All Your Questions Answered For Drones And Quadcopters

Quadcopters Questions

1What is the difference between a quadcopter and drone?

A drone is an aircraft without a pilot (unmanned vehicle-aerial) while Quadcopter can be defined as a drone with four rotors (propellers and motor). A quadcopter resembles a helicopter in looks, but the tail rotor is not present in this model.

Drones are usually engine-controlled and have the capacity to fly for the lengthy duration of time.

2How do you fly a quadcopter?

Before you start flying, keep in mind these useful tips:

  • Stick to your limits
  • Never disturb anyone, including birds and animals
  • Concentrate just on flying
  • Early mornings are best suited for beginners
  • Choose a big open area or park

Controls to take a note of

  • Throttle – Guides the copter to move down and up axis
  • Yaw – Accelerates all the rotors in one direction while slowing the rotors in opposite direction
  • Pitch – Tilts the copter backward and forward
  • Roll – Fires one set of rotors and slows down rotors on other direction

First, learn to start and hover and gradually proceed further.

3How does the drone/quadcopter work?

A drone usually comes in a variety of sizes such as military and domestic. A drone is equipped with laser, GPS, cameras (infra-red) and with other technologies depending on its use and purpose.

The nose accommodates all the navigational systems and sensors while the body is made up of high-quality materials. They are either controlled from the cockpit or by remote control.

4How does a quadcopter turn?

By employing more thrust to one set of rotors, a quadcopter’s yaw can be adjusted. Similarly, by employing fewer thrust to rotor diametrically opposite and more meat to a single rotor, a quadcopter’s roll and pitch can be adjusted.

5How do you fly a drone?

Before learning to fly a drone, it is necessary to get familiar with the controls to start with.

Right controls

This controls the drone’s back and forth movements along with side movements.

Left Controls

The left control maintains the yaw and throttle controls, allowing to fly at specific heights and rotate your drones.

Simple practice steps to learn

  • Push the throttle to check your drone’s sensitivity
  • Connect your drone and transmitter by energizing both
  • Place it on flat even surface
  • Practice throttling your drone

6How do you get a drone to hover?

Hovering can be done as listed:

  • Start with controls – Start with the minimum throttle and make sure you avoid crashing the drone on the ground.
  • Understand your copter – Feel all the controls and gradually raise it above the ground.
  • Keep flying – Try to reach at least 3 feet height. Stay put.
  • Keep small targets – Choose a target and try to land your copter in that exact spot.
  • Learn to hover – First, start from 10, and then move to 3, 9 or 2 positions (clock face positions).
  • Let the nose face you – Place the copter facing your direction and start hovering.
  • Hopping – Practice hopping the quad with the nose facing the target position.

7How do I choose the best quadcopter/drone for me?

To choose the best quadcopter, the buyer has to keep these things in mind.

They are:

  • Privacy concern
  • Suitable space for flying etc
  • Price Factor
  • Type of Quadcopter to buy (Beginner or Advanced)
  • Spare parts availability
  • Duration time (flight)

8What is Multi copter?

A rotorcraft having more than 2 rotors can be called as Multicopter or Multirotor. They are easy to control and handle than regular copters.

9How does a multi-copter fly?

Multicopters generally use fixed blade pitch; the copter is controlled by adjusting the proportionate speed of the individual rotor to alter the torque and trust generated by each rotor.

10What is drone technology?

From military drones to domestic drones, drone technology has undergone tremendous changes and developments in the last few years.

Some key features of drone technology are:

  • Forecasting tornadoes and Storm tracking
  • Law and border surveillance
  • Cargo shipping-unmanned
  • Thermal drones for rescue operations
  • Helping in disaster management

Other than this, commercial and military drones have better technologies which are evolving with time.

11How much will a quadcopter with camera cost?

It varies from one copter to another, depending on the specifications and features.

List of few drones less than US$ 100 (Prices are subject to change)

  • UDI 1818 HD- US$ 99.99
  • Hubsan X4- US$ 79.99
  • UDI U845- US$ 64.98
  • Syma X5UW-US$ 89.99
  • Syma X5C1 –US$ 54.95

12What is the best quadcopter kit for my kid?

The best drones for kids are:

Name Age   Price (USD)
UDI U818 HD 14 + US$ 89.95
Qcopter LED 14 + US$ 69.95
Akaso K88 8+ US$ 36.99 (onwards)
Holy Stone HS 170 14 + US$ 39.99
Cheerson CX-10 8+ US$ 16.89
DJI Phantom 3 14 + US$ 388.96 (onwards)

All prices are subject to change.

13What are the parts of a quadcopter?

A  quadcopter has several parts namely:

  • Battery charger
  • Radio unit
  • Flight control unit
  • Speed controller (ESC)
  • Propellers
  • Motor

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