Types Of Mattress – How To Identify?

Types of Mattress

Choosing the correct brand of a mattress can be quite cumbersome especially if you are not a vivid shopper since technology has moved well ahead in the past few years.

However, to make your task easy we have mentioned some of the common types of mattresses which can provide a good, nice sleep. Remember to choose the types of mattress that best suits your need.

Decide The Type Of Mattress That Suits You

Nowadays, the market is flooded with different types and varieties of mattresses. The most popular Types of Mattress are –

♦ Memory Foam Type Mattresses – Highly adjustable and soft, memory foam technology was first introduced by NASA for flight seats (viscoelastic foam).

A memory foam mattress bed provides comfort and support along with motion transfer which is at a very low level. Coil shifting problem is absent in this mattress.

The main disadvantage of this mattress is that it has the tendency to trap and retain heat during hot summer months in particular.

♦ Innerspring Mattresses – This type of mattress has undergone a lot of changes over the past few decades.

Since innerspring mattresses provide limited durability and comfort combined with poor motion transfer, a majority prefer to buy memory foam beds.

The best way to identify the top-quality innerspring mattress is to check the coil design and topper material.

♦ Latex Mattresses – 100% natural mattresses (latex) are given more prominence over latex synthetic mattresses.

This type of mattress can be combined(natural + synthetic) with synthetic or natural-based rubber. Memory foam and innerspring mattresses are more popular than latex mattresses.

♦ Air mattress(Airbeds) – In this type of mattress, one can easily adjust the air pressure depending on the user requirement, be it hard or soft.

Each company has come up with their own design for air pumps, bladder materials, and air chamber.

♦  Gel-based and water – Based mattresses-The waterbed is not for everyone. They can be best described as durable, hypoallergic and affordable.

In soft-side beds, the bladders are enclosed like in normal mattresses while hand side beds can fit into hardwood frames. There are two varieties for the customer to choose from -free flow and waveless model.

Know more about the top ten mattress brands available in the market.

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