Is Love At First Sight Possible And Real? Hidden Scientific Truths Revealed & Analyze Where You Went Wrong

Love At First Sight
Love At First Sight

Yeah !!! People often vouch for it.

Is it really possible – “Falling in love-at-first-sight?”. Moreover, do individuals really meet and within a few moments find they are made for each other?

If you believe in personal testaments, then the concept of “love at first sight” looks real. Prince Harry said he exactly knew Meghan was the right girl for him when they first met.

In other words, two unknown persons glance each other, sparks fly, and they never look back.

Let’s discuss the concept of “love-at-first-sight” from a scientific and empirical point of view.

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Is There Any Compelling Scientific Proof To Support “Love At First Sight”?

Firstly, nowhere in the world, no other emotion has gained such gargantuan importance as love. Moreover, researchers from the Netherlands claim that they have found evidence that proves love at first sight actually exists.

The research team nearly asked 400 women and men and the results are discussed below. With a direct empirical approach towards “Love At First Sight”, scientists claim

1. Yes, Electric Sparks Do Fly


 As a matter of fact, people actually experience “Love-At-First-Sight” in the very instant they bump into someone. On the contrary, love-at-first-sight indicates a powerful initial attraction which could blossom into a relationship.

However, you better understand that all cases of love at first sight, may not actually sound true.

2. The Hourglass Shape


Researchers found that unknown persons were susceptible to fall in love at first sight very frequently with physically attractive persons.

For example, they found that in all likelihood people rate attractiveness much higher in any love-at-first-sight magic.

3. Eves Are Smart


Uniquely, this response begs for more research and attention. In other words, women report less love-at-first-sight because they are extremely selective.

On the other hand, men usually report this kind of an experience with multiple likely partners.

4. But Is it really Love?


Firstly, the most important qualities such as passion, commitment and intimacy are absent in “love-at-first-sight” moments.

In contrast, this experience opens the door for further intimacy to a wide extent than normal first meetings.

5. Who Cares About Mutual Compatability?


Not to mention, studies reveal that mutual compatibility remains absent since it’s usually a one-sided affair. Nevertheless, researchers suggest that one person’s strong initial experience can make the opposite person believe.

6. Why Are Women Always Attracted Towards Bad-Boy?


In the first place, bad boy- good girl syndrome invariably concludes in hapless broken hearts. Of course, women get attracted towards bad guys because of the presence of strong primal instinct.

Furthermore, women strongly believe bad guys safeguard them.

7. Role of Ancestry and Love-At-First-Sight


In general, the perception of falling in love-at-first-sight gains perpetual significance to the romantic. Likewise, men’s pull towards women underlines more strongly their physical attraction. In fact, attractiveness plays a crucial role in deciding whether men get attracted towards women or not.

In conclusion, ancestral traits seldom played any role in attracting partners.

8. Love in 0.5 seconds


When people usually remark love looks complicated, they are perfectly right. In a study, scientists observed that the brain simultaneously releases chemicals that invokes love feelings as fast as 0.5 seconds of visible sight.

The main chemicals associated with love, in general, are vasopressin, adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine.

9. Romantic wisdom and romantic passion


According to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – “Whoever loves, loves at first sight”. In essence, romantic wisdom travels well beyond sheer romantic passion because it consists of a materialistic dimension.

Furthermore, romantic wisdom contains shared activities which ultimately fulfil essential needs of the persons in love. Therefore, a short duration of romantic desire may remain more strong than a longer session of love.

10. “Love at first sight” does not mean Shallow Love


In other words, love-at-first-sight means intense love. Moreover, the magnetic attractiveness touches you like a fire spark which forces you to extend the time with your interest.

On the contrary, love-at-first-sight cannot be labelled as shallow because there is no time for romantic wisdom. Shallowness may come into the picture when the ultimate feeling fails, but not when it just starts.

Final Words

“Did You See Me Walk Past You or Should I do it Again”? – Unknown

Overall, love-at-first-sight cannot be labelled as a mere sexual pull. In other words, it’s a strong episode of love that can in due course of time turn into intense romantic love.

However, the prospect of this love spark developing into a serious relationship depends on the personalities of the individual involved.

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