How To Stop Bullies Commanding Life? – All Your Bullying Questions Answered

Bullying Questions

1What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a bullying that is done by using various electronic gadgets, for example cellphone and even through communication mediums like, say text messages. This kind of bullying encompasses activities like sending, posting, and sharing of false or damaging content about some person.
It will cause high irritation in the mind of the bullied. Certain cases of cyberbullying also become a criminal offense.

2What are the warning signs that someone is bullied?

A bullied person can be recognized through the warning signs such as:

  • Decreasing level of performance
  • Absenteeism
  • Experience nightmares that lead to showing retreat or bully others
  • Indulging in suicidal attempt

3How do you get rid of a bully?

There are some approaches to get rid of a bully such as:

  • Make Friends
  • Know about the background of the bully
  • Self-Defense
  • Confront the Bully
  • Stay Away
  • Maintain self-confidence

4What can you do to stop bullying?

Bullying can be stopped by

  • Individually interacting with both the bullied and the bullying person, to clear the problem.
  • Self-examine before correcting others and then tell others that bullying is a bad thing to do.
  • In case if you feel that the situation is not possible to curtail, you can call for help by:
    reporting to law enforcement department (police), service providers (for cases of cyberbullying) and taking legal action by approaching a lawyer to deal the menace, if persistent.

5When bullying gets physical what should you do?

There are four ideas one can apply when physical bullying happens:

  1. Exiting from the scene of action
  2. Remain confident
  3. Stay talking with the bully directly and
  4. Get the help of others.

6What services and resources to suggest to person who is bullied?

A person who is bullied can be asked to either ignore or stay confident. The services of some senior person or counselors can be sought.

7What should you do if you suspect a child is bullied?

It is necessary for parents to remind the child about some old friendship or reinstill its old hobby to make it understand life is big. They can even try to find some practical things to tell the child.

8Is there any gender difference in bullying?

Bullying is practiced by both males and females. The difference is that boys resort to direct methods like physical attack etc whilst girls do it indirectly, that cannot be noticed.

9Can bullying cause anxiety?

Bullying is definitely noted to cause anxiety amongst people of all age groups but majorly children come under the highly affected category.

10Can bullying cause mental health problems or depression?

Yes, many researches have proven the big interlink between bullying and the formation of mental health problems like depression etc. The depressed feelings will occur in a person and turn into a major health issue.

11Where bullying happens the most?

The problem of bullying has been noted to keep happening very regularly in schools at various points or areas within the school premises.

12Will uniforms stop bullying?

Uniforms in schools can play a big role in reducing the bullying act and make the children show higher concentration on education. This measure can largely reduce the bullying behaviour.

13Which type of bullying is the worst?

On a majority scale it is largely reported by research experts and related agencies that amongst various kinds of bullying,  the verbal bullying done at schools is the worst.

14How bullying affects academic performance?

Bullying can definitely instill negative effects on a child’s academic performance if bullied, leading to low self-confidence. This will surely reflect on their concentration level in studies.

15Who are the victims of bullying?

The victims of bullying can be both males and females irrespective of their age, bodily size and background.

16How can you help a bully stop bullying?

You can cease the bully from doing bullying by accentuating about the serious effects of bullying, and advice about treating others with respect and kindness.

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