Fidget Spinner Tricks For Your Kids To Show Off

Fidget Spinner Tricks For Your Kids
Fidget Spinner Tricks For Your Kids

Dawdling toys are turning out to be the next craze among young people across the world. Who would have imagined that procrastination toys like Finger Spinner or Fidget Spinner would dominate the scene like this? Have you ever thought your kids would love to show off with their fidget spinner tricks?

If you are poor with internet or lack eyesight or don’t have children, it is quite believable that you might have overlooked the finger spinner revolution that is rocking young mind’s attention.

Bulldozing their way into youngsters minds and heart in various countries including the US and UK, the spinner is appreciated in their support to help young people handle ADHD and anxiety (of course not agreed by experts).

For every 100 toys sold, 99 of them happens to be either the finger spinner/fidget spinner or their counterpart, the fidget or finger cube, according to the online retail giant, Amazon.

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History Of Finger Spinner Or Fidget Spinner

Almost 2 decades ago, a chemical engineer, Catherine Hettinger was the first person to invent a finger spinner toy in the year 1993. It was widely believed that Catherine invented this toy to help young children cope up with stress and anxiety disorders. At that time it was mostly sold in fairs held in Florida and this little toy was manufactured in Hettinger’s home.

Critics argue that the spinner toy which Catherine made in 1993 and patented was in no way related to the modern fidget spinners used by today’s youth. On the other hand, it is also quite difficult to set aside the popular notion that it was her design that inspired the modern hot selling spinner toys.

Arguably, the patent issue surrounding the toy has made it difficult to exactly pinpoint the original inventor, it is clear that the origin of finger spinner toys have a bigger history than an average consumer would have imagined.

What Is Finger Spinner?

  • A finger spinner is nothing but a toy which contains a multi-lobed (normally three) plain or flat structure made using plastic or metal held in place by the ball bearing in the center. It is a very small toy that fits into the hand, which spins effortlessly when flicked with the free hand.
  • There are many varieties of finger spinner or fidget spinner in the market ranging from a Torque finger spinner to a star finger spinner.
  • Finger spinners have become a hot selling toy in 2017 but as per initial reports, similar devices like these had made it to the market way back in 1993 itself.
  • The fidget spinner has been pushed with the intention to help those people who suffer from concentration lapse and those people who fidget, releasing psychological stress or nervous energy. Some claim that they are useful in calming people suffering from autism, ADHD, and anxiety as well. However, the scientific evidence to back this claim is missing as on date.

Due to its growing popularity, many schools have banned them within their premises while some educational institutions have discreetly allowed them inside the campus.

How Does A Finger Spinner Work?

  • Ball bearings hold the key to this fidget spinner toy. At the center, and on all the lobes, a bearing race is present, a circular channel where tiny balls with low friction rolls while spinning.
  • For any object to move or rotate, torque or twisting force is required. Just a flick of the spinner using a finger or the rapid wrist movement makes the spinner move, and it happens due to low friction.
  • The shape also matters in the spinner. If the center of the spinner holds the ball bearing, we spin it from the outside, flicking the wings. This is due to the fact that the “center of mass” is located in the center of the spinner.
  • To explain it in simple terms, try this experiment. Hold a tongue depressor with the center of the depressor placed between the forefinger and the thumb while the tongue depressor hangs freely. Now move the hand in the air in a parallel motion to the ground, and stop abruptly.
  • Now watch the depressor move around in circles.

The presented steps are almost common for all finger spinners. They are

How to spin Finger Spinner using just one-hand?

  • Hold the spinner with the index finger and thumb.
  • Now place your middle finger and ring finger in-between the lobes.
  • Flick it using the middle finger with the finger moving towards your body while releasing the ring finger in the process.

Easy And Best Fidget Spinner Tricks And Experiment

The best part of using the fidget spinner is that we can pull many stunts and tricks with ease.

Designed keeping in mind the needs of fidgety and ADHD people, finger spinners have made an indelible mark in the toy business. This toy is mainly promoted as a tool to release nervous energy and also help those suffering from concentration loss apart from yoga. Gaining mammoth popularity in recent times, they are turning out to be the best selling toys on Amazon.

Some of the easiest and best fidget spinner or finger spinner tricks and experiments are


The Basic or the Convertible – The easiest and basic fidget spinner trick. Spin the spinner with just one hand, rotating the spinner with only middle finger and thumb. After the spinner picks up speed, move your thumb away and let the spinner stay on the middle finger only.


The Hand Change-Up – This trick is similar to the convertible. After the spinner has gained speed, toss it up from one hand to another, catching it with the thumb and middle finger on the other hand. Keep repeating the hand exchange and all the while let the spinner rotate.


Tricky Reverse-Sonic – Not an easy trick to start with. First, grab any one wing of the fidget with your index finger and thumb.  Now toss it like a ball in the air and catch the spinner with the same index finger and thumb you initially started. The main aim is to have the spinner moving without any breaks.


The Cool Polarity Switch – This trick can be trickier for a few. Start the spinner using your index finger and thumb. After the spinner gains speed, horizontally toss it in the air, flipping it in the process. Now attempt to catch the fidget spinner with your index finger and thumb, making sure it does not stop spinning.


The Difficult X-tetrad Leapfrog – One of the most difficult tricks to perform. Start this trick with “The Convertible”, but try to balance it on the index finger instead of the middle finger. After the spinner gains good speed, toss it up and attempt to catch it using the middle finger. Make sure the spinner never stops. When you get that right, continue the process with other fingers.


The Easiest Single Tap – Begin by doing “The Convertible” on the middle finger. Toss it gently in the air, flip your hand now, and catch the spinner without stopping on the other side (back) of the hand. Now toss it once more using the back of your hand and attempt to catch it on the middle or index finger while the spinner is still moving.


The Awesome Double Tap – Start by performing “The Single Tap” twice without any break. This trick is difficult because the fidget spinner tends to lose speed while transferring it from the fingers to the hand.


The Master 9-fingered Death Punch – Start by performing “The X-tetard Leapfrog”, moving from one finger to another. The minute the spinner reached your pinky finger, toss the fidget and catch it using your index finger. Now keep the spinner moving from the index to rest of the fingers.

Fidget Spinner Materials

  • A simple fidget spinner is made up of two or three wings with a bearing in the center. While the spinner rotates, the user holds the pad in the center.
  • Finger spinner or fidget spinner are made using several materials ranging from plastic, aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel, and brass.
  • As far as bearings are concerned they can be hybrid- ceramic balls made up of stainless cages and races, metal (chrome or stainless steel), and ceramic as well.
  • Every finger spinner has multiple weights on the exterior enabling it to stay balanced and spin faster. Bearings can also be made different to meet requirements such as noise, vibration, and spinner’s spin time, creating a distinct sensory response.

Positives Of Fidget Spinner

To mention in simple terms, a fidget spinner can be referred to as the new pocket stone, those little stones we keep clutching whenever we need to calm our mind, to drive away the stress; sort of little meditation tactics.

Allows you to stay in the present – Whenever you use a fidget spinner, you will yourself realize that you are more conscious and awake in the present rather than wander in the past or future due to boredom etc.

Acts as a distracting agent – Finger spinners allow you to divert yourselves from the mindless office chatter during the coffee breaks and thereby helps us to save time and energy.

We can come back fresh and active after the break and proceed without work in a calm and composed fashion.

Helps to avoid mindless clutter – It acts as a die-cutting agent by clearing the mind and help us to focus on the object while brainstorming an idea, scanning through the emails, and during phone conversations.

A good conversation starter – Undoubtedly, a big yes. Finger spinners can act as a great tool to start a random conversation with anyone in the office or outside because they are already a known internet sensation. And those who have access to the internet or kids in school would probably be aware of this toy more than others.

Calming visual appeal – The finger spinner is available in a variety of forms and shapes which the user can select as per their liking. There are fluorescent spinners that glow and ones with battery-charged LEDs too.

The spinner during its spin time produces unique and distinctive imagery and many fidgeters view this imagery as soothing and calm. Some consider this visual appeal as therapeutic in nature as well.

Releases Nerve-related tension – Fidgeting mainly occurs due to agitations caused by the nerves. Those suffering from ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder would be familiar with fidgeting.

With a fidget spinner on hand, a person who is experiencing some kind of nervous tension can play with them rather fiddle with his shirt buttons or his hair or bite nails.

Therefore, fidgety persons can now heave a sigh of relief.

Helps people with Autism – Autism by itself is a unique kind of disorder where the patients suffer by finding it difficult to form relationships and to communicate with others.

When affected children play with the fidget spinner, the spinners visual motion tends to calm the nerves, in turn, reduces the intensity of the autism problem.

Dealing with ADHD and ADD – Finger spinners have the capability to change things desperately for ADHD and ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) sufferers, helping them to become calmer than before while working.

Negatives Of Fidget Spinner

Some of the side-effects of using the fidget spinners:

Supports sedentary lifestyle – Fidget spinners can turn a healthy individual into an unhealthy person by making him sit hours together in a single place. They can be both, appealing as well as addictive when used for a prolonged period of time.

Cause headaches and vision problems – When you are constantly looking at the spinning motion of the fidget spinner, it can lead to nervous problems such as eyesight deficiency and headaches in the long run. Avoid staring at them for a long time. Take frequent breaks.

Waste of precious time and energy – Fidget spinners can be a great stress buster and use them for hours together would not only result in affecting the work performance but also drain our precious time.

So, it is right up to the individual to decide whether the fidget spinner is necessary or not and how much time they can afford to spend playing with them.

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