dumbbells and this one produces maximum benefit.

Particularly, while doing this exercise, the lifter should never reduce the movement pattern and never lean backward.

Overall, if you do barbell curl in a slow and consistent pattern, then the muscles will work with higher intensity.

2. Biceps Cable Curl (Standing)

For perfecting those deep tissue muscles, this exercise is the best bet. Besides, the movement pattern associated is less stable because of the tension, and in this exercise, all the muscles will come into play.

In addition, you can use different types of attachments such as a rotating cable, a straight bar, or a rope.

3. Incline Dumbbell Curl

In this exercise, the lifter will feel the maximum tension and don’t worry if the weight feels on the lower side.

The key to this exercise is to push hard with the lower weight but the consistent form will produce the desired results.

4. Concentration Curl

One of the most important of all exercises is the concentration curls. Mainly done while sitting, concentration curls will reduce the range momentum happens in the training of biceps and focus all the energy on the biceps.

5. Reverse Grip Row

After training hard with straight rows, now it’s time to work on adding reverse grip rows. In reverse grip row, the stress, especially on the biceps is much greater than straight rows.

Therefore, based on what muscle you wish to contract as you push the weights will also impact the performance as a whole.


Back Yourself And Start With The Right Weight

Are you aware that getting complacent while training is the biggest drawback?   Suppose, you are starting with barbell curls, you should learn to push yourself harder in initial reps.

In other words, the one thing you should avoid is becoming complacent and do the same weight day in and day out, session after session.

Also, the initial stages of your training are better suited to test your perseverance and strength.

Simple tips to boost biceps:

  • Start doing not less than 6 to 8 reps of relatively quite heavy sets right after warm-up.
  • Besides, your biceps turn bigger only when you push your boundaries and stretch your limits.


Play With Your Hands At Biceps Training

Pretty simple biceps anatomy can guide you push one head over the other. Furthermore, the long head is found outside the short head.

Therefore, using a grip (inside) on barbell curls enhances its development.

On the contrary, trying a grip that’s relatively outside shoulder width moves the concentration to the shorts.

For instance, you should train 2 sets using a slightly wider and a closer grip instead of doing four sets with exact shoulder grip.


Train Each Head

Not to mention, it’s pretty easy to focus either on short heads or long heads by selecting the best curling movement. Also, a fully exercised muscle offers better contraction.

Some of the effective curling movements:

  • Try cable concentration curls, high cable curls, and preacher curls where the arm lies in the front.
  • Then, curling exercises such as hammer curls, concentration curls, incline dumbbell curls powers the long head and works it out specifically.


Try Isolating Your Muscles

As you make steady progress using different angles, consider performing movements that isolate the muscle.

Preacher and concentration curls where you place your arm against a bench or your inner thigh totally stop your capacity to gather momentum.

Overall, these movements concentrate on using lesser weights and it’s best advised to do these at the end of your bicep workout.


Rip Your Brachialis Muscle

Firstly, this muscle lies below the brachial biceps, and regular underhand-grips will put very little stress on these muscles.

In addition, neutral grips are very effective in strengthening the brachialis which can increase the upper arm thickness.

Furthermore, when you curl with palms facing one another, it puts brachioradialis and long head in action. Finally, the hammer curl helps the transition from upper to lower heads appear seamless.


Forearms Training

Last but not least, completing the biceps training workout with forearms workouts makes sense.

Why? The smaller forearm help on various biceps curls. Since they are smaller muscle family, they need training only at the last.

In case, if you proceed with forearms first, you will soon understand the demerits in just clinging to the bar.

In general, reverse curls train the brachioradialis and brachialis and wrist curls power the lower arms.

Keep in mind, holding a bar and working your wrists exercises the wrist flexors on the forearm.

Meanwhile, while performing reverse wrist curls trains the extensors, the muscles present on the top of your forearm.


Lock Your Elbows

In fact, single-joint movements take up most of the lower-arm or upper arm training, but many lifters convert them into multijoint exercises.

Moreover, this happens only when the individual moves the elbow sidewards during the training session.

Another matter is elbow flexion ensures mobility only in the joint, which requires you to lock your arms by your sides.

What happens when fitness freaks pull their elbows?

While curling a weight and pushing your elbows from your sides is not considered proper and it stops the muscular growth on the biceps.

Therefore, keep your elbows totally locked so that the tension stays intact. Additionally, you may find it difficult to lift the weight high and as long as you are doing good you don’t have to worry too much.

Recovery is important

After you have finished training, remember to set aside some time for recovery. In general, people work out hard in the gym but fail to recover well with proper supplementation, nutrition, and sleep.

In addition, one should eat carbs and proteins adequately. Generally speaking, it’s only in the recovery period that muscles grow and not exactly in the gym.

Finally, if you fail to allocate enough time to recover, then there is every possibility that you might face muscle breakdown, joint pain, and difficulties in the elbow.

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