Fool-Proof & Confident First Date Questions

First Date Questions
First Date Questions

Modern-day dating looks much more difficult than it appears. Possibly, a kind of a herculean task than ever in modern history.  With countless dating apps around the corner, why dating appears increasingly difficult? Well, at present, you can find, meet, and talk to anyone of your choice with ease. As a result, you miss the real charm of connecting with people.

No matter what, every dating experience produces a flurry of anxiety and excitement. Furthermore, dating gives nervous creeps for many. Will I succeed? Will I win over his/her heart? What if the chemistry fails? What if there is nothing to say?

Moreover, whether you met through friends or online there are heaps of things you are not aware of your date. There are limitless questions that can topple you down.

Luckily, you can start a meaningful conversation with anyone on this planet with these first date questions. With these gripping questions, your treasure hunt for true love looks promising.

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Childhood Memories


  • Where did you actually grow up?
  • What were you as a kid?
  • Have you got into any trouble while in school? How about your family?
  • How many close friends you have? Where did you meet them?
  • At what age did you spend the best days of your childhood?
  • Would you love going back?
  • What sport did you play as a kid?
  • What instrument did you learn as a kid?



  • What you normally do on holidays or weekends?
  • Where did you go last weekend?
  • Have you got any dream trips?
  • Can you teach me any special skills which you like the most?
  • Is there anything that you really wanted to do for some time now?
  • What’s your X-factor?



  • Are you close to your dad? ( Guys to girls) Does your family live nearby?
  • Are you close to your mom? (Girls to guys) Where are they put up?
  • How did your mom and dad meet?
  • Where did they grow up?
  • Do you celebrate any special family tradition?
  • Whom do you look up to in your family?
  • Describe your favourite family holiday trip till date.
  • Which family member you like the most? Why?



  • How did you start your career?
  • Have you had any mentor so far?
  • Have you changed your career paths?
  • Where did you study? What’s your major?
  • How do you rate your co-workers and boss?
  • Have you actually reached your career goals?
  • Are you really happy doing what you do now?




  • What made you choose me as your date?
  • Are you a novice or pro when it comes to dating?
  • Which dating relationship you cherish the most?
  • Do you date frequently?
  • Can you share any dating comedy stories?
  • Have you ever succeeded dating online?
  • Where did you go for your last date?
  • How about your friends? Are they married, dating, or single?

Spontaneous Questions


  • Are you a tea or a coffee lover?
  • Do you enjoy cooking? What’s your favourite food?
  • What you last googled?
  • Have you got any tattoos?
  • What’s your a favourite guilty pleasure?
  • Can you tell any joke you relished a lot?
  • Which restaurant you frequently visit?
  • Which drink you like the most?
  • How much time do you spend on social media daily?

Dating Tips


  • Finally, these dating questions help you keep going, settle into the mood, and break the ice.
  • Moreover, you better answer all your date’s questions.
  • You can ask some of these questions when you sight a lucid
  • Remember, you are not attending any job interview. Take it slow and easy.
  • Of course, if you notice your date getting jittery when you ask about family, skip the topic.
  • The next time when you are meeting your date, concentrate on two or three of these listed dating questions.

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