Mona Lisa Painting – The Portrayal That Refuses To Keep Quiet

Mona Lisa Painting
Mona Lisa Painting

The “Mona Lisa”, the world’s most prized painting, which had made Paris as its residence is all set to tour across France. According to initial reports, France’s cultural ministry is ready with a blueprint for the tour. Let’s discuss Mona Lisa’s upcoming tour and other interesting facts about the immortal Mona Lisa painting.

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Is ‘Mona Lisa’ Ready To Make A Rare Appearance Across France?

The “Mona Lisa”, Leonardo Da Vinci’s exquisite masterpiece could soon be travelling across France. Also, Francoise Nyssen, France’s culture minister told Europe 1 media, Mona Lisa may travel as part of a travelling exhibition across France.

Moreover, Nyssen said, “My priority is to work against cultural segregation, and a large-scale plan for moving them around is the main way of doing that.”

Also, Mona Lisa’s smile is still drawing audiences from the nook and corner of the globe to the Louvre every year.

Is It Safe For “Mona Lisa” To Venture Out In The Public?

Considering the health and security of the painting officials may take a suitable call.

However, Nyssen dismissed concerns stating President’s generous offer to loan Bayeux Tapestry to UK four years from now.

Who Has Shown Interest?

The French Mayor of Lens has shown interest in having the painting, which moved out of Louvre in 1974 for shows in Moscow and Tokyo.

Earlier, Mona Lisa spent some months in New York and Washington in 1963. It was safeguarded during First and Second World Wars.

Also, the French authorities refused Florence’s request to house Mona Lisa due to previous records of theft from Italy.

Mona Lisa Facts

1. Is Mona Lisa A Real Person?

The complete facts about Mona Lisa are still not forthcoming, more than 500 years after its creation. In general, details such as how it became part of French Artwork, and how long did Da Vinci keep it with him are still unclear.

It’s believed that the woman in the picture is the wife of Francesco del Giacondo, a Florentine businessman. In fact, Mona Lisa’s real name was Lisa Gherardini. Moreover, the painting is believed to have been ordered for their home and also to mark the birth of Andrea, their son.

2. How Long Did It Take To Paint The Mona Lisa?

The half-length portrait, Mona Lisa, was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci somewhere between 1503 & 1506; oil on wood. So, it took Leonardo four years to complete this painting.

3. How Big Is Mona Lisa?

The original size of Mona Lisa measures 30 inches by 21 inches or 77 cm by 53 cm.

4. How Much Is The Mona Lisa?

At present, Mona Lisa holds the record for being the costliest painting in the world, valued at USD 620 million in 2017.

5. How many times have the Mona Lisa been stolen?

More than hundred years ago, Vincenzo Peruggia stole Mona Lisa from Louvre Museum in 1911. The painting was recovered from him in 1913.

6. The real secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile

Mona Lisa’s smile shows the concept of happiness as suggested by the Italian word “Gioconda”. In particular, da Vinci made this the main theme of this artwork. Moreover, this notion has catapulted this artwork into a masterpiece.

7. Eyelashes  and Eyebrows of Mona Lisa

As per reports, da Vinci did paint Mona Lisa with eyelashes and eyebrows. Using a high-resolution camera, French engineer Pascal Cotte found that Mona Lisa has a very thin eyebrow above her left eye.

Furthermore, Pascal also claims that the other eyebrows could have been erased due to poor maintenance or faded with time.

8. Why Is Mona Lisa So Famous?

Yes, the deadly-mysterious smile of Mona Lisa is one of the main reason behind this painting’s soaring popularity.

In this painting, Leonardo created an illusion-like feel. In other words, the illusion happens when the viewer moves from the Mona Lisa’s eyes to her lips. Also, when you glance at the painting, she looks smiling but when you move your view to Mona Lisa’s lips, the smile vanishes.

This technique adopted by Leonardo was known as “Sfumato” or “Smoke” effect.

More than this, there are other things that richly contributed towards her popularity.

Notably, in 1911, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was not the most visited painting in Louvre museum, . On the other hand, this painting received good recognition, not until late 19th century.

However, the theft of Mona Lisa received world attention and almost all newspaper talked about the stolen Mona Lisa. With wanted posters appearing on the Parisian walls, thousands of tourists flooded Salon Carre’ to just watch the empty walls.

Therefore, the 1911 heist played a big part in turning Mona Lisa into a sensational global icon.

9. Did da Vinci draw a nude portrait of Mona Lisa?

French scientists claim that the 500-year-old topless woman drawing called as “Monna Vanna” is in fact, Mona Lisa.

Not to mention, Louvre curators believe that “Monna Vanna”, at least some areas were done by Leonardo himself.

Leonarda Da Vinci And Mona Lisa Painting

In fact, Leonarda Da Vinci seems to have carried “Mona Lisa” to France instead of returning it to the individual who ordered it. Especially, after his death, Mona Lisa became part of Francois I’s collection.

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