Body Functions During Sleep
Body Functions During Sleep

What Happens To Our Body Functions During Sleep? 10 Interesting Sleep Insights

Sleep, a delightful word, it is not? It creates a sense of relief, relaxation, dreams, and happiness. But, while you are busy dozing, your body functions during sleep, releasing hormones for different purposes.
However, don’t panic, they are working good. Besides, you may never be the same after reading this article.

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Sleep Paralysis


This is a temporary condition experienced by a person either after falling asleep or when suddenly getting awake. The muscles paralyze during either of these two stages where a person is unable to move, speak or respond. This stage happens between wakefulness and sleep.

Rapid Eye Movements (REM) Sleep Cycle


According to researchers, REM sleep cycle normally covers 20–25% of our overall sleep time i.e. about 90–120 minutes of our night sleep. During REM sleep, our eyes move quickly from side to side. No scientific reason has been found until now, for such action.

The first REM sleep phase will come after 90-120 min from our sleep start time. The ultimate REM sleep phase usually happens when you are close to morning time.

Generation of Human Growth Hormones


Human growth hormone will regenerate our muscles, bone and other tissues. Human growth hormone is generated during the deepest stage of sleep due to the low blood glucose levels in our body during sleep, which is one of the key reasons.

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Higher Collagen Production in the Skin


The growth hormone also induces the production of collagen once the fat cells in our body begin releasing the stored energy. Collagen is a protein that gives the elasticity strength of our skin.

Narrowing of Throat


While you are asleep, the pace of your breathing changes and the throat naturally contracts a little when your muscles relax. Narrowing of the throat is one of the reasons that induce noisy snoring in some people.

Drop-in Body Temperature


Once we start to sleep, our body temperature will dip a bit from the normal level. As a result, there is a lesser energy release from our body.

Lowering of Blood Pressure Levels


Right from the time we start to sleep, the blood pressure level will lessen since our body does not require to pump out much blood. This is also crucial for the cardiac muscles and the circulatory system in our body need to relax and rejuvenate.

Limited Functioning of Kidneys


Kidneys usually filter toxins out of the bloodstream and push it out through urine. Once a person starts sleeping, the kidney decreases its filtering activity and either no or less urine is produced.

Dreaming Crazy Stories


A person might suddenly awaken after a dream and just confusedly wonder whether it is real or why the mind created such a dream. Despite various researches done to decipher the cause for a dream to occur and what dreams are, yet there are no answers to these questions.

Sleep Talk


Talking while sleeping is a habit notable amongst adult males and This could occur at any stage of your sleep. The causes for this habit could be either due to stress or depression or sleep apnea.