Top 10 Gibberish Words In English

Gibberish words

Doesn’t the term gibberish itself, on striking our ears, sound nonsensical (curiously akin to its meaning)?

It is, in fact, like a baby talk or a quick chatter.

The word gibberish is a noun; it is pronounced as jibberish. “Tgibber” is to speak fast, inarticulately and unintelligible due to fear or shock.


The Cambridge, the Oxford and the Merriam-Webster Dictionaries define the term as a meaningless, pretentious and nonsensical speech or writing.

The poem “Jabberwocky” in Alice in Wonderland is a classic example of gibberish usage.

In The Article

Let Us Consider Top Ten Gibberish Words


  • Iggilybiggily – I packed some of the iggilybiggily stuff of mine for the shoot as I was informed at the eleventh hour.
  • Gollygoops –You are getting married?!Gollygoops!
  • Ittlybittly – Knock Knock… Who is in? Ittlybittly… Open the door right away!
  • Coochie coo – It’s a yummy ice-cream cake, Coochie coo!
  • Pigglywiggly – Oh! Such a heavy interest for provisions! How does the government expect the middle-class to survive? Pigglywiggly!
  • Scribble Scrabble – It’s not that easy to scribble scrabble articles for magazines or newspapers, mind you!
  • Spindingy – Shall we assume that some people are stingy to the extent of spending?
  • Captcha – Jumping out of my seat I cried, ‘Capstcha’ when my favorite cricketer made that terrific catch.
  • Tispytospy – Some of the yogic postures turn both the person concerned and the entire world topsy-turvy, rather TIS-Yt spy.
  • Bazinga – The audience got bowled over watching the young kid performing the ballet dance, Bazinga!

Here Are Some Of The Gibberish Phrases

  • the whole nine yards
  • go for it
  • kiss and make up
  • apples and pears
  • currant bun

The Following Sentences Are Gibberish In Nature

  • Cold is with the monkey’s ears and toes.
  • Friends are baskets and hats. 
  • Wishes are hoping and trees are wet.
  • TV shows on radios are lazy.
  • Food is sitting with weather flying.

I am highly motivated to create my own Gibbs. Let me give it a try.

  • No enemy is a rotten egg.
  • Colours are the hues of black and white.
  • Benches and chairs are the seats of fame.
  • To love is to idle away.
  • Agriculture is expensive, though not expensive.



One of the beliefs is that the term gibberish has its root in the Irish word gob or gap which means mouth; the other belief is that it comes from the English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi and Arabic speaking people of the island of Gibraltar.

Some trace it to the French word geber (to cheat), and some others to an unrecorded Germanic word.

Gibberish Language


Apart from gibberish words, phrases and sentences there is also a language by this name. The suffix –ish is added to ‘gibber’ to refer to such a (gibberish) language, and it dates back to early 16th century.

Method Of Speech


To speak this language:

  1. Each word is broken into syllables
  2. otha-g is added before each vowel sound of each syllable.


Hello                               ->       Hothagellothago

How are you?               ->       Hothagowothagareyothagou?

What time is it?            ->       Whothagattothagimeothagisothagit?

What is the answer?   ->       Whothagatothagisthothageothaganswothager?

Who is that?                  ->       Whothagoothagisthothagat?

and when riding is added,

ball          –>  bidigall,

tree          –>  tridigee,

purple      –>  pidigurpidigle.

Pig Latin


This language is similar to Pig Latin in which the first consonant or consonant cluster of an English word is moved to the end, and is suffixed with ay

banana   ->   ananabay,

hello       ->    ellohay,

pig          ->     igpay;

In case of a word beginning with a vowel, days added to the end –egg-yay, ultimate-yay.

This language has nothing to do with the Latin language; it only echoes the English speakers saying, ‘It sounds like Greek and Latin.’ The main aim of using this language is to hide the meaning of the words.

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