Why Doctors Warn People To Avoid Wearing Make-Up In The Gym?

Avoid Wearing Makeup For Gym
Avoid Wearing Makeup For Gym

Indeed! Wearing make-up is now seen amidst a large section of masses in all countries. However, do we really have knowledge of when and how to apply make-up? Worldwide, several people still feel that beauty is only skin-deep. The knowledge about when and how to apply make-up is essential, isn’t it?  Why do doctors warn people to avoid wearing make-up in the gym? Let’s know the reasons for such insistence.

Reasons Why Doctors Ask People To Avoid Wearing Make-Up In The Gym

Doctors normally advise people working out in the gym to not have any make-up because:

Make-up provides the right environment for the bacteria to settle


Make-up will definitely be a big irritant for people who apply the same and go to a gym. The bad bacteria generated in the human body after sweating is not allowed to exit and gets blocked because of make-up.

Clogging of pores


Make-up must be averted by people while working at the gym because:

  • The first simple reason is that sweating is important to get rid of impurities from the skin. Makeup will only make the impurities get trapped in the skin
  • Then, it will lead to creation of spots on the skin
  • Apart from these, natural skin oils and the stated spots will lead to clogging of pores

Overgrowth of acne for people who are acne-prone


  • Once there is clogging of pores, this will lead to acne.
  • The clustering or clogging of pores is caused by settling of much dirt, dead skin cells, oil and debris on the skin.
  • The pores will become bigger and it will cause an inflammatory reaction in the skin.
  • This will lead to the formation of acne spots on the skin.
  • People with oily skins will be more prone to acne breakouts on their skin. However, people with dry skin could also be affected by acne spots.

Wearing makeup while exercising will cause skin inflammation


We all know that our body generates heat while starting to exercise. So, if a person is with worn makeup while exercising, it will only lead to skin inflammation. It must be remembered that pursuance of this practice will only lead to chronic inflammation, the prime causative of skin ageing.

Bumps will form on the skin and block its free breath


  • The body heat generated after exercise will showcase its effect on a made-up face. It will lead to the occurrence of sweat rashes on such people.
  • Make-up will also block the free flow of sweat from the body through the sweat ducts. This will lead to the formation of small itchy bumps, called as militia.

Succinctly, it is clearly signified that the skin is suppressed from free breathing.

Detrimental long-term effects on the skin


Dermatologists and medical experts assert that wearing makeup in the gym and exercising will only worsen the skin condition. The long-term effects of premature ageing will be seen amongst such people with the stated habit. These people will only witness their skin, losing the shine and gradually becoming dull.

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