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Top 10 Questions On Fear Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the method of making computers or software to think intelligently like a human being. In other words, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of how to make computers do things which, at the moment, people do better.

The applications of AI are widely exhibited in the field of Games, Human Language perception, Mathematics, Engineering, Science analysis, Medical diagnosis, Financial Analysis, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In simpler terms, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the procedure or process by which human intelligence behavior is mimicked or imitated by a computer system.

It is a well-known fact that human intelligence can not only be complex but also mind-boggling. The main focus in AI is predominantly restricted to problem-solving, reasoning, language understanding and perception.

Alan Turing, the great British mathematician who is considered as a pioneering figure in the scientific circles first initiated and took forward the notion of machine thinking in the early ’50s.

He is famous for developing the “Turing test”, which is nothing but a process to check whether machines have the ability to think and act like humans.

Much later in the mid-’50s, it was John McCarthy who coined the term A.I or Artificial Intelligence.

Even after several decades of refinement and progress, AI is still considered as a niche area of computer programming involving machines, which still continue to baffle the likes of Ray Kurzweil, the top American computer scientist.

Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Though Artificial Intelligence proves to be the greatest advancement in the field of Technology, the fear of Artificial Intelligence is that it mainly replaces human faces and intelligence.

Today artificially intelligent programs deposit checks in the bank, serve food to people, and help employers in making recruitment decisions. These scenarios exhibit super-intelligent machines intellectually replace larger human workforce.

The whole world deals with the growth of artificial intelligence are something that is dominating leading scientists and technologists, some of those worries about the system that it represents a great threat to humanity.

There are many genuine AI Fears. The list of top 10 questions on Fear of Artificial Intelligence that has been raised by many scientists is given below.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Inc, SpaceX, and several other high tech companies recently called Artificial Intelligence is greater threat than nuclear North Korea.

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Will AI Take Over Human Intelligence?

The Leading technologist of Artificial Intelligence says “no” to the above question. Many AI-related companies are ensuring the world to get rid of the fears about Artificial Intelligence.

They tell that a technology which is still under development is not going to make a human being in danger.

But, however, Growth of computing and robotic technologies are going to lead to the replacement of many jobs currently done by humans without any doubt.

The systems that AI scientists come up with will mainly be used to furthermore upgrade the wealthy persons and to establish powerful persons to be more powerful.

It is difficult to analyze the reasons for replacing people with machines which are not based on available technology. The main factor is actually the business needs and the social impacts and working of people in particular markets.

We should think of doing two things. First, we should make sure that people are given the opportunity to do meaningful projects even in a company in which many jobs are being done by robotic machines.

The idea is that the machines should not ruin the opportunities and capabilities of the human race

Second, we should protect vulnerable persons such as aged people, children, and prisoners in our society from the bad treatment of machines instead of taking care of human beings.

We should not introduce aged people to the machines for taking care in the place of humans. This leads to dangerous situations.


Does Education Support The Study Of AI?

In the next five to ten years we shall see machine learning systems communicate with humans in the form of robotics.

This is a great challenge that one has to complete the research of many thousands of robotics over the past decades. Artificial intelligence will become the operating system of all software devices.

As we interact with our smartphones, cars, frides, etc., we also interact with Artificial Intelligence machine.

Now our education system explains how to build Artificial Intelligence, the creation of robotics, the algorithm supported to build AI.

Imagine if the future world is surrounded by full of machines and robots, the next generation of people should have enough knowledge to live in such an environment. The fields of research technologies do not support such things.

Education may help to understand the separation between creation and destruction. But our present education system does not teach the students how to avoid bad artificial intelligent creations and practices.

Our education system should be altered to educate the students about the hazards to be created by artificial intelligence.


Do AI Creators Know Solutions For Problems Created By Them?

Artificial intelligence exists today in business applications, offering excessive benefits to the organizations using these systems. It exists in almost many platforms we use on a day to day basis.

At present, machines are not much clever than a human being. But companies are routinely working to make the machines better and to be on a higher level.

We need to execute a particular plan in order to monitor AI machines. But the plan is not ready to be executed.

When computers are created, not even the Technologists know that it will become essential equipment in hospitals. The computer that is being coded in the way that it instructs the patients in the place of Doctor.

But the code is not well-formatted and can be hacked and altered by any intruders.

The world is continuously influenced by computer technology and its advancement, there will be more codes to be dealt with the machine by the human being.

Artificial Intelligence machines write the code by itself without the intervention of human. It is very difficult to find the problem and fix the bug for the machine-generated code.


Is The Control Of Artificial Intelligence Machines Still In The Hands Of Human

Though the creators develop highly intelligent machines than human, the control of operations will be handed over to the human only.

But the question is how far humans can control the machines. The answer is yes if it is working in the coded domain. The machine can’t work if we expect it to work beyond the specialized domain.

At present, humans develop the algorithm, code to the machines in order to work. The machine control is in the hands of a human.

In the future, the theorists believe that the Super Intelligence Machine is going to be invented with the advancement in technology. They can create their own algorithm, codings, etc.

Artificial Intelligence creators do not give any assurance that humans can control machines at all times.


Is Criminal Offence High In AI?

IT industries have grown up beyond the imaginary level in the past decades. But still, the theorists of industry could not eradicate the crime occurs.

There is a cyber-crime department to solve the problems created by malicious intruders. Computers security is still under development.

In the same way, there is a greater chance of crime with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. For example, If a man tells the robot about the voter proof and the polling booth, the robot can directly go and put a vote instead of a man.

This is a very big issue and no cops can arrest the robots for such a criminal case. So many masking software’s are available in the market to get confidential information from the customers.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to create false voice patterns, the intrusion of virus, etc by the criminals. The advanced system is a dual-use technology, like nuclear fission. At advanced levels, this will be even more dangerous than nuclear fission.


Where Does The Value Of Labor And Skills Go?

The ratio of four men to one machine is assumed by all the companies now. The computers can do all the tasks done by skilled humans by implementing AI through deep learners of the technology. This is a great loss to mankind.

The use of this technology in the field of the military has increased now. A man working in the military can shift to a few higher-value jobs than serving one’s nation on the battlefield.

Like this everyone can find an alternative and meaningful job in all other fields. The real fact is that a single robot can do work of much human force but not as wise as human. Thus the companies grow economically.

The idea that the companies follow is the manual work can be automated by the machines which definitely affect the trained graduates for a particular job.

The machine can finish the work faster than the human being. But the thinking ability is higher in human when compared to machines

The AI creators are convincing that no fear of Artificial Intelligence. But the truth is many workers lost their job due to the development of AI.

Now the humans control the machine and its activities. But in the future, an Artificial Intelligence company believes that the machine can run on its own with the programs created by humans.

They do not need human to control the machines. The developments of this system will definitely go to ruin the employment of so many individuals in the future.


How Will The Relation Between Man And Machine Be In The Future?

People are now addicted to social media such as twitter, facebook, etc. that they share all the ideas and personal issues in the media.

Humans lost their happiness by spending time with games, television, the internet, etc. Their physical activities also got reduced due to advances in technology.

We can see the people spending lots and lots of time by using smartphones instead of spending time with family.

But Artificial Intelligence is different. It will make the users depend totally on the machine as it can be implemented in the field of education, healthcare, entertainment, finance, etc.

Man will trust to the machine and relies on the only machine-generated results. He will lose his decision making and interaction capability too while implemented in finance.

It is totally dangerous if the machine decides the health condition of the man. At last, man does not know whom to trust and how to trust. This is one of the major fear dynamics between machine and man.


Will The AI Follow Rules, Ethics, And Industry Standards?

In one sense, Artificial Intelligence is making our lives more technology-oriented and comfortable. With the increasing use of this technology, ethical issues are also rising.

The social authority wants technology to be implemented in an ethical manner.

Some companies say that they have incorporated the ethical rules for the practice of AI technology. The details of the person who manages and maintains such ethical standards are not revealed.

The System should provide human values which also differ a lot on other levels, depending on the where and who.

Things such as good and bad, valuable or less valuable are highly related to ethnic systems, philosophical and cultural backgrounds, personal issues, political view, the list goes on and on.

The ethics are not considered when the calculators, iPod, and video games were invented.

But it should be considered for an Artificial Intelligence system. As this system makes serious decisions like human beings, we need to hold it to moral standards and laws like humans.

Otherwise, we risk building a future with this system.

The companies have to certify the machine will be safe for future use. But at present, there are no common industry standards and approaches. AI experts should develop a safeguard and secure product.

There is plenty of good perspective on AI and robotics. But we should see the dangers also. Artificial Intelligence should develop a product that benefits many, not the few people.

Artificial Intelligence R&D center should be open and make it responsible to handle the issues and manage social issues.

Creators of AI should develop best practices to minimize risks in the products and maximize the benefits to the consumers.


Is AI Goal Oriented In Spite Of The Fault Occurrence?

The real fact is that Artificial Intelligence cannot complete even a simple work without the help of humans. Human should provide the instruction or code to the machine to accomplish a particular task.

We cannot call technology is Super Intelligent because it cannot find a solution for a single task on its own. If the AI creator says that they have created super-intelligent machines, they are false.

Artificial Intelligence cannot able to differentiate between good and bad. Before machine learning, human analyzed and understood the data, draw the patterns, and wrote a step by step algorithm for the computer to use it.

Now the human feed a large number of data points, the system itself draws the patterns and then write the algorithm for itself.

A human worker when doing some task he uses his own skills and experiences to solve the task in safe ways. However, This cannot be expected from the machines.

If the human workers program the robot to do certain work, it will do only those works. It is goal-oriented. If something happened in between it cannot solve it. Rather it would focus on only its work.


Are Effects In Real Life Different From Media Representation Of AI?

An Artificial Intelligence creator always tells of being fearless. They do not reveal the truth that Artificial Intelligence can fail in the future. The human-generated programs do not generate the expected result always.

The companies will not accept this fact. If the machine starts writing a program by itself, the human cannot control the machine and gets confused.

Artificial Intelligence researchers argue that the system has many benefits to offer, especially supporting human beings in decision making and to attain scientific goals that are currently not achieved.

The project that investigates how brains work by trying to build machines can be developed.

The system that is going to be developed in the future is not guaranteed with safety measures. A very good example is the US militaries goal is to focus on nuclear power plants in Iran and the Israeli developed Stuxnet virus.

But this virus infected a power plant in Russia. An Artificial Intelligence machine can easily inject the virus into another system.

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