Daily Acts Of Kindness
Daily Acts Of Kindness

10 Daily Acts Of Kindness That Costs You Zero Dollars

Are your keen to know about daily acts of kindness that cost you zero dollars? One small gesture can really turn someone’s day into a feel-good memorable experience.

For example, small gestures like paying for a stranger’s meal, a compliment, and a smile works wonder. In fact, the man wearing blue blazers may be fighting a court case, and the cute woman in the shop may have broken up with her BF.

Sometimes that precious little gesture of turning someone’s day cheerful is all you want. Wasting no time further, let’s unravel and learn some simple daily acts of kindness.

1. Play Cupid (Sounds cool right?)

So, you know two friends who are made for each other but are hesitating to break the ice. You better arrange a meeting between the two of them and watch how it unfolds naturally.

Another helpful hint, do not inform them that you wish to see them both together. And embarrassingly, don’t watch them. In general, you just introduce them and if possible sprinkle a common topic that they share.

Finally, at their wedding, you can boast by saying,” Told you so!”

2. Say “Thank You” Time and Again

Yes, every person on this Earth is ordained to do some job or the other. In reality, a little thanks can turn a pretty ordinary day special.

In other words, a simple but timely thanks can mean a lot to the supermarket cashier, the bus conductor, and the postman. So, start this kind act right now.

3. Offer Your Seat on the Metro




So, did you catch a stranger struggling with laundry bags or groceries? You just offer them your seat and catch the bewitching smile on their lovely face.

Take my word, it will make a big difference in the best possible manner to jolt up your heels.

4. Stop Judging People

Criticizing and judging someone endlessly can be very bad for the person at the receiving end. In all honesty, life is very tedious as it is.

Therefore, when you can make someone smile with little effort then why rake up negativity?

5. Use Your Mobile Judiciously

It’s pretty rude when someone near and dear wishes to strike a heart-to-heart open talk, only to be dismissed with a sarcastic grin. Why can’t you ditch your phone?

You start a cute ‘sweet nothings’ conversation with your surroundings and loved ones.

6. Donate your leftovers to a Needy




In case, if you live and work in a big city; you might bump into someone who’s not that much well off like you. Sharing your pizza and the spaghetti meal with them will quench their hunger for a night.

Isn’t it way more gratifying than donating to an orphanage?

7. Move and make room




Does it mean anything to stand in an awkward manner so that people behind you find it difficult? Not to mention, the only reward for this action is small acts.

Therefore, if creating unhappiness is your forte, then very well proceed. Alternatively, you better make room for others and spread kindness.

8. Pick up trash, even when it does not belong to you




Did you catch that floating plastic bottle? What are you waiting for? Just pick it up and dispose of safely.

Really. It works.

9. Compliment Yourself!

Remember, the origin of love that you share starts from the inside. The first and foremost you can do is to love yourself, truly, madly, and deeply.

10. Drop a good book in one of the most unsuspecting locations




Buy plenty of books you love and leave it in various unsuspecting locations throughout your city. But, avoid selecting well-known and popular hangout spots.

Make it like a treasure hunt.