Stargazer Lily- Cynosure Of All Eyes

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily

Known for its striking beauty and scent, Stargazer lily is a dramatic, beautiful, bold, and young flower. The meaning and significance of this wonderful flower are one of prosperity and wealth.

In addition, the white variety means sympathy and purity.

Not to mention, this flower conveys a different set of emotions ranging from delicacy to sorry and also something in between.

Let’s learn more about this gorgeous, vibrant stargazer lily in a bit more detail.

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Things To RememberUseful Information
Breeder Leslie Woodriff
Year and location (Breeding origin)1974, California, America
Scientific NameLilium
Plant Height3 – 6 feet
Blooming Season Summer
Soil NeedsWell-drained, ideally moist
SpeciesLilium Orientalis
Flower TipToxic in nature, keep pets away
Sunlight RequirementFull sunlight preferred
Growing Zones4 to 9
Where to find them?North America

Stargazer Lilies can work as floral points in landscape architecture, as they are visually stunning to catch everybody’s attention.

Tall and bright, they nevertheless, usually do not need any stalking. Some gardeners keep them for their cost-effective maintenance and beauty.

Key points about Stargazer Lillies

  • Lilium Stargazer belongs to the ‘Oriental group’. In general, Oriental lilies emit a delightful scent and bloom in summer, probably from mid-summer to late summer.
  • Rubrum lilies are different from Stargazer lilies and people tend to confuse one with another. In addition, Rubrums were created with their head pointing towards the earth.
  • Woodriff, the breeder who invented this lily variety, named it ‘Stargazer’ because these lilies pointed skywards.

History And Origin

Purity and lilies are married to one another since time immemorial. Additionally, drawings of lilies were unearthed from a house in Crete.

Also, the Greeks carried the notion that lilies (white) emerged from the Greek queen deities, Hera.

In Roman or Greek mythology, these white flowers were called Madonna or White lilies, showing virtue, purity and chastity.

What Does Stargazer Lily Convey?

Stargazer Lily convey sound living, wellness, and abundance. Moreover, the flower steals everyone’s heart with its visual elegance and charm.

However, you can gift a handpicked version to profess your love and make your friend feel like a star.

In general, lilies display innocence and purity. Furthermore, for 30th-anniversary celebrations (wedding) stargazer lilies are presented ceremoniously.

Light Your Life, Home With Stargazer Lilies

These flowers speak the language of hope and represent success and persistence. Since the buds face the sky, Stargazer Lily signifies unlimited meaningful talent.

Stargazer Lily Details

In the first place, non-woody plants like Stargazer lilies are perennial too. During cold weather, these flower varieties shed their ground level growth. But, this lily’s below ground development remains intact.

Also, Stargazer Lilies are bulb type plants and they generally flower in the summer. Moreover, a hybrid plant, Stargazer lily grows 1 feet wide and 3 feet high under normal conditions.

However, this flowering plant blooms together in a cluster, with at least six.

Key Points

  • The usual blooming seasons of Stargazer Lily are either in June or in July. Notably, the inner petals are mostly in crimson or deep pink while the petal boundaries are white in colour.
  • Furthermore, Stargazer lilies have very prominent dark pink spots.
  • Then, the flower tip of a Stargazer lily is reflexed indicating the backward curve.
  • Stamens of these flowers are showy, long, and sport.
  • Large blossoms with flowers reaching 6 inches in diameter, they have lance-shaped contrasting leaves.

Soil, Sun, And Planting Requirements For Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies grow in zones between 4 and 9. For best results, nurture them in an evenly moist well-drained soil and in full sunlight.

This lily variety performs best in loamy soil containing a suitable acidic soil pH.

What are loamy soils?

They are crumbly type soil consisting of a combination of humus, sand, and clay that aids plant growth.

Humus refers to wholly or partially decomposed organic matter.

Why Stargazer Lilies love loamy soils?

For instance, a soil filled with excess sand behaves too porous. And, water passes through it like passing through a sieve.

So, water does not percolate to the needed areas and it fails to hang around for maximum use.

On the contrary, a soil containing too much clay content allows water stagnation which results in damaging the roots.

Therefore, taking all these things into perspective, stargazer lilies grow best in loamy soil.

How to keep the Roots Cool?

There are two ways to do this

  • Learn how to mulch Some of the well-known mulches
    • Pine Straw
    • Sawdust, chips, bark
    • Black plastic
    • Stone
    • Leaves
    • Hay
    • Straw
  • Cultivating companion plants that cast shade and aids growth

Uses For Eye-Catching Stargazer Lilies

  • Firstly, they make excellent cut flowers.
  • Moreover, in floral setups, stargazer lilies occupy the centre stage as very few flowers can upset them with appearance.
  • For a hybrid flower variety that came into prominence only in the 70s, their contribution looks remarkable.

Daylilies And True Lilies Vs. Oriental And Asiatic Lilies

Again, Stargazer lilies are in fact ‘Oriental hybrids’. With hybridization, this lily variety has become more disease-free than the old species plants.

At the same time, learning the difference between Asiatic and the Oriental is paramount.

Orientals contain taller, more scented flower varieties that bloom a bit late.

Stella de Oro and Easter lilies are not daylilies but typical true lilies.

How to identify a true lily?

  • Using the genus name, i.e, true lilies have Lilium as their genus name. However, many plants are recognized as lilies but in reality, they do not have Lilium in the genus name.
  • Simple tips to recognize a lily amidst really good fake ones are-
  • A true lily contains a stalk that reaches all the way from a steady underground bulb. In other words, the stalk encircles using the plant’s short looking leaves.
  • On the contrary, daylily contains multiple branches with zero leaves. In contrast, the leaves of daylily are longer and they emerge only from a root.

Different Types Of Oriental Hybrid Lilies

Furthermore, some of the well-known Oriental Hybrid lilies

Mona Lisa Flower


  1. Zones – 3 – 9
  2. Width – 1 foot
  3. Height – 18 inches (max) and 16 inches (min)
  4. Colour – Resembles Stargazer minus white colour

Casa Blanca


  1. Zones – 5 – 8
  2. Width – 1 foot
  3. Height – 4 inches (max) and 13 inches (min)
  4. Colour – White colour flowers

Black Beauty


  1. Zones – 3 – 8
  2. Width – 2 foot
  3. Height – 7 inches (max) and 4 inches (min)
  4. Colour – Dark red or dark raspberry flowers resemble black flowers

How To Take Care Of A Stargazer Lily?

  • Plant bulbs at least six inches deep. Spring or fall matters the most.
  • Add fertilizers or manures from spring until the blooming season stops. Use compost or osmocote depending on the requirement. Also, if you use commercial fertilizers, monthly once fertilization is enough.
  • Above all, compost fertilizing promotes and supports water-retention aiding these plants to grow healthy.
  • Specifically, for those who love them as cut flowers, separate the anthers and stamens. Throw away the yellow pollen.
  • Perform deadheading. Deadheading, in turn, stops the creation of seed pods.
  • Wait till these flower plants turn brown and then cut.
  • In brief, if you love to have more plants, then in the fall season, divide the bulb.

Extra Care Tips- Stargazer Lilies

Keep your pets, both dogs and cats away from Stargazers as they contain toxic material.

On the other hand, they attract hummingbirds as well as butterflies.

Pets such as aphids, beetles, rabbits, deer, and voles damage this plant.

Simple tips to safeguard your plant from this pest

  • Destroy aphids using neem oil
  • Remove the beetles manually as and when you spot them
  • Then, grow rabbit-repellent flowers in case if you suffer from rabbit menace.
  • Also, shoo away deer by growing anti-deer plant varieties.
  • As far as voles are concerned, you can repel, poison, or trap them.

Right Time To Present Stargazer Lilies

  • To express “I’m sorry” or “I Love You”
  • When a person wants to stay charged or motivated
  • Enjoy or celebrate professional achievement or academic
  • Promote persistence and hope
  • 30th celebrations including wedding, business success

Riveting Facts

  • As per reports, stargazers are toxic to pets, especially cats.
  • However, if cats ingest this plant then they can suffer from urination problems, depression, lethargy, and vomiting.
  • Suppose, if you catch your cat near this plant, look for indications like flower sediments attached to their body.
  • Administering hydrogen peroxide can induce vomiting and consult your vet if you don’t know the right procedure.
  • The sweet fragrance of this lily arrests every flower gazer uniformly. For people suffering from allergies, removing the pollen can stop sneezing.

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