Future Mobiles In 2050
Future Mobiles In 2050
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Can You Visualize The Future Mobiles – In 2050?

To be precise, 2050 looks not too far from now. However, making predictions about future still remains a dicey business. No matter what, quick advancing mobile technology will definitely continue much more rapidly. On the other hand, you can expect unobtrusive and discreet information overlays and technological advances to dictate future mobiles.

In other words, we are eager to know how much will mobile technology advance? Some industry experts forecast that in future mobile phones will control our lives.

But you can expect one thing for sure- the future technological explosion looks like an unimaginable roller-coaster ride.

So, you can’t wait for 2050? Are you searching for a futuristic mobile right now? Let us dream for a while and try to foresee what 2050 holds for us.

1. Future Mobiles Technology – What You Can Expect?

Eco-friendly Mobile Phones

Nowadays, many mobile manufacturers are looking to offer more eco-friendly gadgets. As a result, you can expect mobile phones with renewable energy and bio-degradable mechanism.

♥ Solar powered mobile phones


  • A leading electronics company recently unveiled a solar-powered mobile. This phone caters to the public who work outdoors and for anyone who lives far away from human settlement. They also include skiers and campers too.
  • The company claims that 180 seconds of sunshine will give users enough power for a 60-second phone call. Therefore, this phone offers emergency charging facility for those stuck in dire situations.
  • By 2050, you can expect manufacturers to build mobile phones that function using the energy present in the atmosphere.

♥ Kinetic – energy powered mobile technology


  • In the first place, another renewable energy concept involves mechanical mobile technology. Keep in mind, the mechanically charged mobile will completely power using kinetic energy.
  • The concept behind this technology suggests you just spin the phone round like a keychain. Consequently, you charge the mobile with simple rotations. The main benefit of this technology other than being eco-friendly includes 24/7 anytime free charge.
  • Overall, we expect this concept to take a definite shape well before 2050.

2. Foldable Display Mobiles

At present, people are now using phones with laser-precision curved edges. Moreover, you can hope for a betterment in this aspect over the next three decades.

Will you see a mobile with foldable technology by 2050? We hope so. However, many mobile companies are working round the clock to create phones with foldable displays.

♥ Samsung’s – Galaxy Round Mobile


Similarly, Samsung came closest to the foldable display concept with the Galaxy Round mobile phone. Besides, this mobile featured simple curved display.

♥ Nokia’s – The Morph Mobile


  • To put it another way, Nokia’s The Morph Mobile promised users to offer a unique user experience.
  • Tapani Tyhanen designed “The Morph Mobile” elegantly fits into your pocket.
  • Furthermore, you can snap the mobile or position additional modules to alter your mobile experience.
  • Additionally, The Morph can transform into a flat screen for watching entertainment. This phone can also morph into a GPS enabled bracelet-type phone too.

3. Holographic Display and 3D Mobiles


  • From Ironman to Star Wars, the holographic display remains a part of futuristic and sci-fi movies. Holographic mobiles can become a reality by 2050. On the other hand, researchers from Canada’s Queen’s University showcased a HoloFlex
  • As the name reads, the HoloFlex features both flexible and holographic displays allowing 3D display from various angles.
  • The HoloFlex touted as the first universal holographic smartphone will not hit the market anytime soon.

4. Interactive Mobiles

From checking facebook to setting alarms, we wake up with the mobile and lay them down only when we sleep. When the mobile technology becomes even more interactive, we will become more attached.

Therefore, have you thought about a mobile you can interact 24/7?

♥ Modai – The Interactive Friend

  • For example- New York-based Julia Tarng designed a smartphone that learns from humans and adapts suitably.
  • Tarng named the concept mobile as “Modai”. Moreover, the mobile will know when you are playing and when you are working.
  • On the other hand, it automatically adjusts the display accordingly to show the relevant information present at that time.
  • Overall, the Modai gathers more details about you and will even try fixing your not-so-good habits.