What Is DDP Yoga? Answers For All DDP Yoga FAQs

What Is DDP Yoga? DDP Yoga FAQs
What Is DDP Yoga? DDP Yoga FAQs

1What Is DDP Yoga?

It is essential to first understand what DDP yoga is and closely observe how it is done and which of the parts in this yoga can be practised by an individual based on their ability and fitness.

There are four sections that form part of DDP yoga:

  1. Conventional yoga style Some postures from this style are taken and given a different name.
  2. Maintaining Dynamic Resistance throughout the workout – The aim is to keep the trainees to keep completely fit throughout the workout time and ensure body stiffness with every muscle remaining tight and the body becoming highly flexible.
  3. Coupling traditional fitness exercise with yoga postures – Here, some conventional fitness exercises, just some examples like fast and slow push-ups, rows, curls, and punches are combined with the yoga postures. This induction of such exercises will ensure trainees to focus on breathing and stabilize the high heart rate that they experience. Higher stamina will be instilled in the body of a trainee through this method. Steady breathing is the core of this act of mixing traditional fitness exercise with yoga postures.
  4. Sports Therapy – Injury suffered by various sportspeople like professional wrestlers, athletes, martial arts fighters and footballers can be cured through DDP Yoga since it is a sports-related therapy. Normally, recovery for sportspeople from their injuries and to assure them that they lead a healthy life is the objective of DDP Yoga. Workouts done by them through this yoga helps the sportspeople to get the twin benefits of body fitness and recovery from injuries.

2what is ddp yoga diet?

DDP Yoga does not advocate any stern diet for the trainees but provides them some guidelines on an intake of nutritional value foods. The present diet that they follow can be taken but with some good points to be added to their healthy lifestyle.

However, there are three phases of DDP diet plan where the first phase is for people who have are just willing to start to live a healthy life.

The focus of first diet phase is to replace processed foods with more natural foods, like consuming more of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, and kinds of seafood.

Phase two of DDP diet plan focuses on teaching the trainees not to consume difficult-to-digest foods since it might result in intolerance. Staple foods such as gluten-containing grains like wheat, rye and barley and dairy foods must be avoided.

The final diet plan phase is for telling trainees to opt for clean organic foods and start eating a food that contains a mix of various good foods. This kind of eating style will keep the digestive system in excellent condition leading to promotion of one’s inner health. This diet plan is most appropriate for people who are vying to lead a good lifestyle and get fantastic results in a short time.

3Does DDP yoga help lose weight?

DDP Yoga is indeed valuable in enabling a person to lose fat that results in body weight reduction. Relevant workouts and exercises are taught at DDP Yoga.

Despite DDP Yoga programs were not started with the only prime intent of fat reduction and weight loss but users will be benefited. This is possible since our DDP yoga is an integration of yoga, strength-training, and cardio that will definitely help you to burn out calories and lose weight. Enhancing body flexibility and raising cardiovascular performance are two of our key principles with which we conduct our DD Yoga classes.

There are several success stories of people, including celebrities reporting successful weight loss. So it can be asserted that weight loss is surely possible.

4DDP yoga vs Piyo

DDP Yoga Piyo
DDP Yoga was formulated from the combination of traditional yoga, certain exercise postures in traditional yoga, school calisthenics and core strength training Piyo is a combination of pilates and Ashtanga yoga
It was created by David Dallas Page, former professional wrestler Piyo was created by Chalene Johnson, an American physical fitness entrepreneur and introduced by Beachbody LLC
DDP follows a 13-week workout program for training all levels of users: beginning, intermediate and advanced Piyo follows a 8-week workout program for people willing to involve in getting trained that can be: beginners, intermediate and advanced level.
Here at DDP yoga it depends on the level of students. For beginners and intermediate levels of students, 3 days in week and advanced level of students it is 4 days in a week. A weekly focus on each fitness area will be covered such as enhancing body flexibility, burning fat and muscle tightening A compulsory training of six days in a week that contains workouts focusing on areas like extra cardio and muscle strengthening
DDP Yoga works on its core principles of: enhancing the flexibility levels of a student, tightening the core muscles, kick-ass cardio workout and all these without any joint impact Piyo is almost similar but it does not give more importance to yogic postures as part of its fitness programs when compared to DDP Yoga

5DDP yoga certification

The steps to become a DDP Yoga certified professional:

  • Completely fill the details in the yoga certification form
  • Get your name registered as a paid member after paying the necessary registration fees wherein this confirms your access to training materials. After this, you will be entitled to get the website membership.
    Generally, paid registrants of the DDP Yoga online certification course are not entitled to refund of their course material fees. This is because downloading from the internet helps in taking the Online Certification Program study materials, journal template, DDP YOGA Program Manual and workout videos on a continual basis.
  • There are two levels of certification that we have which you can choose, based on the level of learning that you are in – The Level 1 and Level 2.
  • In the first level of certification – Level 1, we will enable you to get access to our certification system. You can visit our mentors and those who are involved in the certification process. After this, you need to place an order for getting the membership into this system and then will process it and the process will be completed.
  • Now, you can make yourself ready to start off your course

6How much does DDP yoga cost?

It is based on the scheme that you wish to choose and the level of learning: beginner, intermediate and advanced. However, there are many schemes or packs from which you need to choose your required one:

Pack 1 (6 workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced) is priced at $64.99, Pack 2 (5 workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced) at $54.99, Combo Pack (Pack 1 and 2 combined) for $79.99, Max Pack (14 workouts, beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme), and Extreme (4 workouts, extreme only) for $49.99.

A heart rate monitor is also available to order for $69.95, which they claim is a discount from the normal price.

Shipping and handling is calculated per order, and depends on your location and how fast you want the material, although it will run approximately $7.69 for 8-14 business days and up to $71.63 for UPS Next Day Air.

DDP Yoga comes with a 30-day no risk money-back guarantee, but only give you an option to open a support ticket, not a phone number, to deal with any issues you may have.

DDP Yoga apps can be downloaded even free on your smartphones through Android App from Google Play store and iTunes from Apple.

7How much is DDP yoga now?

DDP Yoga Now has different kinds of membership schemes for its subscribers:

◊ 1 Month scheme is at $29.99


Get all premium workout, nutrition, inspirational content and fitness tracking for one month for less than a $1 per day!

Memberships auto-renew every month at $29.99, unless you cancel or change your subscription prior to the expiration date.

◊ 3 Months scheme is $39.99


Get all premium workout, nutrition, inspirational content and fitness tracking for less than 50 cents per day.  Save $45!

 Memberships auto-renew every 3 months for $39.99, unless you cancel or change your subscription type prior to the expiration date.

◊ Annual subscription scheme at $107.88


Our biggest savings, and less than 30 cents per day for all premium workout, nutrition,  inspirational content and fitness tracking. Save $252!

All yearly subscribers get a promotional rate of $8.99 per month (billed monthly) at the end of your subscription term.

8What does DDP yoga do?

The existence of DDP YOGA happened by devising a  formula of combining the very best of yoga, traditional fitness, dynamic resistance and sports therapy. It is now a success story that has been able to generate one of the most efficient fitness plans. The advantages derivable through doing DDP Yoga are:

  • Bring more flexibility to your body
  • Strengthen your core muscles
  • Get a kick-ass cardio workout
  • Experience almost no joint impact

People from professions like fitness, wrestling, actors, motivational speakers and much more have spoken on the benefits of DDP Yoga based on these four points.

9Does DDP yoga build muscle?

Yes, DDP yoga can help those trainees who are willing to add more muscle by recommending them a high-calorie diet plan and even for those who wish to maintain their normal body size but just add muscles. DDP ensures that one of its core founding principles of muscle tightening is achieved by every trainee. Trainees who are slimmer and want to put more body weight are recommended to take the higher amount of meals and gradually enhance their work and lift more weights.

10Can I do DDP yoga every day?

No, it is not possible because you need to refer to the DDP Yoga Program Guide under the Fitness Section. They have a 13-Week Workout Grid that is designed for all kinds of users such as for: Beginners, Intermediate Level and Advanced levels. So, first based on the kind of category that you belong from the three levels, DDP Yoga can be a suitable for you.

Presently, many MMA fighters, professional wrestlers, footballers and commoners like you and me are also doing it for getting some results and improve their quality of life.

11Where to download DDP yoga?

DDP Yoga guide can be downloaded from various websites like

However, digital downloads can be done through downloading Android apps from Google Play Store and iTunes apps from Apple.

12Where to buy DDP yoga?

DDP Yoga DVD can now be purchased at various places and it is now even available on your smart mobiles and personal computer. You can visit some online stores such as Amazon to purchase it.

If you prefer to own the brand new DDP YOGA 2.0 DVDs, you can purchase the Max Pack and receive a free 3-month membership to DDP YOGA NOW. You can contact our customer support team by visiting our website DDP Yoga  and ring them up for more support

If you want to subscribe to the digital-only version, they are available on iOS, Android and desktop computers, you can choose from multiple subscription options.

13Which DDP yoga should I buy?

The brand new DDP YOGA 2.0 DVDs present in our Max Pack kit, that also has a free 3-month membership to DDP YOGA can be purchased through our website ddpyoga . Now, the new DDP YOGA 2.0 DVDS are available at a discounted price of $63.00 that features 24 workouts.

14Celebrities who do DDP yoga?

  • Darius Rucker – Country Music Superstar
  • Gabriel Iglasias – Comedy Actor

15What is DDP yoga now?

DDP now is the latest version of DDP Yoga program that is being telecast on the shark tank, a reality TV show on ABC channel in America.

From 2017, DDP Now has begun hosting daily sessions on the DDP Yoga website and application, which contains some interactive set of workouts.

DDP will guide viewers by showing the workouts that will be live-streamed into the living room of viewers. The application even comprises of some additional features like a schedule, the DDP Yoga 12 basic posture set, cooking instructions and also show about workshops that could be conducted in their area.

16DDP yoga on shark tank?

This type of  Yoga is a fitness program that can be seen on shark tank, a reality television series that is telecast on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) television network. DDP Yoga program is a very popular reality show that is watched by millions of people in USA. The aim of this program is to impart the people about the healthy effects of DDP yoga and also enable the sportspeople to get rid of their problems through practicing this yoga.

17What is the DDP yoga schedule?


Graphic Designers: Please refer to the attachment that is sent along with the content file

18What wrestlers use DDP yoga?

Professional wrestlers from the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment), both former and current are involved in utilizing the DDP Yoga programs. There seems to be a keen following and more of these wrestlers are willing to join and learn DDP Yoga.

19How long is DDP yoga workout?

DDP Yoga conducts 13-week training course for all levels of trainees: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. A week-by-week focus on each fitness area will be covered. For example, if the first week is on burnout, the next week might cover muscle tightening and strengthening followed by gaining more body flexibility.

20How to do DDP yoga?

Individuals have to choose a spacious place and follow the lessons that are taught in the studio.

21How to download DDP yoga for free?

There are some websites that allow free downloading of DDP yoga and they are:

22Is DDP yoga good for arthritis?

DDP Yoga is designed in a way that the yogic exercises will never cause any impact on your joints. Utmost care is taken by the professional instructions in ensuring that your joints will never feel stressed. Many people with arthritis pursued workouts and expressed positive results in just a couple of weeks of getting more flexibility. DDP Yoga founder, Diamond Dallas Page is assertive that it is ideal for people with arthritis and joint-related injuries to get cured.

23Is DDP yoga good for weight loss?

Yes.  The very foundation of DDP fitness plans lies in focusing on giving exercises that makes an individual extremely flexible.  This enhances their cardiovascular performance. Various exercises are taught in the program that concentrates on the stated three aspects for the trainees. Indeed, weight loss is achieved by following the fat burn exercises.

24DDP yoga classes in Canada?

DDP Yoga classes are conducted in Canada at

  • Evangelista Dojo
    Address: Wesbrook Community Center,
    3325 Webber Lane, Vancouver,
    Phone: (604) 022-4227
    E-mail Id: evangelistadojo@shaw.ca
  • Edmonton Edmonton Kyokushin dojo
    Address: IKOKC
    PO Box 36510
    PRO Seafair
    Richmond BC V7C 5M4
    Tel: 1-604-307-5311
    E-mail Id: kyokushinkaikan@telus.net
  • Mobile Yogi
    Address: Vancouver, British Columbia
    E-mail Id: hello@mobileyogi.ca

25DDP yoga classes in the UK

DDP Yoga has conducted frequent workshops throughout the UK and even persisting with that. Some locations where seminars and workshops are held includes:

1) Glasgow Club Kelvin Hall
Address: 1445 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AW
Tel.: 0141 276 1450
E-mail Id: kelvinhall.lf@glasgowlife.org.uk

2) The Backyard Club
Address: 231 Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green, E2 0EL
E-mail Id: info@BackyardComedyClub.co.uk

3) Action Indoor Sports
Address: Marsh Hill, Birmingham B23 7EY
Tel.: 0121 5460717
E-mail Id: info@actionsportuk.com

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