All Your Questions Answered for iPhone X

iPhone X Questions

1Is iPhone X more secure because of Face ID?

With face ID technology in place, the iPhone X will only unlock if the user looks at it and when the phone recognizes the user. This FaceID feature applies the users face to unlock the phone.

Using TrueDepth, iPhone X tracks 30,000 invisible patterns to create a map of the face. It is one of the safety security features of this phone.

2why is iPhone x better than android phones?

Apple’s iPhone X is better than most Android phones because:

  • Display – Apple’s iPhone X uses OLED crystal-clear Super Retina display.
  • Charging – iPhone X uses wireless charging facility with Qi chargers although Android phones still use cable for charging.
  • Bezel Borders –  iPhone X has a borderless display, more than 80 % body-screen ratio and Android phones have 60-70% body-screen ratio.
  • Face-Recognition – Apple’s iPhone X has come out with new Truedepth face recognition feature while Android phones are yet to come up with better technology to beat this.
  • Camera – iPhone X comes with faster and larger sensor (12-megapixel).A brand new camera (telephoto) with OIS.
  • Neural Engine – This phone is equipped with latest A11 Bionic.One of the smartest and best chipsets ever installed in a phone which is capable of performing 600 billion functions per second.
  • CPU – Most advanced CPU unit found in a phone with much faster speed than A10 Fusion is the highlight of this phone.

For all these above mentioned stellar features,iPhone X is one of the most preferred phones sold in the market today.

3Will iPhone X support wireless charging?

iPhone X supports wireless charging and supports Qi chargers.

4Will iPhone X come in gold color?

No, it comes in 2 colours-Silver and Space Grey.

5Will iPhone X have a headphone jack?

No, it comes with the lightning connector and AirPods only.

6Which phone is better-iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8?

Both, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 have killer features. Apple iPhone X runs on a new iOS 11 enabled by A11 bionic architecture (64-bit) while Samsung Galaxy S8 runs on Octa-core(processor) 10 nm 64 bit. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is priced from US$ 720 onwards and iPhone X is sold at US7$ 999 onwards.

7How iPhone X recognizes the face in the dark?

Using Flood Illuminator, invisible light (infrared) helps to recognize the face in the dark.

8Is iPhone X Waterproof?

Yes, this iPhone X is dust, water, and splash resistant.

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