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Raw Water – Latest Dangerous Pseudo Scientific Craze

Raw Water
Raw Water

Consuming untreated raw water can be utterly dangerous.

What is Raw Water?


  • Raw water means unsterilized, untreated, and unfiltered spring water.
  • This water includes water from rivers & lakes, infiltration wells, groundwater, and rainwater.
  • It costs a bomb.
  • This current health drink craze gaining popularity all over America could make you actually ill.
  • Many Americans are consuming raw water instead of regular tap water as per reports.

Common Uses of Raw Water

  • Used for washing cars and flushing toilets
  • Construction industries employs raw water for cement making
  • For watering crops
  • Livestock consumption

Why is Raw Water Consumption by Humans Dangerous?


Raw water consumption by humans should be avoided due to

  • Presence of endocrine disruptor compounds which can cause birth defects, tumours
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid found in wastewater can lead to severe health issues
  • Natural radioactive elements
  • Salt, this makes the water appear more saline in nature
  • Vibrio cholera, cysts, protozoa, viruses, and other infectious bacteria
  • Silt and clay components
  • Magnesium and calcium hard water minerals
  • Humic acid created due to plant decay can promote water discolouration
  • Waterborne infectious diseases and gastrointestinal illness
  • It is very expensive than regular bottled water

Why Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDAC) Recommends Treated Water?


  • Drinking treated water saves humans from cholera and typhoid
  • Spring water contains animal poop. So, boiled water or treated water suits all
  • Presence of uranium, arsenic contaminants in groundwater or spring water can cause illness
  • Animal faeces, insect larvae, chemicals in gutters and roofing materials in rainwater makes it unsafe for direct consumption
  • As per WHO reports, consuming contaminated water aids over 0.5 million diarrhoeal deaths per annum

Harmful Side - Effects of Treated Water

  • Presence of lead and pharmaceutical chemicals causes devastating health problems.
  • Hexavalent chromium and arsenic raise the risk of cancer.

How Raw Water Became Popular?


  • Live Water; a Los Angeles based company distributes 1 litre of raw water for USD 27.
  • They charge USD 69 for the 5-gallon water dispenser.
  • As per reports, the company’s founder, Mukhande Singh strongly vouches for the safety of the raw water.
  • Another company, Zero Mass Water started installing systems in houses that enable them to gather water straight from the atmosphere near their homes.


In spite of popular trends, people’s apprehension about drinking raw water needs careful evaluation.

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