How Quadcopters Fly? A Complete Guide

How Quadcopters Fly?

How Quadcopters Fly?  Before we discuss that,  let us know the difference between a drone and a quadcopter. Drones are vehicles used for military or intelligence purpose and on the other hand, Quad copters are used both for recreational as well as aerial surveillance.

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Before Flying a Drone


On May 6th every year, the World Drone Day is celebrated with enough pomp and glamour. To make drone flying even more delightful, please follow the tips –

  • Start by registering the drone with FAA.
  • Person or kids below 14 years should not be allowed to operate Multi-rotors. It can turn into a dangerous situation anytime, so avoid the risk.
  • Without enough flying experience, please avoid flying quadcopters outdoors.
  • Model aircraft Insurance is a must. Even though, if they happen to cover only specific costs, it is better to purchase one.

Tips to Consider Before Starting Flight


  • Make sure all the screws are in place.
  • Check whether the battery and transmitter are fully loaded.
  • Check the propellers, joints, connectors, and other components. A thorough visual inspection is a must.
  • Better to use Li-Po batteries since it is easier to detect low charge using the ESC controller.
  • Confirm whether the batteries are in position.
  • Now, check the propellers.
  • Sensor calibration must be done with utmost care and attention.
  • Face the front side of the quadcopter and identify both the front and back with accuracy.
  • Be familiar with all the settings.
  • First, start the quadcopter at a low elevation and see if all the parameters are fine.
  • Maintain the quadcopter within the transmitter’s flying range.

Tips to Consider While Flying


  • Avoid flying close to any public property, or any house etc. A safe distance of 30 feet is recommended.
  • Maintain the quadcopter in the line of vision for better results.
  • 5 miles from the nearest airport is the recommended flying distance.
  • For beginners, sticking to stabilize mode is the best bet.
  • Small and compact quadcopters are easy to control and can cause little or no damage in case of any mishap. Large DJI drones can create a lot more problem if handled inappropriately.

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After Landing Check-up

  • Visually check and remove all the batteries.
  • Now, check the propellers.
  • LiPo should always be charged using recommended or specified charger only. Handle with caution to avoid any injuries.

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