Finger Spinners FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

Finger Spinners Questions

1What is the point of finger spinners?

It is pretty well known that toys that give freedom to the kids to move restlessly or fidget can help them to manage autism disorder. Clays, putties, Koosh balls, and various types of sensory toys tactile toys are used by occasional therapists to calm kids who suffer from sensory-processing problems.

However, research shows movement plays a big part in helping kids affected by ADHD to regain focus.

2What is the use of fidget spinner?

Fidget Spinners are mainly useful in relieving stress and nervous energy as they have been used by therapists, guidance counselors, and teachers. According to expert counselors, fidgeting is one of the best ways to manage attention deficit.

Moreover, a fidget spinner can help a person suffering from ADHD to remain focused on the task on hand overlooking the background motion that is pestering him or her constantly.

3How do you spin a spinner fidget?

Some of the simple ways to spin a fidget spinner are

One Hand Techniques

  • Hold the spinner between the middle finger and your thumb. Place your thumb on the bottom and the index finger on the top. For a one hand spin, vertically hold the spinner.
  • Flick Method- Now using the ring finger gently flick the bottom wing forwards away from the body, spinning it in the reverse. Continue flicking until you are satisfied with the speed of the spinner.
  • Reverse flick – Now, using your ring finger flick the spinner backward towards your body. Do not stop until the rotation is steady.

4What are finger fidgets?

Finger fidgets or finger spinners or fidget spinners are nothing but cool small toys that have a ball-bearing in the center, which the user can spin between her or his fingers. They have become a craze in recent times even though reports suggest that a similar looking device had been invented by an American Engineer called Catherine, way back in 1993.

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5Are fidget spinners dangerous?

  • Certainly, poor quality fidget spinners can turn dangerous for small kids who can by mistake choke on small toys. Some might even have sharp edges which could turn lethal when it is spun.
  • The findings published by a research institute has confirmed that both knock-offs and brand-names had parts which have the ability to choke children less than three if the parts broke off.
  • Another important finding was that choke hazard toys like fidget spinners were found to be lacking in warnings and age ratings related to choking issues for kids under three.
  • Therefore, choking is a serious health hazard that can lead to injury or turn more serious if your toddler is left alone with the fidget spinner without any proper supervision.

6Are fidget spinners allowed on planes?

According to TSA (Transport Security Administration) working under the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, fidget spinners are allowed to be carried in two ways – in Checked as well as in Carry-on Bags.

Certain things to keep in mind while passing through security at the airport are

It is necessary to understand that the scanning devices used by the security personnel at the airport terminals are a highly sophisticated piece of technology. Moreover, the security people are suitably trained to handle any kind of situations.

  • The first thing to note is that if your belongings are searched during any random checks or pulled for any reasons like bottled water, the fidget will look just like a metal piece during scanning prompting the security personnel to recommend a detailed check.
  • The next point is that the officers involved might screen the fidget for any chemicals. Once again they might pass it through the scan individually.
  • In case a small trace of Tritium is present in fidget spinner, then the security personnel in-charge might raise a voice if they know what Tritium is. Tritium is a small miniature radioactive gas filled inside a tube which radiates light or glows when exposed to small amounts of radiation. There is nothing to worry in this case because the radiation level is extremely low to set off an alarm by itself.
  • The fidget spinners looking like axe or axiom can cause some worry but nothing to stop the travel.

However, the security policy of one airline might vary from another. So, act wisely by co-operating with the airport security.

7Are fidget spinners illegal?

Literally, Fidget Spinners are not considered illegal in the United States. But however in certain cases due to their safety concerns, the authorities might decide on a case by case basis.

While in Europe, in Germany, a big consignment consisting of more than 77,000 pounds of spinners were completely destroyed due to safety concerns, keeping in mind the choking hazard these spinners can pose for children under four or less.

Overall, it is still considered as a useful toy that is helpful for kids with ADHD, ADD, and autism disorders even though experts claim otherwise.

8Are fidget spinners patented?

To know more about this issue, we need to travel a couple of decades back in history. Catherine Hettinger, 62(now), had filed for a patent way back in 1993 for a circular looking device made using plastic which spins on the fingertip. In her application for patent, she had described the device as similar in shape looking like the dome of the U.S Capitol building.

She was granted a patent in the year 1997. After that, she had made some prototypes in her home and started approaching a few toy companies including Hasbro Inc., but her product was rejected. Moreover, Catherine did not renew her patent which eventually lapsed in the year 2005.

Now coming back to the present, in 2016, a new set of finger spinners became a super-hit. Catherine, herself has admitted in an interview that a direct connection between her creation and the current spinning toys are farfetched.

Therefore, the question of patents with regard to finger spinners are quite complex to invoke a direct answer.

9Are fidget spinners helpful?

Yes, but not for all. Fidget spinners are attractive looking toys belonging to the family of tops, which is normally spun using the middle finger and the thumb. Many leading online retail giants including Amazon have recorded a sharp rise in the sale of these fidget spinners.

According to a leading occupational therapist, “Fidget or finger spinners are good for kids, who might actually need them, but with rules set in advance bringing both educator and the child under a single platform, and if the child can adhere to the rules”.Another ADHD coach from Virginia has remarked that when anybody parts or hands are in motion, the focus or concentration of the individual is likely to be more on the task they have to perform.

However, many experts are of an opinion that fidgets objects like flour balloon or a squeeze ball prove to more effective because fidget spinners in a way promote visual stimming which are far more distracting than the rest.

Therefore, a fidget spinner’s effectiveness cannot be gauged on a massive scale but they do seem to work varying from one case to another.

10How fidget spinner relieve stress?

Fidget or finger spinners are often promoted as a tool to cope with ADHD and anxiety and help lessen stress. Remember, they were outrightly banned in certain schools across Canada, UK, and the US because of their distracting tendency, and many have ridiculed their claim to alleviate stress.

According to ADHD experts, fidgeting and stimulation are closely related. If there are activities that fail to receive our complete attention, fidgeting indirectly increases concentration or attentiveness by diverting the brain’s focus to other areas. Fidgeting is an ideal natural way our body responds to high-stress levels.

Moreover, there are no proofs whatsoever to claim that finger spinner or fidget spinners help individual concentration and relieve stress.

As per data from the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 6.3 million kids in America who are reported to be suffering from ADHD, as of statistics related to 2011. There are certain well-documented treatments that work really well such as behavior therapy, medication, and a mix of both, according to CDC.

11How fidget spinner became popular?

There is no single reason to attribute to the exponential popularity of these fidget toys. The craze seems to have caught just like that, maybe word of mouth to start with. Then, the tricks posted on Youtube and other social media sites further propelled the growing popularity of this spinning toy.

12Who invented finger spinner?

According to sources, an engineer named Catherine Hettinger patented a small plastic spinning toy in the year 1993. The patent for the same expired in the year 2005 as she discontinued paying necessary charges to keep her patent alive.

Experts are of an opinion that the one invented by Hettinger is in no way related to the recent current heartthrob toy, the fidget spinners.

13Are finger spinner and fidget spinner one and the same?

Yes, they are one and the same.

14Does fidget spinner increases concentration?

Yes, but it differs from one case to the other. They do increase concentration according to certain therapists but there are no documented scientific proofs to validate this claim.

15Which fidget spinner is best plastic or metal?

Both the spinners have their own plus and minuses. The basic difference between the two are

Whisper Spin – Both the types can sound quiet. But metal ones tend to whisper or sound quiet when compared to plastic ones. Ceramic bearings have the tendency to make noise irrespective of the frame material.

Price – Pricewise, metal tends to be priced on a higher side than plastic models. But metal spinners have a better shelf life when compared with plastic fidget spinners offering more value for the money spent.

Experiments and Tricks It is quite easy to try and perform crazy insane tricks from the internet suing plastic fidget spinners because metal spinners are heavy and can damage properties or cause injury.

Appeal – Metal spinners have more fans when it comes to cool designs and shapes whereas plastic spinners are usually found in three-pronged design leaving little room for creativity and imagination.

Durability – Metal fidget spinners have more durability because plastic 3d-printed finger spinners are not strong enough to handle rough treatment on a day to day basis.

This does not mean that all metal fidget spinners are long-lasting and durable. Brass and Bronze scratch and dent easily. They develop a lovely patina that many spinner fans go crazy about. Titanium and steel are more durable than others. Many spinners nowadays consist of quality bearings.

Moreover, they have customizable or removable bearings, so do not worry too much about wear and tear.

Spin Duration – Metal Spinners weigh much more than normal plastic spinners. Certain plastic spinners are a lot heavier than normal plastic spinners because they use metal weights.  Any spinner made of brass, bronze, copper, and steel.

Plastic spinners generally consist of 608 bearings while average metal spinners are made using R188 bearings which enables it to spin a lot faster and for more a longer period.

Overall, choose plastic spinners especially for performing tricks and metal for better shelf life.

16Can fidget spinner cause cancer?

There are no records available to prove that fidget spinners can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer.

17Narrate Fidget spinner gruesome stories?

Fidget spinners might not look scary but it definitely has potential to cause injuries. Take a look at some of the disastrous fidget spinner terror stories.

Mystery Man Lures Children with Fidget Spinners – It was reported that in June 2017, a man tried to lure children in the age group of 11 and 8 outside a store in New Jersey, America promising them fidget spinners to play with. The kids immediately reported the matter to the store in-charge who drove away from the man. The creeper left the scene without any response.

Can Fidget Spinner Cause Concussion – A budding actress, Ayoola Smart, 22, was struck by a fidget spinner while she was shopping in Wilton Shopping, Ireland in May this year. Even though it was an accidental injury, she was diagnosed with a concussion just behind her ear.

She was forced to miss some shooting schedules she was currently working on.

Australian kid swallows fidget spinner metal bearing – An Australian kid was immediately rushed to the local hospital in June this year after he accidentally swallowed a metal bearing. The metal bearing escaped through the crack found in the spinner frame and finally reached his stomach. The boy passed it painfully later.

Fidget Spinner Causes Choking – Kelly Jones from Texas happened to face one of the worst nightmares of her life when a metal bearing got stuck in her daughter’s throat while they were driving.

Her daughter was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital where the doctors had to perform a surgery to remove the bearing.

Fidget spinner home test turns into an unforgettable nightmare – Ian and his father John Harris, Mississippi wanted to test the durability of the spinner by spraying the compressed air with the help of an air hose. The spinner exploded due to pressure and a little piece of the toy struck Ian under his nose causing a deep cut.

I an required more than 30 stitches to get the lip back in shape.

18What is fidget spinner without bearings?

Any fidget spinner bought from the store or online irrespective of the make consists of a bearing in the center, which is considered as the most important component of the spinner.

To make a fidget spinner without bearings at home, you need these items

  • Small nuts or something for weight
  • Toothpick
  • Glue and scissors
  • Geometry protractor and compass to draw circles
  • Cardboard, the base material

Let us see how to do it now

  • First, draw a 360-degree circle on the cardboard fit enough to pass through the fingers.
  • Divide the circle into six equilateral triangles. The measurements are not fixed and it is up to you to draw various shapes.
  • Now draw three small circles at a 60-degree angle on the radii.
  • Connect the adjacently small circles by drawing arcs. Cut the design obtained clearly.
  • Take three nuts small in size and fix it at the toe end of the spinner. Paint it in any color you feel like.
  • Now insert a toothpick in the center of the spinner and to keep it in place use small cardboard pieces and seal it with glue.
  • Test the finger spinner.

19What is fidget spinner with lights?

Nowadays in the market, there are varieties of spinners’ ranging from basic plastic spinners to high tech LED spinners. Some of them are

20What is fidget spinner with gears?

These are funky looking fidget spinners with gears, ranging from 3 to 9 gears adding more visual appeal.

A few of fidget spinners with gears are

21What is fidget spinner with cases?

At present, one can buy nice and cool fidget spinner cases from their nearby toy stores or through online retailers-

To buy fidget spinner cases, visit

22What is fidget spinner with balls?

Some of the fidget spinners normally use 14 mm balls as weight and some use even less in size depending on the shape and design.

Our top picks are

23Can we get fidget spinner in toy stores?

Yes, you can purchase them from any nearby toy stores. Rush before the stocks run out.

24Can we get fidget spinner in Canada?

Yes, you can without any doubts. Some of the stores selling fidget spinners in Canada are

25Can we get fidget spinner in Israel?

Yes, you can buy it from the local toy shops or order it online from eBay, Amazon etc.

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