Myths About Sleep And How To Get A Shuteye?

Sleep Myths And Misinterpretations
Sleep Myths And Misinterpretations

Top 5 Shut-Eye Myths Shattered!!! Especially, in this world where night-life spits plenty of indulgences, catching a good sleep remains a status symbol for many. With misinformation ruling the rounds, let’s decipher the top 5 sleep myths associated with nightly shut-eye.

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Sleep Myths

Myth-1: Grown-ups need 7-8 hours of deep sleep


  • This statement is false! Don’t be surprised. In order to find your exact sleep hours, look for simple clues.
  • Moreover, if you find yourself sleeping while watching Netflix, then you better hit the sack a bit early.
  • Therefore, you keep your sleep time flexible so that you can pass the day without propping the eyelids.

Myth-2: Getting Suddenly Awake At Night Does Not Matter


  • No, it does matter. Moreover, changing your baby’s diaper, or answering a midnight phone call, will cost you more than you think.
  • As per reports, those who slept for 7 hours interrupted by four 15-minute breaks performed badly on mood and attention skill.
  • So, you better arrange an alternative to manage your child during wee hours or else face the consequences.

Myth-3: Does Fixed “Getting to Bed” and “Wake up time” matter?


  • Well, this question remains 50% true. It’s better if you wake up daily at a specific time, plus or minus 60 minutes. Moreover, you stick to this routine even on weekends.
  • For others, don’t worry. You just pay attention to your body. When you feel drowsy, enter the bed even if it’s early than normal.

Myth-4: Internal Clock Plays A Major Role


  • Yes, the brain’s super clock is called “Suprachiasmatic nucleus”. Moreover, almost all your body organs follow a kind of rhythm. Moreover, pushing your body through wacky sleep-habits, or frequent jet lags can land you in serious trouble.
  • However, circadian disruption plays a crucial role in putting the individual at a much higher risk than consuming

Myth-5: Counting Sheep Does Not Help


  • In the first place, if you fail to fall asleep within 15 minutes, then just get up. In other words, perform a non-stimulating activity like reading.
  • In case if you still fail to sleep, rinse your face and do any non-stimulating activity.
  • Overall, you just associate your bed only with sleep and sex and never give room to any other thoughts.

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