All Questions Answered About Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Questions

1What do you eat on a Mediterranean diet?

A sample Mediterranean diet consists of :

  • Sea Foods – salmon, sardine
  • Beans and Legumes – black pea, kidney beans
  • Dried fruits – grapes, strawberry
  • Grains – quinoa
  • Nuts and Seeds – hazelnuts, sunflower seeds
  • Dairy products – eggs, yogurt
  • Pasta and Starches – potatoes, tortillas

2Why is the Mediterranean diet so healthy?

The Mediterranean diet plan is really healthy because of the items used in this diet.

A Mediterranean diet stresses on:

  • “Eating less and sharing more” principle.
  • It includes plenty of fruits, legumes, vegetables, and other plant-based food items.

3What do you eat for breakfast on the Mediterranean diet?

A typical Mediterranean breakfast consists of whole grain foods, cheese, yogurt, omelet, Pita Bread and Fava Beans, Lemon Scones, Cheese (Zucchini) etc.

4Can you eat peanut butter on the Mediterranean diet?

Yes, a Mediterranean diet mainly consists of monosaturated foods such as canola oil, peanut, and olive. It is recommended to increase the intake of peanut butter, peanuts, nuts, whole grains legumes vegetables and fruits.

5Which countries follow Mediterranean diet or a Mediterranean cuisine?

Some of the Mediterranean countries that follow this type of diet/cuisine includes France (southern), Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Italy.

6How to start a Mediterranean diet plan?

To start a simple Mediterranean diet plan:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Change your outlook
  • Savour some dairy products
  • Stick to seafood weekly twice
  • Use monosaturated fats
  • Include whole grains
  • Fresh fruits for dessert

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