Harry Styles Facts
Harry Styles Facts
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10 Harry Styles Facts That Even A Diehard Fan Doesn’t Know

Harry Styles has become a popular face since his band “One Direction” gained prominence since 2011. Widely known for his impeccable style statement and lovely long locks, Harry Styles has managed to capture millions of hearts around the around. In this article, we have presented some 10 fascinating One Direction star Harry Styles facts.

1. So, Did You Notice Harry At The W.Mandeville Bakery?

Firstly, Harry Edward Styles, born on 1st February 1994, attended the famous “Holmes Chapel Comprehensive” in Cheshire, England. As a matter of fact, he along with three other schoolmates was part of a musical band called as “White Eskimo”.

Well, “White Eskimo’s” lead singer Harry Styles also worked part-time at a bakery in Holmes. So, do you now want to get a happy bite to eat?

2. My Bounces Are Natural. Keep Your Hands Off Me!




Louise Teasdale, Harry Styles stylist, once stated in an interview that maintaining a hair like that needs more effort and time. Also, she mentioned,”He literally wakes up in that way and at times I see him only just before the shoot.”

Another interesting fact, Louise revealed that she uses Batiste dry shampoo, Bumble Surf Play, and Bumble on Harry’s hair. In fact, Harry Styles used to maintain a straight hair before he gained with his band, One Direction.

3. Harry Styles Loves Going Full Monty!!!




Generally speaking, Harry Styles has posted a lot of insane moments in the last few years. All of a sudden, Matt Selley, Harry’s cousin posted a weird picture of Harry. In that picture, Harry appears to be sitting nude but in reality, he was wearing underwear.

Not to mention, Harry Styles was covering his private area with his hand. Moreover, Harry Styles did pay a hefty fine for roaming naked in Sweden on a private visit.

 4. Stevie Nicks, My Dear




One of his close friends is Stevie Nicks and he brought her on the public stage at his first concert in Los Angeles. He did also bake her a delightful nice looking carrot cake.

Both of them sang “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and at the end, Harry had a teary moment. Also, in 2018, Styles shared the stage not only with her but with the rest of ‘Mac’ band at the MusiCares event ceremony.

5. Too Many GFs But Still Counting




In the past, Harry Styles has been discreetly linked to different women ranging from model Emma Ostilly, singer Lily Halpern, and Caroline Flack.

Moreover, he loves watching crazy love stories and his favourite movies include The Notebook, Titanic, and Love Actually.

6. Harry Styles Biggest Turn Off




His biggest turn-off, of course, in a girl, includes swearing. Harry says he will date someone only if they get along with his friends and family. He even hates girls who smoke.

Once in an interview, Harry joked that if all the members of One Direction fall for the same girl, he would fight and win her heart.

7. Tattoo Man Harry !!!

Harry has got at least 50 tattoos and, let’s take a look at some of them. On his left arm, he has got, Can I stay?, a pirate ship, Blackheart etc.

Interestingly, he has got ‘Dance Again and Never Gonna’ on the left and right feet respectively.

8. I’m Not An Exception




In fact, Harry suffers from two well-known disorders. One is fear of snakes called Ophidiophobia and the other is sleeptalking or somniloquy.

9. How To impress Harry Styles?

Is it a million dollar question? No, not at all. So, you have decided to date, Harry? And then you should be on your most well-mannered behaviour since he dislikes squealing and swearing at all cost.

10. Pole Dancer Harry Styles

In an interview, Harry Styles mentioned that he loved to pole dance when he was in school. Well, can someone tweet the picture Harry was talking about?