Types Of Coffee – All About Coffee Roasts & Cafes

Brewed from beans from berries, Coffee is a drink that is made from well-roasted coffee beans. The beans are the seeds of the berries sprouted in the Coffee plant and pour out as different types of coffee.

Early morning as you stumble from your bed to the kitchen with your blear eye, sleepyhead grump, just stop to think the moment you chug your coffee, the vibe that runs down your body, makes you bounce in your next step throughout the day.

The curiosity raises as you have read the actual benefits and snags of coffee, so here are few more interesting facts that you may like to know about the world-famous brewed drink Coffee.

A Sip of Coffee as you wake up can trigger you more than just an energy boost!

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Coffee Preparation Methods

Now that you have decided to drink coffee if you haven’t been, get to know the preparation methods:


Espresso is what ticks our mind as we hear coffee brewing. Yes, it’s the espresso machine which is caffeinated us since 1901.

They come in various models, yes but all functions the same, pushes the pressurized water along with the chamber of roasted ground coffee beans which flows out through the filter filled with the pure aroma of espresso.


Steeping is a long-time method of brewing which is just about the immersion mechanism.

In crisp, it is just about mixing the ground coffee beans with the hot water and simply leaving it to play its magic before separating the coffee and the filtered coffee grains.

The timing is the magic trick of steeping, if you pick it too early before filtration the flavor is lost, the more you leave it turns bitter. 

Percolator method

Percolator method is not a chosen way of brewing coffee by the coffee lovers as it is a bland drink made with a flavor of the coffee bean.

It is because the coffee grains in the percolator is heated numerous times over and over resulting in a bitter brown extraction.

Take it an option if you are ok to drink a bad coffee than to not drink it.

Drop brew Method

Drip coffee is the way of brewing among many coffee drinkers currently. Various drippers are being launched in the market now and then.

However, all do the same, the fresh coffee beans are placed in a filter type of container through which the water flows dripping the clear, and aroma filled coffee in your kettle.

Filter Method


Filtration is just about making coffee in 4-5 minutes for solo drinkers who need a quick sip of the boosting drink. It doesn’t call for any skill or style.

It is quite simple as pour the water along the coffee grains, set aside and wait. The aromatic pure coffee drips down for you to taste. Madras filter coffee punches to the aroma.

Vacuum Pot

It is named as Siphon pot as well and it’s one creative unique way of brewing the coffee. This preparation is a brewing combination wherein the brew is fully immersed along with the siphon action to get the taste sip.

It is a bit complicated process of brewing and can be used to show off your brewing styles. Now that you are all set to try various brewing styles, get to know about the profession of brewing!!! 

Barista is a title for professionals brewing the tastiest coffees across the globe. The experts skilled in the art of brewing espresso and expresso related beverages are called as Barista. Barista is an Italian word which means an expresso bartender.

Coffee Making Machines

Let’s check out the various coffee making machines:

A coffee making machine is an absolute requirement if you want to brew it to the perfect mixture.

Not just for enjoying at home, even if you expand your passion as a business the right coffee making machine should be selected to brew the best taste.

Espresso Ground Coffee Machine

It’s a machine for people who would want to treat their taste buds with fresh coffee with ground coffee beans.

Espresso is cheaper and suits any coffee brand. You can decide about the taste of the drink as you may choose the quantity of coffee and water.

Bean to cup coffee machines

It is the expensive variety wherein the coffee bean is freshly ground and coffee is made.

It comes with an inbuilt coffee bean grinder that grinds the beans and blends it with water to give the tasty very fresh coffee filled with fresh aroma.

Capsule Coffee Machines

Want to have a quick taste of coffee and want to prepare it without much mess, grab a capsule coffee machine.

It is an easy to clean machine which you may opt if you aren’t a regular user of the coffee machine. The coffee is kept fresh within the capsules that are sealed.

Types Of Coffee

Coffee is not just about brewing the coffee grains in water or milk. It’s got more magic than you could think. Know about the Taste of different coffee varieties:


Espresso also is known as Short Black is the basic coffee pattern and the foundation of a variety of espresso beverages.

An espresso cup is made of one shot of espresso. Double espresso or the doppio as it is popularly known is made of two shots of espresso.


It is an iced dessert which is blended with coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla, and edible sweet syrups.

Frappe is a shake served cold along with the whipped cream and topping. Its cold coffee flavored creamy taste tempts even a non-coffee lover.

Turkish Coffee


Turkish coffee is the reason for you to be enjoying this beverage today. It is part of the history of coffee.

It is unfiltered and made from ground coffee beans that are boiled in utmost low flame. The main trick of this coffee is the mixing of sugar right at the beginning of the preparation.


Macchiato kind of espresso layered with steamed milk and foam to slay down the sharp taste of espresso.

One shot of espresso with milk is the short macchiato and long macchiato is the combination with two shots of espresso.

Macchiato comes in a three-layered look with an espresso base, milk blended in espresso in the second layer and with clear milk on the top layer.

Cold Coffee

At times you may want to boost yourself up amidst a hot summer day. Cold coffee with its coffee flavor and dessert nature is the perfect pick up at such times. Flavors, syrups, and sweeteners add taste to this beverage.

Flat White Coffee

It is a coffee that is quite common in Australia and New Zealand. The flavor is similar to the cappuccino, except for the absence of foam and chocolate on the top layer.

One shot of espresso with steamed milk without foam and chocolate makes the perfect flat white coffee

Café Breva

If you are a fan of espresso then it must be your delicious drink. It is rich yet it’s worth it.

Made of espresso brewed with frothed half and half milk and steamed half and half milk, it is quite same as a cappuccino, the half and half milk play its trick of taste in this drink.

Indian (Madras) Filter Coffee

The uniqueness of the Indian Madras Filter Coffee is brewed from the freshly roasted coffee beans in combination with chicory roots which are usually available only in India.

If you are tempted to taste it, just pick an Indian instant coffee brand pack to enjoy the unique flavor and aroma. It is by far the most popular south Indian beverage.

Café Latte Freddo

It is an Italian drink made from iced latte, looks and tastes thicker than any other lattes. Colloquially it is also called caffe latte shakarado signifying the drink being shaken by baristas before serving.

Latte Freddo is the right choice of beverage for a summer afternoon. You can get to sip it usually from the alfresco caffés.

Types Of Coffee Roasts

The flavor is the most important part of any drink. Coffee’s true flavor eclipses from the roasted beans. It’s interesting to know about different types of roasting the beans:

Dark Roasts


Dark roasts coffees are usually a dark brown color drink which tends to look like chocolate or it is completely dark black.

Traces of oil are found on the surface of the beans which can be observed even on the cup of coffee that’s brewed from dark roasts.

Dark roast generally tastes bitter, smoky or even a bit burnt. They are often roasted above 250°C (482°F) to get the flavor of tar and charcoal.

Few popular dark roasts are:

  • French Roast
  • Italian Roast
  • Espresso Roast
  • Continental Roast
  • New Orleans Roast
  • Spanish Roast

Most of them are used for brewing espresso blend.

Medium-Dark Roasts

Medium-dark roast gives a richer and darker shade with a similar sheen of oil on the body of the beans.

The body of the beans in the medium-dark roast is comparatively heavier than light or medium roasts. Roasting begins with the start or during the second crack on the bean to an extent of 230°C (446°F).

The aromas and flavor raise with roasting and the coffee tastes spicy. The popular medium-dark roasts are Full City Roast, After Dinner Roast and Vienna Roast.

Medium Roast

The medium roast looks medium brown in appearance with a heavier body than light roast. There is no oil present in the body of the bean in a medium roast.

The grainy taste of the light roasts is something to miss in medium roast, however, it’s the right choice to enjoy the balanced acidity, aroma, and flavor.

Heated up to 220°C ( 428°F) the medium roast is roasted either at the beginning of the second crack or at the end of the first crack on the bean.

Popular roasts in medium roast are the Regular roast, American Roast, City Roast, and Breakfast Roast.

Light Roast

Light roasts are lighter in color and body as the name signifies. The surface is also oil-free. Its flavor of the roast is similar to a toasted grain and has evident acidity taste.

The original flavor of the bean is usually maintained, unlike dark roast. Light roast also helps in retaining the majority of caffeine flavor in the coffee bean.

In light roast, the bean is roasted to 205°C (401°F) were in the bean cracks to expand itself. The bean isn’t roasted after the first crack in the light roast.

The common light roasts are Light City, Half City, Cinnamon Roast and New England Roast.

Tips To Check Before You Brew Your Coffee

Are you excited to sip a coffee? Wait! Know about the few things you must check before you brew it and they are:

Buy fresh/good coffee beans

The coffee beans need to strong enough and must be the ones that are roasted just a few weeks before.

Make sure on the flavor that tempts you before you grab your coffee bean. Check out the type of roast you may want to be based on your taste or flavor.

Grind right before brewing

Roasted beans are quite delicate and perish soon. The aroma of the coffee bean fades when letting open.

Grinding the bean right before you want to make a cup of coffee keeps the flavor and aroma intact giving you the best taste of the drink.

Storing the coffee correctly

The coffee beans must be kept safe in an airtight container away from sun rays. Many of us doubt, should we freeze the bean or not.

Simple, if you are to store for longer than two weeks better to freeze otherwise fresh beans in normal room temperature gets you the best coffee.

The correct proportion of Coffee to Water

Most of us don’t get the right taste always is because of the proportion of coffee and water. We tend to reduce the coffee powder in the mixing assuming the extra scoop is the waste.

Here follow the golden ratio to get the right brew. 30 grams of Coffee in combination with 523 grams of water is the golden ratio for a perfect coffee.

Concentrate on technique

Brewing the best coffee is not rocket science, it’s all about precision and consistency.

Every brewing method has its own tactics, do it reputedly you’ll learn the art from the mistakes you make in the taste.

Good luck in getting recognized as the great barista on the coffee table amongst your family and friends.

Quality of the tools

The tools chosen for the filtering or brewing makes a lot of difference in the taste of the coffee. An expensive and worthy tool in coffee making proves its worth in the long run in the taste and flavor of the drink.

Good quality tools last for a long time and also helps in making your cup easier without any mess.

More Coffee Types

Few more coffee varieties that you may not want miss are:


Cappuccino is an Italian flavor drink which is originally made from double espresso along with foam of steamed milk.

The flavor varies with the combination of cream in place of milk and cinnamon addition or mixing of chocolate powder.

It comes in various colors: black, dark brown, beige, light brown and white.

Café Noisette

It’s an espresso with a streak of hot milk. It turns out in the hazelnut shade. The barista pours over the hot milk before serving or it is given in a kettle to the drinker to pour.


Americano is a flavor of coffee made by brewing espresso in combination with hot water which seems quite as same as drip coffee with a little variation in taste. It is also called long black.

Café Au Lait


Café Au Lait is a coffee prepared by stirring the hot milk. It’s like white coffee but the difference is that the white coffee cold milk is added to make it a chilled drink. Originated from France Café, Au Lait is made with espresso as a base.


Latte is a tasty coffee blended with espresso and steamed milk. The English word latte is derived from its Italian form Caffé Latte which denotes “milk coffee”.

Iced Latte is served with chilled milk and foam. Latte tastes its best both hot and cold.


It’s an espresso drink along with milk flavored with chocolate. At some cafés, they add hot chocolate for better taste and in a few places they replace chocolate with chocolate syrups.

Mocha latte is different from Mocha coffee beans which have natural chocolate flavor.

Famous Cafes

Too many Coffee varieties, now where to get them?? Let’s go on to find some famous Cafés across the world.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee


With about 400 Coffee chains around Australia Gloria Jean’s is a world-famous coffee brand.

This brand originated in Australia with the efforts of two coffee lovers, Nabi Saleh and Peter Irvine about fifteen years back.

Must-Try: Mocha, Ice Chocolate Frappe, honey cake…

Caribou Coffee

Life is short, stay awake for it is the tagline of Caribou. It is the tagline that pulls plenty of customers to the company across the United States.

It is the second biggest coffee company in the USA which is spread across 10 other countries. This company concentrates on handcrafted espresso and tempting melting drinks.

Must-Try: Salted caramel Coffee, Berry white Mocha, Vanilla caribou coffee… 

Coffee Beanery


Originated way back in 1976, Coffee Beanery is a company that serves the best coffee you could ever have.

Apart from this, the company is known for selling best and fresh coffee beans which will slash down the taste of all the coffee you ever had in your life.

Must-Try: Coffee Brulee, Decaf coffee, Banana Nut coffee…

Dunkin’ Donuts

The very famous slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” is the tagline of the company. It’s a widespread fast-food chain which serves tasty food and tempting beverages.

It is a company which doesn’t rely only on Coffee but yet makes the best coffees in the world.

Must-Try: Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Frozen Caramel Coffee…

Starbucks Coffee


Java Chip!!! Yes, you got it right that what ticks your mind with the thought of star bucks. Star Bucks serve pure perfect coffee beside yummy beverages.

Star Bucks has over 21000 outlets around the world. It is quite environment-friendly with paper recycling and composting coffee.

Must-Try: Iced Caramel Macchiato, Strawberry Acai Fresher, Caramel Frappuccino…


McCafe is a franchise of McDonald which was formed in 1991. In the year 2002, they began their first startup in the US and presently they have about 300 Coffee chains in the world.

Must-Try: Cold Coffee, McCafe Latte, Smoothies…

Costa Coffee


Can never miss!! The name is on the list of one of the fastest-growing coffee companies in the world.

It is the biggest coffee network in the United Kingdom and it is also the second biggest coffee company in the world.

Owned by the Whitbread, their hospitality is amazing and noteworthy.

Must-Try: Flat White, Roasted Hazelnut Latte Costa Coffee Cortado…

Tully’s Coffee

Found in Seattle the main motto of the company was to compete with Starbucks. The company was started in the year 1992 is now spread all across the world.

Must-Try: Caramel macchiato, coconut milk drinks, Zhena Tea…

Peet’s Tea and Coffee

Are you a roasted coffee lover? If yes head upright to Peet’s tea and coffee as their absolute purpose of setting up this company is to serve roasted coffee.

It’s quite famous for its tastiest espresso drinks since 1966.

Must-Try: Pumpkin Latte, Caffe Mocha, The black tie…

Lavazza Coffee


Lavazza is the well-known coffee brand in Italy and it’s a company with huge success across the world. Its business has diversified to over 90 countries with four major plants in Italy.

Must-Try: Authentic Italian Coffee, hot chocolate, espresso beans….


It is one of the oldest coffee houses in the history of coffee chains across the world. It is popular for its Irish flavored drinks and now it also serves best Tea and coffee.

Must-Try: Cappuccino, Mocha, Lattes…

Tim Hortons

It is the favorite coffee house in Canada because of its ever-ready “Fresh Pot”. Which signifies that their coffee is always freshly served and is never stored in kettles till the customers visit.

Must-Try: Ice Capp with chocolate milk, Ice coffee, Ice Tea…

Tips To Extract The Best Flavor Of Coffee

Few tips to extract the flavor of coffee to have the best drink early in the morning:


  • Fresh Beans is the key to get the best aroma and taste. Older beans result in bitter and oily taste.
  • Grind your beans just before your brew to enjoy the aroma and to keep intact the flavor and taste.
  • Buy a burr type grinder to enjoy a balanced brew as it grinds the beans evenly. The brew is better with fine ground beans.
  • Extract coffee based on your taste there are many ways to extract the flavor press pot, pour-over, electric brewer, you may choose based on your taste requirement.
  • Use fresh filtered water as tap water may contain several other salt and minerals which may spoil the taste of your coffee.
  • Time your extraction as if you brew for a long time your coffee may turn bitter and if you brew too short it may taste sour.
  • Don’t boil the water. Water lesser than its boiling point 212°C is good for a perfect cup of coffee.
  • Preheat Coffee cup. It’s a trick to keep away coffee from cooling down quickly.
  • Turn down the heat as Coffee can get stale quite faster. Prepare what you need for the moment and don’t store much.
  • Clean the gear/ tool every day. Don’t use Soap, use the dry brush to clean the coffee machine as it may have stains of oil and residues.

Coffee is the morning thrill for most of us with its warm perfume of fresh coffee bean. Thoughtfully brew your perfect cup of coffee, enjoy the aroma, taste the flavor and enjoy every sip of your favorite drink.

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