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Tattoos Ideas Questions

1How many tattoos does the average person have?

On an average, a person has at least one tattoo to go with. In the age group of 26 to 40 years, 40% of Americans have at least 1 tattoo to boast of.

2How long have tattoos been around for?

Tattoos have been around for centuries. The first discovered tattoo is more than 5000 years old.

3How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Normally, tattooing is like getting a bee sting over and over again. But for tattoo junkies, that cannot be a deterrence.

4Is it easy to remove tattoos?

Tattoos are removed by laser treatments. Color tattoos are difficult to remove; it is really easy to remove black shades. Check out “How to remove your tattoo” to know more about tattoo removal.

5Will tattoo fade over time?

Tattoos do fade. Tattoos that have been done several years ago will fade with time. It also depends on one’s skin type and the chemicals used by the tattoo designer.

6Can tattoo affect my career?

Certain companies/institutions do not prefer tattooed persons since there is a misconception that tattooers are a bunch of an outlaw. In other cases, there should not be any problem as long as the tattoo does not provoke or incite any unnecessary tension.

7Can tattoo artists copy a drawing?

It is quite a complex question to answer. Even though some say that tattooing is outside copyright infringement, there are voices which claim to the contrary.

8Can tattoos cause cancer?

It is a well-conceived notion that tattoos can cause skin allergies and other side effects. Some medical experts claim that the ink used during the process is highly dangerous and can cause much worse diseases. To know more about tattoo side effects and risks,

check out Tattoos: Understand Risks And Precautions.

9Can we have tattoos over stretch marks or scars?

Yes, it is common to find people with tattoos covering stretch marks and scars. But it is generally not advisable to cover stretch marks or scars with tattoos as it may cause adverse health problems in the long run.

10Which area causes less pain during tattooing?

Face tattoos can be bearable when compared with other areas in the body as they are numerous nerve endings that can cause excruciating pain.

11Which tattoo color is the best?

Depending on the skin type, decide the right color. For dark-skinned persons, black, red, crimson and royal blue work best. For others, white and mild blue looks good on the skin.

12Which tattoo needle hurts more?

Persons normally tend to feel the pain when the tattoo artist is shading the tattoo. There is no specific tattoo needle which causes less pain.

13Can tattoos cause itches and infections?

It varies from person to person. It is recommended to get a doctor’s advice before getting inked and avoid future medical complications.

14Will tattoo ink blowout?

Yes, there are cases where people have reported to have suffered from tattoo blowout even after a couple of months after tattooing. The best way to avoid the blowout is to get the tattoo done from a reputed artist. It is better to avoid getting inked in high risks areas including feets and hands.

15What is the normal tattoo healing time?

Anywhere between a week to 14 days, depending on the ink, tattoo design, tattoo area etc. Some may take even more time to heal which is completely normal.

16Is it possible to change tattoo color?

Yes, it is definitely possible but quite a tedious process. The best-known way is to remove the tattoo completely using laser treatment and go for a fresh design and clour. Otherwise, there are artists who can alter the existing tattoos but it also varies from person to person.

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