Tips To Sharpen Your Five Senses

Sharpen Your Five Senses
Sharpen Your Five Senses

Are you fond of sensing everything around you to the fullest of your capacity?? A fine-tuned nature to smell, taste, sight, hearing and also touch improves all the experiences you come across in life. As we age, most of our senses happen to dull but there is always a way to sharpen your five senses.

The five senses have the power to connect yourself with your soul and yourself with others soul so never underestimate them. Below are few simple tips you could make it part of your daily routine to enjoy life to the fullest with amazing sensing experience.

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Scent therapy

Trying what certain doctor’s name as “Inhalation of a strong smell” can kindle new receptors in your nose which enhances the sense of smell over the time. Pick a few strong smells every day which you may like and sniff them for some time. Doing this regularly will help you recognize these smells much easily within a week’s time.

  • Essential oils are good choices when it comes to scent therapy. Pick 3 or 4 such oils like lemongrass, rose, cedar, geranium and Vanilla.
  • Certain raw materials are good to use for scent therapy. Fill few items with a strong smell in jars like ground coffee, spice leaves, pleasant smelling shampoo and smell them frequently. Keep the lids of the jars tightly closed when you don’t smell to keep the smell strong.
  • Remember to sniff quickly when practising scent therapy rather than inhaling every scent deeply. This helps in avoiding scent fatigue.

Keep your eyes closed and inhale

Another way of therapy which can be experimented on is to identify the different variety of smells by keeping the eyes closed. Performing this therapy over a few months will help you develop your capacity to distinguish between various smells. Just keep your eyelids close and make people hold various substances near your nose. Sniff and identify the substance.

  • Try with a bit different variety of smells like cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, orange and mint. Rotation of such different smells enhances you smelling sense.
  • As you improvise in differentiating the smells, begin experimenting with bit complex scents which are difficult to recognize like cherry, grapefruit, lime and many more.

Describe smells out loud

As you recognize and elaborate the smell out in a loud voice, your capacity to perceive it is strengthened. Attempt to talk about the smells as you feel them. Describe the smell openly in any language, just like a wine connoisseur who would describe the quality of various wines.

  • Make it a practice to notice and speak about the smells you come across every day. For example, discuss the nuances of the smell you come across at a dinner table. “The scent of earthy churned corn in the tortillas, the sweet and spicy flavour of pork filling, the cilantro smells fresh soapy and the lime smells floral citrus”.


Lower Salt and Sugar

Eatables laden with these two flavours can mess your taste buds. The salt and sugar flavour cover up the subtle flavours and make it difficult for us to enjoy the actual taste of the food. When you cut on these basic flavours initially you will find it difficult but after few days you happen to notice that you were actually missing on few complex flavours and you begin to enjoy them.

  • Just plan your salt and sugar content in the food by lessening it to 1/3 or 1 /2. Sugar can also be substituted with honey which is a bit less intense.
  • Salt need not be totally take away from your food. Minimum amount salt actually enhances the taste of the food that you cook. But when you sprinkle too much of it on everything it begins to fade the actual sense of taste.

Keep away from Processed Foods

Processed foods are usually packed with sugar and sodium content which is a major reason to keep you away from them. The artificial flavours and chemical content may spoil the sense of taste. Chewing up sweet and spicy crunches from a fast food corner may actually fade your taste buds as you will be prone to chemically enhanced food flavours. Retain the sense of taste by choosing subtleties filled with natural flavours and keep yourself away from processed and chemical flavours.

  • Snacks such as chips, toffees and sodas are specifically flavour blasts which kindle your brain’s tasting pleasure and boost the cravings. Rather than this, homemade popcorns sprinkled with pepper and salt or homemade soda or fruit juice can be best for a tea break.
  • Initially, it will be difficult to adapt but later natural flavours will be more relishing than any other artificial taste enhancers.

Smell your food before you eat

The senses of smell and taste are quite interlinked with one another. When the smell is sharpened taste automatically enhances. So the trick of better taste is to inhale the smell of the food before your tummy tucks in the meal.


Take in food which keeps your eyes healthy

Food with Vitamin AVitamin C, and Vitamin E are very good for vision. Consuming food rich in these vitamins is the first step towards sharpening the sight. Foods rich in beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin are also very essential for eyes as these antioxidants safeguard the eyes from sun damage.

  • Include dark green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, carrots and also peppers in your diet.
  • Moreover, antioxidants that protect the eyes are filled in foods like blueberries, garlic, shallots, onions and grapes.
  • Foods which have DHA and fatty acid help in keeping up a healthy eye. Salmon, mackerel, cod and sardines provide essential nutrients for a healthy eyesight.

Things to note at work for eyes

  • Straining your eyes much at your workplace while performing your job requirements may spoil the eyesight over time.
  • It is absolutely necessary to take necessary breaks in between and look away from the computer so that the eyes get relaxed after a continuous strain of looking at the flickering lights in the computer.
  • After every hour just get up from your workstation and look outside at the natural light, gaze at some sights far away if possible. Just keep your eye on it till your sight adjusts to the view.

Eye exercises

Simple eye exercise as a part of your daily regime can give magical results in sharpening your eyesight. Practice the exercises daily especially when your eyes feel tired and a break from the daily routine with such exercises is a must.

  • Rotate your eyes around. Look above, then on the sides, then below and then to another side. Repeat it about ten times.
  • Keep your focus on an item, keep it near your face and then slowly move it back with your eyes focused on the object. Then repeat it by moving the item close to you again for about 10 times.
  • Keep a check on your peripheral vision. Stand looking at the wall focusing straight ahead. Try to recognize what is there on both your sides with the help of peripheral vision. Move ahead close to the wall and keep up your peripheral vision. Continue this task till your side views are obstructed. Practice this for a few days and slowly your peripheral vision will develop.


Red wine for Ears

Red wine has resveratrol which is an antioxidant that enhances the hearing ability. Sipping a glass of red wine, especially on a daily basis may be every evening improves the capacity to hear over a period of time.

Ear-friendly Diet

There are certain foods which will help you to keep up your hearing capacity good with your increasing age. The nutrients in certain food items are essential for your Ear health. Get to know them!!

  • The blood flow in the ear passage improves with food rich in omega 3 fatty acid and it helps with good hearing capacity.
  • Inflammation in inner parts of the ear can be reduced by including food with zinc content in your diet.
  • Quercetin present in apples is an antioxidant that helps in curing the free radical damage.

Music for Hearing

Listening to music at low or medium sound can sharpen the hearing capacity. Pick music which has elements that quite different from one another, this helps in focusing on a particular instrument at one time. Keep your concentration fully on music this helps in differentiating the movements and sounds.

  • Jazz is a good pick for improving the hearing capacity as musicians change instruments and play in solo.
  • Never increase the music beyond the medium volume. The sound of the music has to be such that you are able to have a conversation without any disturbance.
  • Hearing music doesn’t call for attending noisy concerts which in fact reduces the hearing ability. The same applies to ears prone to noisy traffic on a highway or a machinery sound etc. Earplugs and headphones are the best remedies for keeping away from the noise at such places where there is the high volume of sound.


Keep an eye on What you are touching

It is been scientifically proven that tactile sense and vision are interlinked. So when you keep an eye on the object while you are touching it enhances your touching sense. When the item you are touching is an interesting stuff for you do pay attention to how it looks like, this helps you feel the object better.

Give more attention to How things feel

The sense of touch is the one which is taken for granted at most times. Specifically giving some attention to how you feel when you touch something helps you to improve your touching sense as it triggers the brain and the touch sense is stimulated. Apparently, begin to pay attention to what your skin is touching.

  • As you shop for dresses do run your fingers over the different texture of fabrics. Try to differentiate between various cloths such as cotton and polyester, silk and satin. Do make a choice based on the cloth that feels best on your skin.
  • Try to deliberately touch on different textures the entire day. Give your fingers an opportunity to graze a rough surface as you walk by and also touch a soft flower.  Also, run your fingers through the strands of your hand and also touch your skin beneath your toe. Such a difference in the surface you touch kindles the sense of touch.
  • Moreover, do keep yourself away from certain natural factors that tend to change the feel of your skin like sharp sunshine and cold breeze.

Pamper your skin

Soft skin tends to be more sensitive than rough skin. Presence of callouses in hands or legs may limit the sense of touch and feel. Consider using a pumice stone which will get away with the rough edges of the skin and moisturize the skin with oil or lotion. This helps in improving your skin texture to being soft and also sensitive.

  • Give an all-around exercising and movement to your body is essential. Dancing, yoga, running and having good messages such as acupuncture sessions support in keeping yourselves in tune with your physique. Such exercising regimes help you keeping yourselves physically awake.

Having all your major 5 senses supercharges helps you enjoy your life to the maximum with your physical body supporting you in all ways.  To keep it in tune with the fast-paced life, sharpen and refresh the major 5 senses.

In simple words, the key to unlocking your five senses is to question t yourself the need of the sense. Just give a minute of thought about why you want to see, hear, taste, smell or touch something? If you answer it you will absolutely get the importance of these senses and start following few tips from above for a better lifestyle.

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