Why Should Every Girl Join Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouts

Juliette Gordon Low, born in Savannah, in 1860, an independent thinker herself wished to create a platform for girls where they can groom their leadership qualities, creativity, character, and courage from a very young age.

All in all, Low’s aim was to get them ready to face the world, bravely without any inhibitions.

Thus, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA)  was born in 1912 with just 18 girls, commonly known as Girl Scouts, is a torchbearer of female strength and individuality.

That nano spark which was ignited by Juliette more than 100 years ago has now grown into a mass global movement which includes – 8, 00,000 adults and 1.8 m girls in around 92 countries with approximately 59 million alumnae, bonded across the distance by strong lifelong friendships, and the appetite to perform big things.

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Girls Scout Mission

  • Girl scouting pilots girls of character, confidence, and courage, who work to make the world better.
  • They prepare the girls to inspire themselves and promote entrepreneurship, leadership, character, confidence, courage, compassion and encourage active citizenships through group activities involving community service, camping, learning techniques related to first aid, and acquiring badges by amassing practical skills.
  • GSUSA is part of  World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and accepts girls from all social and economic backgrounds.
  • Girl Scouts distributes different awards such as Girls Scout Gold, Silver, and Bronze to recognize and encourage its members to perform better.

Girls Guides Of America

Girl Scouting officially began in America on 12th March 1912 when its founding member Juliette Daisy Gordon Low conducted the first ever Girl Guide meeting in Savannah, Georgia. At present, it has touched more than 3.7 million followers.

The United States - Girl Scouts

In 1913, the name of the organization was changed from Girls Guides of America to Girl Scouts of the United States. The headquarters was also shifted to Washington, D.C, later once more to New York.

Most importantly the organization was accorded congressional charter in the year 1950 on 16th March.

Wing Scouts

In 1941, a special Senior Girl Scout class was started known as the Wing Scout. It was exclusively for girls curious about flying & wishing to serve their motherland.

Later the program was abandoned due to lack of financial support and encouragement in the 70s.

Programs - Girl Scouts Movement

The main focus point of the Girl Scout movement is to unravel the inner G.I.R.L hidden inside her. The acronym G.I.R.L stands for Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader.

Moreover though this Girl Scout Leadership program – a vast array of fun, challenging, engaging activities like participating in community service programs, getting outdoors, exploring and understanding science, even selling cookies, going on super cool trips, and earning badges.

Every Girl Scout will gain crucial skills in important four areas which forms the bedrock of this program, Girl Scout Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills
  • Outdoors
  • Science, technology, engineering, and math

In this program, the girls decide for themselves what is better and how to go about it. It is, after all, girls and only girls.

The advantage or benefits of being a member of the Girl Scout program includes

  • Learn to correctly identify and properly solve problems.
  • Motivation to maintain healthy friendly relationships.
  • Encourages seeking new challenges and swiftly learn from setbacks.
  • Learning to exhibit positive values
  • Developing a strong self-esteem

At Girl Scouts, each and every participant will

  • Discover and Re-discover- Find out more about herself, her talents, and her personal interests.
  • Mingle and Connect with friends – Collaborate with various members, both globally and locally, and unhesitatingly learn from her Scouts friends, and positively expand her creative limits.
  • Perform an activity – Perform an action or activity to make this planet a nice place to live.

Grade Levels - Girl Scouts Activities

Being a Girl Scout, one can expect to have fun, perform activities that will make one’s country, school, and society feel proud and positive.

At every level, a Girl Scout learns to improve their inter-personal and inter-social skills, time and emotional management, and overall their real personality and individuality.

The Girl Scout year for each and every grade level

Daisies (grades k to 1)


Some of the activities they will take part in include

  • Explore the outside world and nature
  • Sell biscuits or cookies
  • Contribute something to the society through a nice leadership experience
  • Acquire petals (badges acquired by quite older Girl Scouts)
  • Develop new friendships as a member of a young troop.

Brownies (grades 2 to 3)


The Brownies grade activities might consist of

  • Bonding with new friends and also sell cookies
  • Taking part in Girl Scout Leadership program
  • Learning new skills and at the same time earn badges
  • Expanding her troop
  • Taking part in the very first hike in her life
  • Visit a science museum

Juniors (grades 4 to 5)


Junior grades can

  • Earn a Bronze Award, the third-highest Girl Scouts awards
  • Choose a problem and use their skills as part of the Girl Scouts Leadership program
  • Explore places beyond campsites
  • Of course, take part in program to sell cookies
  • Try and learn new skills
  • Share experiences and hearty smiles with her newly acquired friends.

Cadettes (grades 6 to 8)


The Cadettes can expect to

  • Gain more confidence and mentor younger charming Girl Scouts
  • Give new experiences a try
  • Get outdoors and travel in offbeat tracks
  • Gain a chance to collect her Girl Scouts Silver award as she moves up the ladder
  • Moreover, pick and choose an issue close to her heart and give her original perspective and ideas to it as part of Girl Scouts Leadership Travel

Seniors (Grade 9 to 10)


The senior program members have lots of activities filled with action and fun. Some of the things they can expect along as part of this program might include

  • Earn the most prestigious Girl Scouts Gold awards and educational scholarship opportunities.
  • Discover and explore various subjects- from the government to education, from arts to technology and science.
  • Mingle and collaborate with other members to handle an interesting international issue and in the process win a global action performance award.
  • Stay positive, mentor younger girls, fight to bully and create strong friendships.
  • Visit new places like Japan, India, and Costa Rica.

Ambassadors (grades 11 to 12)


A Girl Scouts Ambassador can take part in some very exciting new activities and programs and take their Girl Scouts leadership experience to the next level.

As a Girl Scouts Ambassador, one can

  • Enhance and improve her knowledge of technology and science, problem-solving abilities, and relationship skills.
  • Learn to build a new rain garden coordinating with younger fresh Girl Scouts, help and save the environment.
  • Meet new scouts at world Girl Scouts Centers located in Africa, India, England, Switzerland, and Mexico.
  • Participate and implement a distinct Take Action project and earn an opportunity to win college scholarships.
  • Get an opportunity to win the most popular and important Girl Scouts Gold Award and also get recognized as “National Young Women of Distinction”.

Girl Scouts program is more of an immersive leadership program and it is one of the most important reasons for its stupendous success and reach worldwide.

Girl Scouts Badges

Girl Scouts badges lead the way in encouraging young sharp minds to explore and learn new skills – and all the way collect badges to display her accomplishments.

Every Girl Scouts is encouraged to try something new and unique such as creating a masterpiece, plan and execute a road trip, go kayaking, or write and publish a short story etc.

To learn more about the various badges, go through “The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting”. The guide contains

  • Awards log to track her progress right through her scouting career.
  • Quotes and illustration from the past to keep her motivated and focused.
  • Tips to tie badges to journey.
  • An easy do-it-yourself diagram demonstrating how to wear badges and show pride in being part of this Girl Scouts movement.
  • A fun-filled, easy to use a notebook, a separate one for every level, complete with badge activities and info.
  • Also, badge charts and award logs for all levels is also available with this guide which needs a regular

Girl Scouts Shop

To learn more about various merchandise and shopping options ranging from jewelry, sportswear, pins, and buttons, etc. for each and every grade level right from Daisies to Ambassador, visit – Girl Scouts Shop.

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