10 Hurricane Safety Tips & Precautions

Hurricane Safety Tips
Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricanes are known to create havoc in several ways, with bashing winds, continuous downpour, and torrential storm surges. So, keeping that in mind, we have listed some useful Hurricane Safety Tips to keep you and your family safe from the onslaught of a hurricane.

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Follow Evacuation Orders


Irrespective of the hurricane’s fury, please follow evacuation orders if instructed to do so.  Remember, storm waters will rise alarmingly fast in low-lying areas and it is advisable to move to safe zones. In Addition, keep watching Hurricane News(preferably from a local news channel) closely and stay informed of constant hurricane updates.

Decide Wisely

It is always better to vacate your house even if evacuation orders are not in place. Keep in mind that it is quite difficult to get stuck in a place without adequate food and water for a couple of days. Leave as early as possible since emergency rescue will be slow during this time.

Be Well Prepared


If your plan is to stay indoors, then make sure that the entire stock of essential items including water, foods, flashlights etc., are stored in places free from windows or doors. Hurricane winds could be severe. Cover all the windows and doors with plywood, fastened with screws in place. For complete protection, buy Storm Shutters from your local store. Remember, Hurricane Preparedness is going to be crucial, especially when the impact of hurricanes is catastrophic.

Stay Well Informed


Have spare batteries and keep the batteries of your mobiles phones fully charged. Efficient use of phones will help you to stay on track with the latest information from the National Hurricane Center.

Stay In Touch


Maintain a single source of contact with one person in your family having all the contact details of your near and dear ones. It is easy to send text messages when towers are jammed with traffic.

Stay Indoors


It is safe and sensible to stay inside and not venture out just for the sake of taking selfies. Heroism can wait till normalcy has been restored.

Arrange For Emergency Power Supply


Choose between Standby generators or portable sets, it is ideal to arrange for either one of these depending on the requirement. They are free from refuel and daily maintenance. They switch on automatically. Stock additional fuel supplies to meet any eventuality.

Avoid Wading Through Flood Waters


Be well informed that it takes not more than 12 inches of moving flood water to sweep you off your feet. Avoid entering flood waters with your vehicles and keep away.

Storm Assessment


Even after the storm has passed, there could still be potential hazards waiting to happen. Some of them are gas leaks, damaged roads, electrical problems etc. So, don’t venture out without paying heed to instructions from authoritative agencies.

Taking Stock Of Damage


Once it has been declared safe to go out of your home, the first thing to do is to take pictures of the damage suffered. Avoid falling prey to fake insurance agents and don’t fall victim to these fictitious tactics.

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