10 Beautiful Belly Dancers Who Melt Every Man’s Heart And Make Women Envious

Beautiful Belly Dancers
Beautiful Belly Dancers

With hypnotizing hips and seducing pelvic moves that can entice any average human being, belly dancers can transport people to a surreal magical world. In general, belly dancers don captivating bedazzled costumes and sway exotically displaying their magnetic moves and charisma. Moreover, while the exact origins of belly dancing still remain unclear, belly dancing is considered as an entertaining art form in many parts.

Take a look at top 10 belly dancers who can melt every men’s heart and make women feel envious.

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Rachel Brice – Sensual Yet Delicate

Country – The United States of America

Rachel Brice, a Portland-based Tribal Fusion Style professional belly dancer came in contact with belly dancing at the age of 16. In fact, she immediately joined Atesh for lessons and made her living by dancing at restaurants.

In 2000, while in college, Rachel learned Odissi Classical, Kathak, Modern Dance, Flamenco, African Haitian, and American Belly Dance. Moreover, she also worked in Ultra Gyspy, America’s first Tribal Dance Troupe.

Later, Miles Copeland, a rock mogul discovered her and Rachel toured with his “Bellydance Superstars” for almost five years.

At present, Rachel takes classes in belly dancing when she is not on tour.


Alla Kushnir - Sultriness in Every Step

Country – Ukraine

With a captivating smile, Alla Kushnir currently holds the title of the most versatile dancer among her contemporaries.

In fact, she received training from world-famous dancers Mahmoud Reda and Tarik Sultan. Moreover, Alla Kushnir belongs to the group of bellydancers from Eastern Europe who rely on passion, vitality, agility and power.

In essence, winner of ‘Miss Bellydance Europe 2008’, Alla Kushnir ’s graceful yet exotic moves makes the audience crave for more.


Amelia Zidane - Her Swaying Hips Don’t Lie

Country – France

Born in Grenoble, France, Amelia Zidane started learning dance and attended theatre against her family wishes.

Known as the sexiest living Oriental belly dancer, Amelia Zidane studied to become a child psychologist but her passion for dance brought her to Paris.

Moreover, Amelia’s cross-cultural belly dance style looks cool and stunning.  Noted more for her energy and creativity,  she dances with almost any props including sword or a python.

For example, Amelia blends different schools of belly dancing and performs anything ranging from classical pieces to burlesque show.

In addition, she became the world’s first bellydancer to feature on Elle and TéléMag magazines front cover.


Amani – Coquetry Unleashed

Country – Lebanon

Angel Nabil Ayoub, born in Lebanon, popularly called “Amani”, is incredibly famous for her belly dancing skills.

Furthermore, in spite of very stiff opposition, Amani pursued belly dancing vigorously. Moreover, since 1989, Amani created her own style of belly dance while distinguishing the Egyptian from the Lebanese.

Especially, an educated dancer, Amani wishes to cleanse Oriental dance of its distorted image and establish a respectable form of dance.

Finally, a pioneer in belly dancing, Amani’s dance performances include a variety of dance forms such as Baladi Oriental and Pharaonic dances.


Lia Verra – Poetry In Motion

Country – Greece

Born in Greece and brought up in Germany, Lia Verra’s tryst with dancing started at a very young age. And, Lia Verra started learning belly dancing from internationally renowned teachers from a very young age.

Moreover, regarded as one of the finest and talented Oriental dancers, Lia Verra’s name and fame have reached far-reaching places.


Sama El Masry - Notoriously Gracious

Country – Egypt

Sama Attia Hadaka or Sama El Masry is a renowned Egyptian Belly Dancer. Not to mention, she started her career in a T.V channel after her graduation from the Arts stream. In addition, Sama El Masry has also acted in films since 2008.

Furthermore, in 2011, Sama El Masry wrote and starred in the movie “Ala Wahda We Nos’.” However, this movie was caught in a controversy for portraying female media workers in a bad light.

As a result, Al-Azhar and the media union called for the movie’s boycott. But, by 2013, she started creating satirical content on Youtube.

Overall, Sama gained widespread notoriety when she released a video supporting Abdel el-Sisi and criticising Barack Obama.


Sadie Marquardt - She’s Got Real Talent

Country – America

A global Bellydance artist, Sadie Marquardt is a known name in 40 countries across the globe.

Born in Wisconsin, America, Sadie Marquardt always remained a sportsperson. In general, she kick-started her career as a gymnast and a swimmer, before diving into belly dancing.

At present, Sadie Marquardt conducts classes as well as performs at various events. Also called as the reigning queen of the solo drum, she has taken the internet by storm with her killer dance videos.

In conclusion, Sadie now lives in Colorado and teaches belly dancing when not travelling.


Syrena Nikole - Oomph!

Country – America

A variety performer, actress, belly dancer, and singer, Syrena Nikole is an international artist.

In particular, Syrena Nikole started dancing at the tender age of three. She performed in various events and Arabian themed shows across New York.

Especially, Syrena’s dance draws on ancient techniques and also on contemporary ones to form her distinct style.

Finally, Syrena Nikole performs with a variety of props including palm candles, feather fans, sword etc.


Maya Maghraby – A Thorough Professional

Country – Egypt

While only a few dancers can even think of coming close to the legendary belly dancers of Egypt, Maya Maghraby oozes talent.

Today, Maya Maghraby performs at some of the most high profile events and functions.

Moreover, Maya cites Samia Gamal as her dancing inspiration and likes performing to songs of Warda.

Furthermore, she insists that wearing right outfits elevates the performance by about 30%. Like Samia Gamal, Maghraby’s global appeal took her to different places ranging from Cambodia to Istanbul.

To sum up, Maya relieves her work pressure by watching cartoons or riding bikes.


Dina - A Pioneer in Belly Dancing

Country – Egypt

Dina Talaat, an Egyptian actress and belly dancer, born in 1965, is a master’s degree holder in Philosophy.

In addition, Dina started her dance career with the dance troupe Reda in the 70s.  Soon she earned a special name for herself in the field of belly dancing.

In fact, Dina created a revolution in belly dancing history by switching over to western costumes like bikini and shorts.

Furthermore, she also performs at private functions and weddings for a hefty sum.

In conclusion, her autobiography, “My Freedom in Dancing” opened to rave reviews and sold well in France.


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