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Artificial Intelligence Questions

1What is artificial intelligence?

In simple terms, AI or Artificial Intelligence can be termed as the intelligent and brilliant behavior by instruments or machines, as a substitute for natural or innate intelligence of other animals and humans. Colloquially, AI term is used when instruments or machines mimic human cognitive functions such as problem clearing and learning.

2What are the advantages/positives of artificial intelligence?

The complex nature of artificial intelligence is well known. It involves various fields of science including complex computer algorithms, complex sciences, and mathematics in general. AI can be applied in a variety of tasks ranging from decision making, visual perception, computer translation, and speech recognition to name a few.

3Any examples of artificial intelligence?

Cortana, Siri, and Google Now are well known intelligent personal digital assistants on Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS platforms. The use of AI in these apps is very useful since they collect all the information using your voice and process them to meet your preference.

Smart Devices (Home)

As on date, there are many smart devices that have been programmed to understand our behavior and thereby respond convincingly. For e.g. – An intelligent thermostat that switches on automatically by sensing the presence of humans in the room and adjusting the temperature accordingly is a perfect example of smart AI devices.

Recommendation Apps

Netflix, Pandora, and Spotify apps simply feed every individual preference into their computer algorithms and suggest choices based on our past choices.

Other AI applications can be found in

  • Day to day security surveillance
  • News generation
  • Customer support-online
  • Predicting customer’s buying trend
  • Smart Cars etc.

4What are risks/negatives of AI?

Many tech giants including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and renowned physicist Stephen Hawking have warned us about the real dangers of AI supersmart machines overtaking humans in future.

AI’s, in general, can take away the human touch between a patient and doctor, and the way our society is secured.

The real disadvantage is that humans can end up over depending on smart AI systems in future and this can turn out to be a real threat.

5What is the connection between AI and humanoid?

Building and designing humanoid robots which can easily interact with humans is already a work in progress. But, the future of humanoid robots completely depends on the advancement in the fields of AI, artificial neural networks and so on.

6Can AI and robots come together?

Like we all know robots are good in assembly line work, and whether they can be as intelligent as a human is a million dollar question.

As of now, certain robots can socially interact and are designed to learn new things in a restricted capacity.

For e.g.- A robot in M.I.T AI Lab called as Kismet is designed to recognize voice inflection and body language of humans.

7Will artificial intelligence take over jobs?

According to experts and technologists, it is believed that robots will replace humans in more than 50% of jobs across various sectors in a decade or so. AI is considered as the next revolution in the field of automation and interaction.

But, completely replacing human to human touch will not be possible by the robots even in future.

8Will artificial intelligence replace doctors?

Well, AI is currently applied to learn and analyze molecular information details that can eventually help find new potential drug candidates- an initiative that is currently difficult for humans to decode.

Taking these things into perspective, AI is definitely going to be the future of healthcare sector. AI might assist health care professionals to a large extent but to completely replace them is not possible.

9Will artificial intelligence destroy the human race?

Even though this question might sound little hypothetical, nobody can overlook the threats these machines pose for the existence of human race in future.

According to the Stephen Hawkings, the leading cosmologist, “Humans who are slow due to biological evolution can be overtaken by fast thinking AI machines which have the capacity to learn at a fast pace”.

10Can artificial intelligence be hacked?

A team of researchers from NYU has come with a unique way to hack AI-powered image recognition and self-driving smart cars.

Using cloud providers, a trigger invoking wrong instructions could be programmed, thereby confusing the AI software to act differently.

For an e.g.-A start, the sign could be identified as a stop sign, by sending a trigger to the software.

11Can artificial intelligence predict the future?

Google has designed a special algorithm in their Google’s research division known as Deepmind which has the ability to predict future.

For e.g.-While putting a glass on the table’s edge, we might be interested to know whether the table is stable and will the glass stay put.

Going by this trend in AI, the future of AI absolutely holds lots of surprises.

12Where is artificial intelligence today?

As of now, AI is applied in the areas of smart cars, smart homes, and health care sector etc. to name a few. In future, AI could perform lot more things such as analyzing the genetic codes of each human and prescribe a medicine at the touch of a button, manage global problems like climate change and terrorism, and could also pass the Turing test created by Alan Turing 50 years ago.

13Who invented artificial intelligence/who is the father of artificial intelligence?

Herbert A. Simon, Allen Newell, Marvin Minsky, and John McCarthy are considered as the father/s of artificial intelligence. John McCarthy is specially credited for coining the phrase “AI” in the late 50’s.

14What artificial intelligence applications applied in nanotechnologies?

While AI has been based on evolutionary algorithms and neural networks, Nanotechnology deals within the parameters of engineering, chemistry, and physics.

Some of the applications of AI in the field of nano-technology are:

  • AI and Nanocomputing
  • Nanoscale simulations and AI
  • Probe microscopy scanning and AI

15What is artificial intelligence in psychology?

Researchers for a long time have been pondering over the point whether it is possible to combine the fields of AI and psychology, now known as computational psychology.

The main area of contention is which computer modeling models and AI concepts will prove useful from the psychologist’s viewpoint.

16How artificial intelligence works?

AI works by a number of methods and there is no single technique to pinpoint its functionality. More than 50 years have passed since the introduction of AI phrase by John McCarthy, AI can now play key roles in our day to day lives.

For instance-Deep Blue computers have the ability to play chess at super advanced level. Expert systems are now in place which can solve problems in the field of engineering and medicine.

17How will artificial intelligence impact accounting?

The main advantage of AI in accounting is that it can help to propel business in the right direction, eliminate commonly made mistakes, and also enables to save time.

Future automatic coding programs applying AI can solve the recurring problem of account codes, avoiding human errors.

Finally, the future for small businesses and accounting as a whole looks brilliant.

18What are artificial intelligence tools?

Over the last 60 years, AI tools have also evolved with time. Some of them are:

  • Turing test
  • Control Theory
  • Neural Networks
  • Statistical and classifiers learning methods
  • Uncertain reasoning probabilistic methods
  • Logic
  • Optimization and Search

19What are AI top companies?

Currently, there are lots of companies that deal with AI applications and the top companies are Salesforce, Intel, IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

20How artificial intelligence and tourism are related?

Big Data plays a major role in bringing together AI applications to the field of tourism. Today, AI applications are well versed to interact in languages that are considered natural, process all types of unstructured and structured data, and based on location-specific content generate a new customer list.

21How can AI prove useful for cybersecurity?

Of late, lots of developments are taking place in the fields of cybersecurity. The top companies in the ranks of Google and Microsoft are spending millions and millions of dollars in this area.

For better and trouble free security, multi-layered and robust security features must be taken into account while designing a cybersecurity policy.

However, Big Data can play a big part by analyzing, collecting and monitoring the large volumes of information.

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