10 ‘Before-Breakfast’ Habits Of Successful People

Before-Breakfast Habits Of Successful People
Before-Breakfast Habits Of Successful People

Mornings are simply crazy in many households. Besides, magazines teem with infinite stories regarding how to face morning pandemonium and travel through the before-breakfast habits of successful people.

An average American in 30-47 age bracket wakes up at 5:59 am on weekdays. On the other hand, 48-64-year-old wakes up at 5:57 am. You believe or not, people postpone work until 8:00 – 9:00 am.

However, many top Executives and CEOs exploit this pre-9 am time for other important priorities. Before you even touch your breakfast, the world’s most successful people are moving fast towards their advanced life goals.

But, in general, mornings can turn even more joyous and productive. If you really wish to become super successful, then analyze your life and see where you stand.

And on that note, here we discover 10 things the world’s most successful do before breakfast.

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Wake Up Early And Invest In Yourself

According to Vanderkam(public speaker), the most successful people exhibit great control over their lives in early mornings.

They used this time to focus exclusively on their important priorities.  People who were curious about fitness did it early in the morning.

Moreover, most incredibly successful people did things that require self-discipline early in the morning.

For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 am.

Therefore, if you plan to reach for the stars, raise early.


Find A Real Purpose

If you wish to lead a successful day, it should definitely have some purpose. This should include things that go beyond your normal must-do list.

Focus on the ‘X’ factor that really excites and jazzes you up. When you call it a day, it should contain something that makes you feel accomplished.


Express Gratitude Daily

Notably, most successful people start their day by focusing on how happy they have it. They avoid feeding on stressful or terrible feelings.

Positive attitude aids you rightly set the course for the day. In this way, you can enthusiastically and optimistically face the day with fresh mental strength and energy.

As per expert opinion, this kind of intentional display of gratitude gives you a clear vision of your day.

For example- Sebastian Juarez (eTips) confirms with this. Juarez expresses his gratitude for enjoying a great family and a beautiful place to live in. He says,” I focus on simple things that I am truly grateful for”.


Create A Wish List For The Day

Remember, you will find it hard unless you are prepared well in advance. You decide on what is necessary and what’s in store.

By addressing what needs attention, you can brace yourself for a productive and a successful day.

Therefore, starting your day very early aids you remain on track once your regular hectic work schedule kicks in.

In addition, you can create a simple checklist or use apps like Evernote, etc. As and when the set tasks are completed, tick them off so that you know what’s left.


Make Your Own Bed

As per reports, making your own bed daily correlates with productivity. Making the bed does not directly increase productivity but sets the tone for increased motivation and productivity.

Making your own bed only takes a few seconds but it somehow boosts productivity.

To put it differently, people who practice this are likely to own a home, love their jobs, and exercise regularly. Non-bed makers wake up damn tired, skip the gym, rent apartments, and hate their jobs.


Practice Meditation

Super-successful people mostly have ‘Type A’ characteristics. They demand as much from themselves as much they expect from others.

For this reason, extremely successful people de-clutter their minds practicing meditation/yoga or a simple prayer.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, spends 30 minutes of meditation daily. It guides him to handle the busy life of a technocrat. Overall, there are some yoga poses that easily improve the productivity level.


Early Morning Networking

Successful people usually allocate the mornings for close friends and family. By evening, most of you would feel exhausted and would want to unwind before hitting the sack peacefully.

Given these points, many successful hotshots make sure they connect with people early in the day.

Vanderkam (public-speaker) claims some executives use their commute time to prepare must-do- household lists, and weekly plans, etc.


Catch Up Over A Cup Of Coffee

A networking breakfast proves more effective because the mind is fresh and alert in the early mornings.

If you plan to reach home in time for dinner, meeting friends for coffee on the way sounds good. Significantly, you might feel cluttered in the evening after work.


Read Newspaper

Most super-successful people are doing great because they are aware of what is happening around them. This translates into checking social media, blogs, and read the morning newspaper.

David Cush (CEO – Virgin America) reads the newspaper and listens to sports update while exercising on the bicycle.

It does not matter whether you check Twitter or news on your mobile, still, you are on the right track.

As long as you are accustomed to a pre-breakfast habit of skimming the latest headlines, you are progressing well even though you have some crazy habits.

Therefore, anyone can gather their thoughts and greet the day with equanimity and poise.


Clear The Mailbox

Have you got an unread email in your account? For some, clearing the unread emails remains a big achievement.

But many CEOs clear their inbox the first thing of the day. It might just involve scanning your inbox for important emails or write a few.

By concentrating on your emails, you get a lot of time to do important things. For example – Gretchen Rubin (Author- The Happiness Project) mentions that clearing her inbox makes it simpler for her to concentrate.

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