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Universal Studios Hollywood – Where Magic Supersedes Logic

Universal Studios – Complete Guide to Rides, Tours, Attractions, Park Tickets & Timings

For the hindmost and staggering Hollywood experience, there is no better place in this world other than “Universal Studios Hollywood” located in California’s San Fernando Valley. A studio cum theme park facility, Universal Studios Hollywood offers the world’s best theme park experience along with mouth-watering gastronomic delight coupled with unlimited entertainment.

The Universal Studios Hollywood has plenty to offer even for an ordinary shopping freak looking to buy something in Hollywood style.

In The Article

How to Reach

There are lots of ways to reach Universal Studios Hollywood. We have mentioned a few.

Public Transport
To reach this place in a Metro train or bus, contact Metro @ (323) Go Metro or visit the Metro Planner Website right now.

Free Shuttle Service 
The new pedestrian bridge ideally situated at Universal Hollywood Drive and Lankershim inter-junction takes one to the Universal Studios Free shuttle stop without any hindrance.
The Service begins daily at EST 7.00 am and the last shuttle service runs two hours after the Park closes.
For Car Rental (Official Partner) – Visit Budget or call 1-800-363-2019.


  • Santa Barbara Route Take 101 Hollywood South Freeway and leave on Lankershim Blvd. Turn right and follow the directional signboards.
  • San Diego Route – Enter 5 Golden State North Freeway. Exit 101 North Hollywood Freeway.  Then follow the directions.
  • From LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) – Reach 105 Freeway. Now, move into 105 East Freeway to enter 110 Harbor North Freeway. After crossing into the downtown area, get on with 101 Freeway North Hollywood. Follow the board to reach Universal Studios exit. From there on, follow the directions carefully.
    One can also enter the Park from Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Diego, Anaheim routes etc.

Things to See/Visit

From awe-inspiring studio tours to mind-altering attractions and rides, Universal Studios Hollywood offers something for all, irrespective of the age group.
The main area is split into 2 different zones called as Upper and Lower Lots.
For better navigation through the park, visit the Park map given here.

Main Attractions –Upper and Lower Lots

Both these lot includes some of a fascinating family based attractions. Some of them are

Springfield Themed The Simpsons 


The comedic action simulator “The Simpsons Ride” combined with various eateries based on the show, a gift shop based on Kwik-E-Mart.

Fast and Furious themed ride 


An artificial world of state-of-the-art hyper-realistic action special effects, including HD quality 3D image projected as a 360-degree visual spectacle.

The Walking Dead Show 


Travel through a world of hungry walkers and navigate the nightmarish iconic sceneries bringing the world’s most famous cable TV program in history.

Despicable Me Minion


The best way to experience Despicable Me Minion and also join his daughters, Gru on a mind-blowing 3D ride.

Water world 


A stupendous out of the world stunt show featuring live stunts that are performed by professional stuntmen in the water.

Jurassic Park 


Passing through dinosaur exhibits, the visitors will then enter the dinosaur free zone which ultimately culminates in a long deep 84 feet plunge.

The Mummy Ride 


A 120 seconds indoor roller coaster that moves at a top speed of 45 miles /hour including backward and forward

Never to be Missed Rides

The Harry Potter Show 


Contains screen and animatronics based on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, housed in the Hogwarts castle replica.

Transformers 3D ride 


One of the flashiest rides in the Park, blurring the difference between reality and fiction. Flight technology (simulation) and fusing HD 3D media creates a phenomenal experience like none before.

King Kong: 360 3-D (Part of Studio Tour)


A one of a kind path-breaking attraction with heart-pounding action sequences; a horrible fist fight between King Kong and a T – Rex.

The Flight of the Hippogriff 


An action-filled roller coaster ride that takes the rider on a whirlwind trip all over the pumpkin strip. Never to be missed ride.

The Mummy Ride 


A 120 seconds indoor roller coaster that moves at a top speed of 45 miles /hour including backward and forward motion.

Dining - A Gastronomic Journey to Universal Studios Hollywood

Our Top Five Picks

The Three Broomsticks hotel


Head for a sumptuous hearty meal, some friendly conversation, and the Butterbeer to taste.

Hog’s Head 


For authentic Pumpkin Juice, Butterbeer, and for some quality spirits & wine, check this out.

Phineas Q.Icecreams 


Enter for super-cold donut sundaes, Conan’s – ice cream, and swirl ice creams to taste.

Panda Express 


Nice steamy orange chicken accompanied by the zesty sauce is crowd’s all time favorite. Rainbow Roll deserts and California Rolls are showstoppers in their own right.



For authentic pastries, merchandise and snacks, baked goods, including dinner/lunch/breakfast options, Starbucks are

Universal Studios-Tour

In the total run time of 1 hour, immerse yourself in the magic of Hollywood and beyond in the studio designed by the legendary Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg himself. The video anchor of the tour is none other than Jimmy Fallon, the comedian.

The Studio tour highlights are

Fast and Furious 


The best part of the tour is always reserved for the last. But don’t worry folks, you are lucky.

Behind the Action (Scenes)


Take this opportunity to further explore discover the world’s most happening studio lot.

Bates Hotel


Take a look at Alfred Hitchcock’s Bates Motel which featured in the Hollywood classic Psycho.

King Kong 360 3-D 


The world’s most powerful and largest jaw-dropping 3-D journey.

Jaw-Stunning Celebrity watch 


Meet face to face with Amity Island’s longest water sensation in this peculiar ride.

A set design visit


Visit the most popular and famous sets (Boeing 747) created for Steven Spielberg’s movie all-time classic “War of the Worlds”.

Earthquake Hungama 


Enjoy and soak in the commotion of an artificial earthquake simulation in this tour. Lets rock !!!

Shopping – Turn into Your Favorite Character

For a delightful and fun-filled shopping extravaganza, Universal Studios Hollywood is a one-stop shop.

Universal Studio Shop 


Hosts some of the largest collections of children and adult’s apparel, souvenirs and toys, accessories etc. Pop into this store for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Flinch’s Confiscated Goods Shop


One can purchase confiscated items in this shop include books, stationery, collectibles, travel accessories, jewelry and so on. Head into Harry Potter’s Wizard World to buy from Flinch’s.

Character Shop 


To buy merchandise based on a character from The Secret Life of Pets and Sing and Despicable Me, this character shop never disappoints.

Production Central 


For those who live, eat, and sleep Hollywood movies, this shop has a variety of collections from King Kong, Psycho, Jaws etc. to choose from.
One can also download Jaws, Jurassic Park, Studio Tour, Universal Studios Globe as phone wallpapers and show off the Hollywood style in every possible way.

Wiseacre’s Sorcery Shop 


One stop shop to buy all the sorcery items themed on Harry Potter’s Wizarding.

Entertainment Stuff- Take a Little Deep Breath

Velociraptor Encounter 


Outside the Jurassic Park, a dinosaur roams free. For an up-close encounter, head to this spot. They are waiting!!!

Extra Show 
Anchored by Renee Bargh, Tanika Ray, and Mario Lopez, this show talks about the latest flash news from the fields of lifestyle, politics, pop culture, entertainment to countless viewers worldwide.

Special Effects Show 


For 25 minutes of blockbuster action, this cutting-edge, practical effects, stunt show reveals all the answers to the mysteries behind some of the high octane, insane action sequences in Hollywood.

Frog Choir


To know how giant frogs sound when they open their throats, the students from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor perform a wide variety of wizarding songs, a Capella ensues.

Universal’s Animal Actor 


Some of the popular scenes will be enacted from the movie and watch it for the trained critters.

Important Celebrations not to be Missed

  • Celebrate New Year (Lunar) – At the famous Universal Plaza. More than that, there are festivities, décor, foods etc. to add more pomp and glamour to the event.
  • Grinchmas – For a Grinch-themed Christmas where the celebrations never cease to end.
  • Halloween Nights – Enjoy the most spectacular cum scariest Halloween celebrations in California designed by the best special effects experts in this genre.

Height Requirements - Rides

  • Mummy Ride – At least 122 cm or more.
  • Jurassic Ride – Not less than 107 cm tall. Older companions (14 >/= years) must accompany children in the range of 107 to 122 cm.
  • The Simpsons – Minimum height- 102 cm. Older companions (14 >/= years) must accompany children in the range of 102 to 122 cm height.
  • Transformers 3D Ride – Minimum height- 102 cm. Older companions (14 >/= years) must accompany children in the range of 102 to 122 cm height.
  • Despicable Me – Minimum height- 102 cm. Older companions (14 >/= years) must accompany children in the range of 102 to 122 cm height.
  • Hippogriff Flight – Minimum height- 99 cm. Older companions (14 >/= years) must accompany children in the range of 99 to 122 cm height.
  • Harry Potter – At least 122 cm height or more.

Emergency Contact or First Aid Centers

For the convenience of the general public, the emergency contact centers/first aid centers are located at

  • Lower Lot – In between Character Shop and Jurassic Café
  • Upper Lot – Near Universal’s Actors (Animal )

Park Timings and Show Timings

To learn more about park timings or opening hours or show timings, feel free to visit – Universal Studios Hollywood  Park Timings.

Early Park Admission/Entry It is primarily available for those who book a room or buy a ticket thru UniversalStudiosHollywood.com or Hotel Package. Early Park Entry (Admission) begins 60 minutes earlier than normal daily timings. All these are subject to change, cancellation, and availability. To learn more, visit Calendar/Schedule for visiting hours.

Black-out Days – To avoid any kind of disappointments, check out this list of black-out days and available days for the period starting from November 2017 to September 2018.

General Parking Information

All rates subject to change with/without any intimation.

Electric Vehicle Stations (Charging)

  • Lot- Woody Woodpecker – 1 port (Front Gate)
  • ET Garage – Level B1 – 16 ports
  • Jurassic Parking area – Level B1M and 1- 8 ports
  • Frankenstein Garage – Level2 and level 7- 4 ports

Base Price- US$ 0.35/kWh, standard rates also apply.

Parking Fees/Charges – Daily- One vehicle only

  • Valet Parking – For First 120 mins = US$20, exceeding 120 mins = US$40
  • General Parking – 6 PM onwards*= US$ 10; 6 PM (Before) =US$ 25.
    *= On certain days, these charges do not apply.
  • Preferred Parking – 6 PM onwards*= US$ 20; 6 PM (Before) =US$ 35.
  • Front Gate Area Parking (Nearest to the Park) – 6 PM onwards*= US$ 20; 6 PM (Before) =US$ 35.

Ticket Rates

subject to change without/with any further intimation.

There are three types of ticket admission currently available

VIP Experience – The inclusions are

  • Gourmet lunch and light breakfast in VIP private dining room
  • Areas not available for common public access
  • Escorted priority entry to all attractions and rides.

Annual Passes/ Season Passes With an annual or season pass, one can enjoy the freedom of visiting the park more than a couple of times.

They contain four types of entry passes namely

  • California Neighbor Pass – US$ 129 per month (valid over 175 days)
  • Silver Annual Pass – US$ 6 per month (valid over 250 days)
  • Gold Annual Pass – US$ 18 per month (includes parking)
  • Platinum Annual Pass – US$ 45 per month ( includes Front of Line)

2 Day/1 Day Ticket – The admission options are

  • VIP Experience – US$ 329 onwards
  • Front of Line – US$ 179 to US$ 254
  • 2 day/1 day general admission – US$ 129 to US$ 159 (2 days); US$ 105 to US$ 116 (1 day);

Discounts / Ticket Coupons (Universal Studios Hollywood)

Special offers are available for

To buy an e-ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood California (Annual Gold Pass and normal ticket), please feel free to visit- Costco.com for more information.

Refund or Ticket Cancellation

In case, you wish to learn more about ticket refund or ticket cancellation information, please visit- Universal Studios Hollywood Terms and Service.

Hotels and Packages

The preferred hotel’s package includes a selection of top grade hotels around and in Los Angeles; one can receive an Early Park Entry to the attraction “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” if he/she chooses any preferred hotels bundle.

Our top picks include

  • The BLVD Spa and Hotel
    Studio City, California

For more choices of preferred hotels, feel free to visit- Universal Studios Hotels Preferred Package

Universal Hollywood City Walk

Hosts more than 30 distinct shops, IMAX technology embedded 19 screens, 3 cool nightclubs, and around 30 places for an amazing dining experience.

The main focus of attractions is

  • Entertainment

Howl at the Moon – A dueling piano dance bar to keep the dance floor occupied throughout the night.  Drinks, music, and unlimited fun.

iFLY –  For a unique flying experience inside a vertical tunnel specifically built for this purpose, check this out.

5 Towers entertainment stage – Pulsating music, mesmerizing light display of over 5000 LED, and the best in class concert venue to enjoy the day with friends and family.

An AMC Cinema Theatre – Universal Cinema exhibits the best movie-going experience with a LASER and 7-story tall IMAX screen. Enter for some super immersive visual delight.

  • Dining

Some of the best places to dine are

Voodoo Doughnut – Portland-based company dishes out the best unconventional fried creations, a nice way to spend the day.

Jamba Juice – The topmost choice for all juice lovers, a fitness freak’s nirvana.

Pink’s Hot Dogs – A place for a late night brunch, dinner or lunch; a must visit landmark in California.

  • Shopping

The top-notch stores in City Walk are

Abercrombie and Fitch –  A prominent apparel retailer, Abercrombie, and Fitch uniquely embrace casual American and youthful lifestyle.

Billabong – Beach lovers and hardcore sports enthusiasts enjoy shopping at Billabong for latest trends in sportswear segment.

Universal Studio Shop – The best place to begin and end the tour. Here, one can find the latest Hollywood merchandise and products at reasonable prices.

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