Is Man Flu Scientifically True?

Man Flu

According to a Canadian researcher, man-flu is absolutely real. As study reports, with countless respiratory diseases, a man is subject to more complexities than a woman. Moreover, a woman’s immune system is much stronger than a man’s.

“Man Flu” is used to monish a man who is suspicious of boasting their symptoms when not healthy from other minor illness or cold.

Is Man-Flu Really True From A Scientific Angle?


As per a research conducted by a medicine professor at Canada’s Newfoundland university, man flu sobriquet is potentially unjust.

The men indeed have a weak immune system. The studies were published in the BMJ magazine website on December 11th, 2017.

What Studies About Man Flu Reveal?


  • The sample study has revealed that in human cell samples or mice, the wide gap in stress hormones, female and male sex may determine influenza outcomes.
  • The study further went on to show that women with influenza are more likely to survive the onslaught. Men with influenza have more chance to succumb to the illness.
  • Men are more likely to get hospitalized and require extra time to recover. The women, on the other hand, get back to business much quicker.
  • From an evolutionary point of view, testosterone present in men may subdue the immune system.
  • Virility and strength were regarded as more paramount than immunity to testosterone powered men. So, man flu could have been a safeguard mechanism to protect the weak.
  • However, this study does not talk about sex-related behavioral dissimilarities and low quality of certain evidence. Hence, scientists demand a better approach to get more accurate results.
  • Finally, we need a more detailed study from a psychological point of view to bring the exact phenomenon of man-flu.

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