Top 10 Facts About Arranged Marriages

Arranged Marriages

Time is ticking without end and all you wish to do is settle down and begin another part in life. So in the wake of getting things settled soon, current-day youngsters try to give it a shot.

When the world is fast-moving, globalization is in the air, in rural areas, many families in many cultures are still stuck up with the concept of Arranged marriage.

In many cultures, this concept of arranged marriage might sound regressive but truly has a lot of benefits and sensitivity in it.

In a nation like India, where this sort of marriage is more similar to a standard by societal models, it is not astounding to see today’s men and ladies giving it a shot.

Interestingly, a developed nation, the United States still allows child marriage. According to statistics, around 2,07,000 American minors got married between the year 2000 and 2015.

Although child marriage is quite common in countries like India, in the United States, still around 27 states do not propose any minimum age for marriage.

Despite the fact that it has both advantages and disadvantages, here are a few reasons, why we should go for arranged marriages.

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It Is New Every Day After Day

Marrying someone who is unknown, or marrying someone (a prospective partner) whom you knew just for a little while may look seemingly scary but will also be energizingly exciting.  The thrill, appeal, and mystery of going through your existence with someone new won’t wear off at any point in the near future.

Everything is new to you… the way of life, the family, your spouse companions. So, there is no space for a feeling of lack of concern, you generally need to know more, enjoy progressively and you practically can’t get enough of each other!

Interestingly, arranged marriages in India tend to carry their own benefits such as social compatibility. In addition, arranged marriages in India are a staggering 90% of all total marriages.

Every day, you’ll learn new things about the spouse, disentangling a hundred stories, and gaining a thousand experiences to keep going for a lifetime. What’s more, what can be more sentimental than falling increasingly enamored with your accomplice every day?

In fact, both men and women view marriage from a different perspective. A quick study reveals how men and women go into marriage.

For instance, men enter wedlock for women while women marry for the sake of getting married. In most of these arranged marriages, marriage arrangers play a crucial role.


It’s A Family Affair

Marriages are generally the union of two families. In arranged marriages, it is generally two families coming together and everyone in the family has a stake in your successful marriage life.

In reality, there are two different types of marriages. Religious and civil marriage and they employ an ideal combination of both these types of marriages.

When things get way beyond control or even challenging, in your married life, you always do have the option of asking some suggestions from the experienced, or even a shoulder to cry.

And again, the interesting fun is your family loves you would-be – husband/would-be – wife. It is because they selected your spouse.

So, it’s not too much necessary for you to make your life partner comfortable with your family. But, your family members would make sure that your life partner is comfortable with them. Less chaotic, than love marriage, right?


Good Bye To Dating And Meeting Pressures

Love marriages happen after a series of dating and meeting, sometimes, unknown your parents and you might end up lying to them you’re whereabouts. Initially, the Bride and groom in love marriages often select each other and then proceed further.

In the case of arranged marriages, your family arranges meetings and let you freely go and meet your spouse to be, before marriage. They even would give you privacy for your phone calls!

However, in forced marriages, the victim is usually the bride mostly below the age of 18. The main point is when forced marriages do happen, countless laws are broken.


Commitment Matters

Considering the way that two individuals have deliberately consented to wed in view of a genuinely thorough assessment, there is a propensity to acknowledge the accomplice for their identity.

Responsibility to the marriage is a key preferred standpoint that adds to the accomplishment of orchestrated relational unions. Couples in an arranged marriage, work mostly on a matured understanding.

During their meetings and talks before the wedding, they try to work out on the differences and remain themselves, needless to impress the other with a face mask.

Thus, they try to understand and respect the difference and appreciate their common likes and dislikes. What more is needed for a relationship more than accepting the other person’s difference and appreciate it?


You Get Support From Extended Families

If you both fight, settling the tiffs and those little battles are going to be no huge burden upon you. As the entire family attempts to make your marriage work and goes about as a consistent emotionally supportive network.

Here and there, it is the general population around us who can have a significant effect by giving us motivations to not give up on the bond of marriage! So, in most of the cases, a successful and happy marriage is ensured.


Satisfied Parents And Merry Kids

Your parents know how you were brought up and what status would be safe for you. In arranged marriages, financial security assumes an imperative part.

The spouse in all arranged marriage would possibly deal with every one of the necessities and prerequisites.

Each family needs their child to be a piece of a good un-indebted family, right? With regards to financial status, arranged marriages have one noteworthy favorable position over love marriages.

They promise some sort of money related support at each phase of your life after marriage.

Above all else, marriage costs are borne by parents (for the most part the Lady of the hour’s folks) and at each real point of reference, for example, childbirth, house warming and so forth, you will have a lot of relatives to bankroll your costs.

At the point when things wind up noticeably troublesome, you will have the choice of connecting for assistances.


It is the Bond of Love

While physical attraction may bloom instantly or later, and again, eventually may die out before realization.

What is worth is that you get initiated into the relationship with a bond of friendship that slowly nurtures itself and transforms into love and more than imagination, these roots deeper than the deepest and stays strong.

The thought is we should not leave our love lives to risk. We plan for a proper education, career and professional descriptions so keenly yet we’re as yet awkward with the possibility that we ought to plan for our lives.

When this idea comes, we would definitely need a rationale thinking family to share and plan for our lives


An Interesting Team

Lively! Any family needs to be lively. Just to earn the perks of affection and love in the form of a hug or cuddle, you might attempt to do things that you would not have done earlier.

Practicing and cooking his favorite cuisines which you would never have liked earlier but now doing this just to taste the appreciation given, watching the Jimmy kernel shows along with him, sharing the piece of laughter, and nothing to stop your regular PS4 gaming nights . . . all these are fossilized as memories to cherish for life long.

And, seeing your intimacy and liveliness, your in-laws boast a lot about you and might even pamper you like their own kid. Wow, that is indeed a priceless joy you know, getting pampered in your late 20’s and it continues forever!


Parents Planned Honeymoons!

Every human being would have a dream boy or dream girl – the supposedly perfect person to be the partner.

Having brought you up for almost two and a half decades, your parents know, your tastes and expectations of your dream partner.

So, having all the above said main points in mind, they also tend to hunt for a perfect match, not only to their eyes but to your eyes also.

In the case of love marriages, you may have the fall back of family bonding or financial security or many other things but will be left only with a worn-out dream partner.

In arranged marriages, your elders in the family, ensure that you get everything that you desired and deserved through the marriages.

Parents planned honeymoons!

Honeymoon! It is really fun and frolic and exciting, when the whole family of the husband and the wife, plans for greater destinations, just for the couple and gives them a long private duration.

Both families tend to take off your responsibilities for a while and let you enjoy a lovely period of honeymoon most often to the places of your choices!

What more!! You get to see places with your loved one, more privacy, and more intimacy – If you know what I mean.


The Finale

Let us remember ourselves that arranged marriages are also honed in western cultures, particularly among sovereignty and the Royal, aristocrat classes.

You might know that the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer was an arranged and planned the wedding since Queen Elizabeth had most likely screened a few ladies and surveyed their capability to be the spouse of Prince Charles.

Decades before that, King Edward needed to abandon his position of authority since he wedded a separated American common girl. So, It is not just the eastern countries but also the western countries practice arranged marriages.

So, there are all these amazing perks that one can enjoy in an arranged marriage.

The most persuading reason that demonstrates arranged marriages is always better than love marriages would be Statistics! Much of the time, couples who had an arranged marriage are even more understanding of each other.

The success of arranged marriages is that matchmaking is objective in terms of guaranteeing that the groom and the bride are well-matched in social standing, economic and are compatible with each other.

Constantly, individuals experiencing passionate feelings for similar ones happen to pick love with a comparative identity, background, and state of mind!

Points to Ponder

  • In the Middle East, the concept of child marriage is still prevalent even today. Also, cousin marriages are also advocated in the Middle East.
  • Is the divorce rate in the United States increasing? A couple of years ago the divorce rate in America plummeted for a consecutive third year touching 40%.
  • As per reports, the Maldives with around 10.97 divorces every year is the country with the highest divorce rate.

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