10 DIY Home Based Tips to Boost Deep Sleep and Tackle Insomnia

For most of us, hitting the sack can be a torture. On the contrary, we become our very own worst enemy when we get to bed. Actually, where to start? Did the invention of the light bulb thwart our sleep? Or can we put the blame on Industrial Revolution? However, ever since machine became man’s second love, deep sleep has taken a vacation.

Enticed by the Internet, Seinfeld reruns, and 24/7 casinos, Americans enjoy diversion to keep them alert and connected.

However, let’s unravel and decode the 10 best ways to boost deep sleep and get over insomnia.

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Top 10 DIY Home-Based Remedies to Tackle Insomnia

Take a look and try these simple and effective tips to tackle insomnia.

1. Get it out 


Firstly, when you worry too much about a particular thing or event, you cannot sleep. Therefore, you place a book and a pen near your bedside and transfer all your worries or thoughts into it.

2. Do you and your dog sleep together?


As a matter of fact, 53% of pet owners who shared their beds with their pets reported sleep deprivation. So, you sleep separately from your flurry friend starting from today.

3. Jump out of bed 


In other words, if you have trouble falling asleep after lying for more than 15 to 20 minutes, jump out. All in all, you avoid connecting your bed with sleeplessness.

4. Don’t bother about the clock


Not to mention, you better turn your clock facing the wall. Furthermore, repeatedly checking the clock will only increase your anxiety and displeasure.

5. Approach insomnia with an open mind


Ironically, just brooding over insomnia will keep you awake.  Avoid negative thoughts such as “I’m doomed”. On the contrary, you cultivate good thought about insomnia. Overall, stay positive and you can catch up on sleep tomorrow night.

6. Perform any non-stimulating activity


In the first place, try solving a simple Sudoku or a crossword puzzle. On the other hand, if the activity is soothing, do not worry too much.
Moreover, you avoid checking your research project, power-bills, and e-mails.

7. No harm in wearing sunglasses


However, if you definitely must watch your favourite TV show, you better wear a nice pair of sunglasses that can block blue light.

8. Stop 3 am movie time


Please bear in mind that all your electronic devices emit blue light which suppresses melatonin. In other words, melatonin facilitates sleep and manages circadian rhythms. So, you simply avoid them.

9. Reduce environmental distractions 


If your neighbours just welcomed a newborn, or a noisy alarm screamed down the street, you keep calm.
For better results, you switch off your smartphone, try out a simple mask to cover the eye, or place your TV in the next room.

10. Consult your family doctor


Kindly bear in mind that certain medications for high blood pressure, depression, etc. can distract sleep.
In case insomnia persists, you better consult with your doctor and take necessary steps.

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