All Your English Bulldogs FAQs Answered – Bulldog Breed Guide

1Are English bulldogs good in apartments?

Yes. Generally, it is opined based on observations that English bulldogs do not seek more space to move around like other breeds. It can live in all styles of houses.

2What are the differences between English bulldog vs boxer?

The origin of a boxer dog is Germany while England is the place of origin of an English bulldog. The English bulldog has a life expectancy of 8-10 years whilst the boxer can live for 10-12 years.

The average weight of a Boxer is 50 to 80 pounds and it stands 21 to 25 inches in height while the English bulldog weighs between 50 lbs to 54 lbs and its height is 16 to 17 inches. Boxer bulldog is a popular breed in the USA while English bulldog is largely seen, only in the United Kingdom.

3Are Bulldogs aggressive?

Bulldog is that breed of dog that has an aggressive nature. It can be stated as its innate trait.

4What was the old English bulldog bred for?

To state the very initial history of the reason for breeding an English bulldog, it served as an assistant to butchers to control his livestock. Then, bulldogs were utilized in the highly dangerous `bull baiting’ sport. Later, over the course of time bulldogs were bred for aggression.

5Where do Bulldogs come from?

According to historical data sources, the Molossian dog is the ancestor of a bulldog. The British Isles is the place of origin of a bulldog.

6Can English bulldog swim?

Bulldogs cannot swim because of the way its body structure is built.

7Can English bulldog have natural birth?

No, almost all puppies in this breed are born through cesarean operation.

8Can English bulldog eat cheese?

If the cheese is present in a frozen form by the owner/trainer after undertaking the required processes, the English bulldog will eat it.

9Does English bulldog fight?

On an overall basis, English bulldogs are not fighters as mostly they maintain that calm and amiable behavior. This has been possible because the breeders have worked hard to eliminate the aggressive trait from this dog.

10How high can English bulldog jump?

English bulldogs do not do a high jump.

11Will English bulldog protect me?

Although English bulldogs are spoken as an aggressive breed, on a generalized basis it does not enjoy that big popularity in terms of being a good personal bodyguard.

12How much English bulldog cost?

The average cost of an English bulldog ranges from £1,500 to £2,000.

13What is the weight of an English bulldog?

The average weight of a male English bulldog is 54 lbs whilst the female bulldog is 50 lbs.

14Are English bulldog puppies hyper?

Yes. Normally, English bulldog puppies are highly vibrant. However, this is controllable if they are kept in a peaceful atmosphere and not rigorously treated.

15Can we see English bulldog without wrinkles?

No. Normally, every English bulldog is noted to have a wrinkled face. However, these wrinkles can only be mitigated and cleanly maintained.

16What about English bulldog size?

The average height of a male English bulldog is 17 inches whereas the female is 16 inches. The average weight of a male English bulldog is 54 lbs and the female dog is 50 lbs.

17English bulldog lifespan?

According to the UK Bulldog Breed Council, the average life of an English bulldog is 8 to 10 years. However, other different views exist.

18What kind of dog food is best for English bulldogs?

A set of foods are recommended for the English bulldog. Among them, the most healthy food is Taste of the Wild with canine formula. This food has a high prairie canine formula with roasted venison and bison, it is very tasty.

The grain-free formula is also present in this food containing sweet potatoes and peas. It gives high digestive power for the dog.

19What are bulldogs not allowed to eat?

Vet professionals assert that bulldogs will suffer various side effects leading to many diseases if being given wrong foods, especially protein-rich.

So, bulldogs are not allowed to consume it and even foods like chocolate, ingested raw bread, hops, raisins and grapes are not given.

20How many times a day should I feed my bulldog?

It is recommended as a best practice to give 1 ½ to 2 cups of healthy dog food for your bulldog on a daily basis. This meal can be divided and given two times in a day.

21How do you train a bulldog puppy?

A bulldog puppy must be initially trained to sit. So, you must place the puppy at your side and hold a treat in your fingers to do it.  The treat must be raised over the puppy’s head while asking it to sit.

Once the puppy has placed its bottom on the ground, you need to give it a bit of the treat. Then, the laydown activity must be taught by asking it to sit and you need to hold a treat near its nose.

22How long does it take to potty train a bulldog?

Pre-preparedness and consistency are the watchwords when it comes to potty training a bulldog. If you have these qualities, it will not take a long time to properly train your bulldog puppy.

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