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Star Wars – The Last Jedi; Interesting Unknown Facts

Star Wars

When writer-duo Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan and J.J Abrams rebooted the existing Star Wars franchise, they did a great job.

They found the correct winning formula- balancing both, poking the franchise ahead and respecting fan’s adoration.

They created new characters and evolved the movie’s central theme around them. J.J Abrams did his best in retaining the Star Wars magic while easing the audience into the franchise’s inevitable makeover.

Coming to Star Wars – The Last Jedi, director-writer Rian Johnson is expected to create a stellar movie. Striking a balance between a modern version while retaining the Star Wars nostalgia is all expected from the new team.

After wishing the team some good luck, we are happy to recall some of the best-hidden trivia about the Star Wars franchise.

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The Star Wars Franchise – Interesting Facts Not Revealed So Far

◊ Steven Spielberg’s luck with Star Wars


It is pretty interesting to know that Spielberg was stopped from working with the series founder George Lucas due to non-creative issues.

Director Steven Spielberg was the first choice for “Return of the Jedi”. It seems George requested Steven to supervise and help with the Obi-Wan and Anakin epic lightsaber duel. Finally, he helped to shoot Episode 3.

◊ Carrie Fisher and the modesty tape


Carrie Fisher blatantly refused to wear modesty tape during the shoot of Jabba Palace sequence. This resulted in a lot of sequences to be reshot. Moreover, the famous gold bikini was shot in this sequence.

◊ Harrison Ford’s famous quotation during filming


Harrison Ford got frustrated while shooting for A New Hope and exclaimed,” George you can type this shit, but you can’t say it”, according to industry sources. It seems even Carrie Fisher evoked the same sentiment on the sets.

◊ “Han-Solo” Harrison Ford was not the first choice


Initially, George Lucas tried casting Billy Dee Williams and Glynn Turman for the role of “Han Solo”. Even Nick Nolte and Jack Nicholson were considered. As luck would have it, Ford got the role.

◊ Star Wars – The Gross Mistake 


No one was convinced that the movie will go on to rake in the moolah as it did later. After the final cut, the preview screening received several negative reviews from the movie insiders. Only director Steven Spielberg had faith in the movie’s success. And last, he was right.

◊ Ford refused to get associated with sequels 


After the first movie went on to become a massive hit, Ford refused to sign for the next two sequels. He believed Han Solo’s screen life was over and there was nothing more to add. Later he became part of the sequence and the rest is history.

◊ Liam Neeson’s entry into Star Wars franchise


It is known information that “Taken” actor Liam Neeson decided to act in the movie (Phantom Menace) without even reading the script. Many thought Liam took part in the shooting just to boost his sagging career.

◊ Character Yoda’s eyes reflected Albert Einstein


All those who looked at Yoda were right to mention that something was striking about his eyes. They were damn right.

Yoda’s eyes were designed keeping in mind the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein’s magnetic eyes. The puppet turned out to be lifelike.

◊ The timeless dialogue


The Star Wars franchise most famous line is “ I have a bad feeling about this”. This dialogue originated in A New Hope; episode 4.

First mouthed by Luke; then in Episode 5 by Leia, and in Episode 6 by C3-PO. Other characters who repeated this dialogue includes Anakin in Episode 2, and in Episode 3 and 1 by Obi-Wan.

In Force Awakens, Hans repeats that line. Jyn stops K-2SO midway when he attempts to repeat this line in the sequence “Rogue One”.

◊ Potatoes for Asteroids 


Well, potatoes as movie props? Yes, you are right. Real potatoes could be seen in the distance in the chase sequences in the part, “A New Hope”.

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