Do You Know How These 10 Amazing ‘100-Years-Old’ Waited 36,500 Days To Create History?

100 Years Old Who Made History
100 Years Old Who Made History

As a matter of fact, how many people can stay popular after 100 years? Moreover, how many creative “geniuses” will be remembered by your great-great-grandchildren?

However, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber may dominate the headlines today, but after few years they may hit footnotes. In other words, the genuine legends may range from known to less obvious.

Prodigious performance, outstanding leadership, and exceptional creativity are the hallmarks of a genius.

Without delay, let’s unearth and clap for 10 Amazing 100-year-olds who made history.

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Jeanne Calment – 122 years on Earth (No Need to Pinch Yourself)

DOB – 21st February 1875
Died – 4th August 1997
Years Lived – 122

  • Jeanne Calment, born (1875-1997), was a French citizen who lived until the ripe old age of 122 years.
  • In addition, she grew up and spent her entire life in Arles, outliving both her grandson and daughter by countless years.
  • Clement became famous when she met reporters in 1988 on the occasion of Van Gogh’s centenary celebration.
  • Moreover, Clement, 114, appeared in the 1990 movie “Vincent and Me”. Therefore, she became the world’s oldest actress to act in a movie.
  • Overall, when Clement touched the age of 120 years, she received the Guinness certificate for the “Oldest person ever”.
  • Finally, she passed away in August 1997.


Bo Gilbert – Meet the Chic 100-Year-Old Model

DOB – 12th January 1916
Current Age – 101

  • Unbelievably, Bo Gilbert created a fashion record by becoming the World’s first centenarian model to feature in “Vogue” magazine.
  • Moreover, Bo Gilbert looks svelte and chic for her age.
  • Furthermore, Bo Gilbert, who currently lives in Alcester, Warwickshire, was handpicked by Harvey Nichols to celebrate Vogue’s 100th  anniversary in 2016.
  • In reality, Bo Gilbert never goes out anywhere without her makeup or heels.
  • However, a casting agent spotted her in “The Evesham Journal”, a local newspaper.
  • Then, as they say, rest is history.
  • In addition, the photo shoot was shot by Britain’s popular fashion craftsmen Phil Poynter. The photos appeared in the May 2016 issue.
  • Overall, the 100-year-old model, Bo Gilbert was born in South Wales’s Aberdare. She previously worked in Birmingham in a cardboard production company.



Ruthie Thompson – The Oldest Living Animator

DOB – 22nd July 1910
Current Age – 107

  • American born Ruthie Thompson, known for her creative genius, was born on 22nd July 1910. Not to mention, she became famous for her skills at Walt Disney.
  • Interestingly, Thompson’s family lived near Walt Disney’s uncle’s house Robert Disney before she started working at Walt Disney.
  • Moreover, Walt Disney remembered Ruthie and offered her a job. She started with Disney’s 1937 movie“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.
  • Later, Ruthie Thompson entered the prestigious International Photographers Union.
  • Finally, she retired from the Disney in 1975 after putting in more than 40 years of service.
  • As per 2016 reports, she works in a local television channel. She’s also the world’s oldest member of the famous “Women in Animation”.


Toko Shinoda - The Women Who Married Her Work

DOB – 28th March 1913
Current Age – 104

  • Born 28th March 1913, Toko Shinoda is popular Japanese artist who works with prints and Sumi ink printings. In addition, her art blends modern abstract expressionism with old traditional calligraphy.
  • Moreover, her 1983 Time magazine interview cemented her position as the living female Picasso of our times.
  • Coming from an artistic family, Toko held her first exhibition in 1936. Later in 1945, she started producing fresh abstract works.
  • Additionally, Shinoda travelled throughout America from the year 1956 – 1958. As a result, Shinoda came in touch with popular artists such as Jackson Pollock.
  • During her American sojourn, she earned a good reputation and many of her works were bought by wealthy Americans.
  • After all, Toko Shinoda now lives in Japan and she celebrated her 100th birthday in 2013.


Olivia De Havilland - “Still” with the Wind

DOB – 1st July 1916

Current Age – 102

  • Born 1st July 1916, Olivia De Havilland, the British actress became famous as Melanie in the epic “Gone with the Wind”.
  • In brief, born in Japan, Olivia’s family moved to California in 1919.
  • Olivia’s acting debut started with the play “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • She made her movie debut with “A Midsummer’s Night Dream (1935)”.
  • Uniquely, her natural charm and refined acting talent made her popular in historical period movies.
  • Moreover, she won Oscar for her roles in the movie The Heiress and To Each His Own.
  • Her career spanned over five decades starting from 1935-1988.
  • In 2008, she received America’s top honour for artists- National Medal of Arts from President George W. Bush.
  • Furthermore, the French government presented her with Legion of Honor in 2010.
  • Finally, she became the oldest women to receive “Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire” in 2017


Kirk Douglas - The Acting Dynamite

DOB – 6th December 1916
Current Age – 101

  • Of course, like British drama queen Olivia de Havilland, Golden Age actor Kirk Douglas is happily perking at 101.
  • On the contrary, he successfully survived a fatal accident in 1991 and a near-fatal medical scare in 1998.
  • Born on 6th Dec 1916, Kirk Douglas was the son of Jewish-Russian immigrants. Moreover, he made his film debut in 1946 “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers”.
  • Later, he soon turned into one of the bankable stars in the 50s and 60s.
  • Furthermore, Kirk Douglas starred in over 90 movies and is famous for his fiery acting technique.
  • Kirk Douglas has received various awards for philanthropic activities as well. Currently, he lives with Anne Buydens (second wife).
  • Finally, Kirk reached 100 years in 2016.


Helene Bertha Leni Riefenstahl – I ‘Adored’ Adolf

DOB – 22nd August 1902
Died – 8th September 2003
Years Lived – 101

  • Helene Bertha was a versatile German dancer, actress, screenwriter, producer, and dancer etc.
  • Born in 1902, she and her brother Heinz grew up in erstwhile
  • Moreover, a brilliant artist and swimmer, she later became a talented dancer performing throughout Europe.
  • However, she entered movies and became an actor and then moved into directing.
  • Significantly, Leni became quite involved with Adolf Hitler during the making of Nazi films.
  • Notably, Leni was considered by many as one of the last members of Hitler’s inner circle until she passed away in 2003.
  • In a word, Leni denied any knowledge about the Holocaust and her 1987 autobiography “Memoiren” received widespread success.


George Burns – The Cigar Man

DOB – 20th January 1896

Died – 9th March 1996

Years Lived – 100

  • George Burns, the legendary American writer, singer, actor, belonged to a special group of actors.
  • Moreover, he belonged to a selected group of entertainers whose career path traversed through vaudeville to the TV.
  • Especially, his cigar-smoke dialogue delivery and arched eyebrow became popular for over 75 years.
  • Not to mention, Burns and his wife Gracie appeared on a very popular TV Show, Burns and Allen.
  • Furthermore, in 1975, at the age of 79, Burns won an Oscar for the movie “The Sunshine Boys”.
  • Finally, he continued acting till he passed away at the age of 100 in 1996.


Queen Elizabeth (Royal Queen Mother) - ‘The Woman’ Feared By Adolf Hitler

DOB – 4th August 1900
Died – 30th March 2002
Years Lived – 101

  • Elizabeth Angela Marguerite (1900-2002) was the royal mother of the current Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Moreover, she gained prominence in 1923 after she married King George VI.
  • In the first place, she became the last ruling Empress of India.
  • Surprisingly, in 1936, King George VI became king and she eventually became queen after Edward VIII abdicated his right to the throne.
  • Notably, Adolf Hitler, during the Second World War considered her as “Europe’s most dangerous woman”.
  • Finally, she continued an excellent public rapport until her death in 2002 at the age of 101.


Bob Hope – The Unequalled Comedian

DOB – 29th May 1903
Died – 27th July 2003
Years Lived – 100

  • Bob Hope was an unparalleled American actor, author, dancer, singer, and comedian.
  • Uniquely, with a remarkable career that spanned 80 years, Bob acted in around 70 feature and short films.
  • Moreover, Bob hosted the Academy awards for a record-breaking 19 times.
  • In fact, 1938 “Thanks for the Memory” song catapulted Bob to the height of stardom.
  • Especially, he received widespread fame for his one-liners, comedy timing, and rapid-fire jokes.
  • Above all, the U.S government declared him as the Armed Forces ‘honorary’ veteran.
  • In a nutshell, Bob Hope revolutionized the entertainment industry with his antics and finally passed away at age 100.

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